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Well, this is my page.

Projects to be made, somewhere in a future...

The harsh lands of sacrificing

Freezing location, not terrifying, so we'll get normal, not zombie yetis. Little to nothing ores. Is with sand, can be combined with Shining Warmth project
Each season one of civilian dwarves should prove his valor by fighting wild yeti with single weapon - no shield, leather armor at best. Winners are promoted to regular army and get a cloak of loser yeti's leather. Losers get buried, yeti winner let to leave.

Fortress of unhappiness

Whatever location.
Fort designed to keep dwarves unhappy, by any means. But still keep fort alive. Like this:
Massive socializing. Friends with everyone! Especially those who are the most dangerous
Regular switching from cave dwellers to surface, so cave adaptation scores it's hit.
Children are wandering outside and are subjected to ambushes and snatchers
Ghosts. Never bury dead - at least before they rot to skeletons.
Miasma. Refuse stockpiles at meeting halls. Caged zombies.
Regular switching from "cats is best dwarf's friend" to "no cat's allowed'. So tantrums and swarms of vermin.
Booze and bedrooms for nobles only! And for guards.
No jail, or small jail with cages.
Score the maximum number of macabre and fell mood artifacts

Shining Warmth

Freezing location, with sand.
Aboveground fort made of steel/iron and glass/gem windows.
Magma used to heat whole place: magma layer between each living floor, a ring of magma around each floor between windows. Moses effects everywhere. Bonus points for imps, magma crabs and magma men swimming in-between heaters
Smoke generator at the topmost castle tower - ever-burning wooden artifact or something

Mechanists Temple

Design all fortress' machinery to be ruled from two control rooms, each lever is doubled for both rooms.
First room contains intelligent core - dwarf (vampire is the best)
Second room remains empty till gremlin is spotted. Then gremlin lured/captured and released into that room and sealed forever.
Many in-fortress traps, such as spikes, atom smashers, magma geizers, flooding rooms, controlled from control rooms, to ensure proper number of sacrifices.
Many outer trap defences also, to sacrifice siegers/traders/migrants.

Mods Projects

Elven Retreat

Playing as elves. Not sure if everything is possible

No mining at all. Clay-wood constructions only
Woodcutters use flutes and other musical instruments to fell tree - instead of cutting tree they convice it to depression and death with their songs.
Taming and training dangerous beasts, maybe transforming them into semi-intelligent creatures that can form squads and follow orders.
Special plants that produce ores and gems, in small quantitites. Metalworks are permited.
Some enchantnemts that make wooden swords better - transform their material into somthing useful

"Weaponsmith and Cave Crocodile", a poem by Urist McShakeSpear. Summary

This is a story about a Cave Crocodile and Tulon Olonurrïth "GearedScarred", a Weaponsmithess, who were dramatically involved into fatal relationship.
Chapter 1.
Tulon rambled at a cavern forest, looking for logs that lazy woodcutter left laying on the ground. Suddenly an unknown voice called her - "Oh, lady dwarf, it must be Providence itself that led you here! I'm an ancient dwarven prince, who has been turned into a beast by evil witch, and only the kiss of charming dwarvess can transform me back!". And a large pale cave crocodile came out of the tower-cap tree. He crawled toward her and asked politely - "Oh, will you kiss me?"
And Tulon replied - "WHEEEEEEEEWWW! A LIZARD!!! WHEEEEEWWW!!! DON'T COME!!! I HATE LIZARDS!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!" - and ran back toward stairs back to her safe home.
Crocodile roared - "Wait! Wait!! You can't just run away and left me here! WAIT, YOU!!!" - and rushed after her.
After several hours of chase the Crocodile finally managed to knock her down on muddy floor and said - "Well, now you have no choise but to fulfill my needs. JUST. ONE. KISS. And you can leave safely wherever you want."
Crocodile - " NO WAY! I'll get this damned kiss, even against your will! NOW!"
Tulon managed to stand up, but Crocodile jumped towards her with intention to get this kiss by force. He grab her head with his jaws...
The headless body of Tulon Olonurrïth slided down the muddy slope...
Crocodile - "Oh f#$k. And what now? Centures of crawling at the darkness with only one hope, and now this imbecile riuned it all. Well, at least I hope she wasn't the only female at this hamlet above. And I hope they ain't such reptile-haters"
And Crocodile crawled to the narrow corridor. Suddenly a cage fell from above, locking him inside.
Crocodile - "Oh, GREAT..."
Chapter 2.
After several hours of awaiting a dwarf peasant came.
Crocodile - "Hey! Hey! Come here! Help me! I'm an enchanted prince, I need a woman who kiss me and transform back to dwarf form!"
Peasant - "Talking beast?! Wow! Guys up there would be glad to see that.". He grabbed the cage and hauled it up to the quarters.
Crocodile - "Hey! Did you hear that i say?! I'm a dwarf like you! Witch turned me into this! Damn, dwarfes grown REALLY dull, while i loafed down there."
Peasant - "Hey! Guys! Look that i got! He is talking!"
Crocodile - "Yes, talking, you dumbass! I'm telling you I'm dwarf, only looking like Crocodile! If a dwarf girl kiss me, I'll be dwarf again!"
Bookkeeper - "Oh, I remember... I was a little boy and my granny took me to puppet show, and the fairytale was about a prince turned into a beast, and a girl must kiss him to turn him dwarf again..."
Crocodile - "Oh, finally someone who shows a bit of common sence. That is exactly that happened to me! I need help!"
Bookkeeper - "Let's put him into our meeting room, he will tell fairytales. What can be better - a nice loaf of cheese and a tale!"
Crocodile - "OH SHI~"
Bookkeeper - "We'll call him Theater Romance, he's always telling that stuff about kisses, sorcery, fate and that crap... I'll tell my wife to make nice silk curtain for him, ho-ho!"
Chapter 3.
Some days later
Peasant - "Hey, that's with our Theater? He says no word other that "F#$K OFF!". Let he tell something funny - you know, dragons, knights and that crap..."
Caretaker - "Hey, Theater! Tell us something!"
Crocodile - "I SAID - F#$K OFF! Is it too difficult for your tiny oaken brain?!"
Crowd sadly - "Oooohhhh...."
Peasant - "What for we need him then? He just eats and shits, and does nothing!"
Broker - "Guys! Take him and bring to depot. That's gonna be a brillant deal! Those merchants got planty of delicious drinks..."
Crowd happily - "Hooray!"
Crocodile - "FUUUUUUUUU~"
Crocodile breaks from his cage and runs away, and miners armed with their picks chase him all over the fortress. After a hours or rushing, beating, biting, wrestling the Crocodile falls down breathlessly.
Broker - "Damn! Drinks!" - to the merchants packing their goods "Hey, wait a bit! We've got a lot of other cool things! Cmon, let's trade a bit more!"
The End.

The origin.
A Weaponsmith (she realy detests lizards) went to cave forest to take a wod log to stockpile, and got chased by cave crocodile. Finally the crocodile torn her head apart in a single charge, and got the name Stinhädâbir, "Theaterromance". Then he got caught into a cage trap. Later, when i wanted to sell him to merchants, he broke out of cage while it was hauled, and i had to draft all miners into squad to struck him down.