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(WF - This had been placed on your User page, which is yours to do with as you please (within reason, ahem), not for this stuff. My bad - moving it here, where it belongs. Readya later.)--Albedo 17:01, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

Welcome to this wiki! Dwarf Fortress rapidly becomes more complicated, and we're always glad to have new writers.
Since we prefer that you try to follow our wiki's standards, we've made a list of basic guidelines. This is a template.

  • To let us know who you are, please sign your posts on discussion pages by typing --~~~~ after your posts. This can also be inserted with the Button sig756222.png button if JavaScript is enabled.
  • Never put a question mark in the title of a page. Question marks mess things up, and your page will be moved to a different name.
  • When making comments on a talk page, use one more colon before each line in your comment than was used in the comment you reply to. Put exactly one empty line between comments by different users but do not use blank lines inside of a comment. If your comment has no indents, use <br> after each line.
  • Avoid making many small edits to a page. Instead, try to make one large edit. This makes the history of the page a lot easier to read.
  • Don't edit the user page of another user. If you want to tell them something, add the comment to their talk page.
  • If you put a comment at the bottom of a talk page with section headers, you've probably put it in a section. Don't put things in the wrong sections. If necessary, create a section.
  • Most importantly, read and follow the rules. Really. Read them.
"You have been processed! Go forth, now, and edit!" --Savok


Big Obsidian Castle anyone? Carved, of course, without constructed walls

Hey, welcome to DF wiki. Sure! You wanna write up a quick section on how to form the mold and pour magma, go for it. Keep it on point, and don't be (too) redundant re details found elsewhere (magma, obsidian, Obsidian farming). Or did you have a question?--Albedo 16:21, 29 August 2009 (UTC)