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Yeah, thats it. I dont really have to say anything more. Sorry. Im just a regular editor with a fancy user page.
==What I do & like==
If you need to contact me, it is better to do so on the [http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?action=profile;u=102848 forums].
I am a programmer, fluent in Java. I like to experiment, not making apps on routine. I will probably program for a living in the future though. I am currently experimenting with Android.
I am actually more of a gamer than a programmer. I am inspired by Toady's dedication to this game, though, and I hope to make a great game like DF someday. I will likely not do so because of my sore lack of inspiration and creativity.
I also like to screw up computers at school. <s>And I like fapping.</s>
<div style="background-color:#000000">'''<span style="color:#00FF00">He is quite quick to heal and almost never sick, </span><span style="color:#FF0000">but he is clumsy and quick to tire.</span>'''<br />
'''<span style="color:#FFFFFF">He is tall and skinny. His skin is bright copper. His hair is bronze. He has a small moustache. His eyes are olivine.</span>'''<br />
'''<span style="color:#00FF00">Latias1290 likes magma, Java, magnetite, bituminous coal, diamonds, gold, the color sky blue, and foxes for their cunning. When possible, he prefers to consume macaroni with cheese and curry. He absolutely detests mondays.<br /></span>'''
'''<span style="color:#00FFFF">He personally does not care about family one way or another, thinks friendship is important, respects power, values honesty, greatly respects the shrewd and guileful, finds eloquence and artful speech off-putting, has great respect for fairness, finds maintaining decorum a silly, fumbling waste of time, values tradition, finds artwork boring, values cooperation, values independence, sees no value in holding back complaints and concealing emotions, sees introspection as important, finds moderation and self-control to be very important, values tranquility and a peaceful day, values martial prowess, respects the development of skill, doesn't really see the point of working hard, doesn't have strong views on competition, values leisure time, values nature, and values peace over war.</span> <span style="color:#FFFF00">He dreams of <s>getting high</s> falling in love.</span>'''<br />
'''<span style="color:#00FF00">He has a great musical sense, a very good sense of the position of own body and a good spatial sense, </span><span style="color:#FF0000">but he has a poor memory, a poor focus, poor analyctical abilities, a meager creativity, a shortage of patience and a little difficulty with words. </span>'''<br />
'''<span style="color:#FFFFFF">He often does the first thing that comes to his mind. He is often discouraged. He does not easily fall in love and rarely develops positive sentiments. He is slow to anger. He needs coffee to get through the working day. He does not mind being outdoors, at least for a time.</span>'''
'''<span style="color:#FFFFFF">A medium-sized creature prone to great ambition.</span>'''</div>
==My forts==
This is my current fort, and also a pretty good fortress imo. Making steel has pumped up the wealth over 4.6 million dwarf bucks, twice as much as Keskallanir had. The parent civ declared war with the goblins weeks after the fort was founded, resulting in fun. But, unlike Dyemurder, the steel industry has avoided that faith, and after three massive goblin sieges only 8 soldiers have ever died.
The only source of water on the map is the caverns, which was a pre-embark idea of changing the preferred area to not need a river anymore. I always wanted a river for easy water and fishing, but I decided that it was too much bother finding a site with flux, iron, coal, suitable hills to start digging, little soil, many trees, AND a river. I just decided that I should no longer require a river and just embark with a bunch of food and irrigate the stone with water from the caverns if that was necessary.
The original terrain of the map has been changed many times, removing many hills to allow me to create an indoor pasture, and changing the structure of the hill the fort was build on to allow the wall to be built.
Location: Tropical broadleaf forest, warm, heavily forested, thick other vegatation, alignment is wilderness, flux stone, deep and shallow metals, 3x3 embark area and no river(to improve FPS).<br />
Wealth: 4.6 million dwarfbucks<br />
Dwarves died: 9<br />
Vampires: 0, which is starting to get strange as I have never had a vampire in any 40.x fort.<br />
Attacks: One forgotten beast, 3 goblin sieges. The first siege was a band of 15 goblins, the second was an army of 80 goblins and 20 trolls. At that rate, I expected the third one to bring like 150 goblins, a couple of demons and a some megabeasts and many trolls, but they only brought 70 goblins. Strange.<br />
Elved killed: 18<br />
Defenses: 2 legendary squads, 1 support marksdwarf squad, 3 other squads. Militia is growing with every migrant wave, mostly due to the ongoing war. The grazer pasture is also walled and roofed, and requires breaching the fort to gain access to it. There is also a big wall that houses the marksdwarves to assist the melee squads during a siege. There is only one enterance which is stuffed with cage traps followed by many deadly weapon traps, each loaded with 3 iron serrated discs, 3 spiked iron balls, and 3 menacing iron spikes.<br />
Artifacts: 9<br />
Population: 160 dwarves, 30 animals. If it wasn't for the goblins in the first siege, the animal population would be around 100.<br />
Special events: A bunch of elephants gave the fort enough meat to last for the next 5 years near the beginning of the fort's life.<br />
Notable structures: A windmill battery that houses 21 windmills that was originally meant to deliver power to the pump stack from the caverns into the fort, but later I decided to have it deliver power for the whole fort. I changed the structure of the axles, made a power division room and a bunch of levers to control what was being powered, and I had a working generator to power the whole fort. Each windmills generates 40 units of power, so it generates 840 units of power! This is a completely useless stupid dwarf trick as even when everything is turned on, the fort only required 600 units of power, leaving 240 excess power.
This fort was probably the best one I ever made. Fell to an apparent war with the goblins, the epic militia commander who has been dubbed "UberDorf" has gave its life for the future of the fortress, only to be abandoned 10 minutes after a massive siege of over 40 goblins. Or at least, massive for my standards. (I was a noob.)
Date abandoned: ~6th Hematite, 60<br />
Wealth: Something over 2 million dwarfbucks<br />
Dwarves died: 20-30<br />
Vampires: 0<br />
Attacks(6): 2 Forgotten beasts(one of which killed the other in its killing spree), 2 huge sieges, an Ettin, and a Werebeast(2 if you count a werebeast dwarf that was bitten by the one who attacked the fort in the first place).<br />
Elves killed: 18, exactly six for every year of the fortress' life. (The fort has lived three years.)<br />
Squads/soldiers/heroes: 4/40/8<br />
Artifacts: 4 or 5<br />
Population(~240): ~140 dwarves, ~100 animals. The death list was over 400 because of a forgotten beast who killed many, many, many monsters in the first cavern level including 3 [[DF2014:Giant cave spider|GCS]].<br />
====[https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytc0mz3rr93epmy/keskallinir_2014-03-22.zip Keskallinir], "Shotsly"====
I am not sure if the dropbox link works for others, if you would like to download it but it doesnt work [[User_Talk:Latias1290|please tell me]].
This is a '''snapshot'''. This gets updated, but on a when-I-feel-like-it basis.
Ingame date: 2nd Slate, 22<br />
Wealth: 2,357,927. Bam.<br />
Dwarves died: 10<br />
Vampires: 1<br />
Attacks(7): 2 Forgotten Beasts, 1 werebeast, 4 thieves. There may be an elven ambush present(during a test of a human siege, I got 2 snatchers and a big elven ambush along with the siege), but I havent found them yet.<br />
Elves killed: 12<br />
Squads/soldiers: 7/67<br />
Artifacts: 15<br />
Population(390): 217 dwarves, 173 animals<br />
I used to explain why I found killing nobles retarded here, but I recently {{Tooltip|changed my mind|lets say that my mayor was happy to test my drowning chamber}}.
<div style="float:right">{{User:Latias1290/Sig/src|15:01|January 05, 2015}}</div>

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If you need to contact me, it is better to do so on the forums.