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* Kaypy, 7centNickel, <many more>
* Kaypy, 7centNickel, <many more>

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Stonesense Screenshot

(disambiguation) If you are searching for "Stone Sense", the excellent reveal tool by 0x517A5D, see [1]


Stonesense is a third party visualizer that lets you view your Dwarf Fortress world in a classic isometric perspective.

The official thread for feedback, questions, requests or bug reports is located at http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=43260.0

Stonesense Content Repository

The Stonesense Content Repository contains content packs that allow you to extend Stonesense functionality. These packs are made by members of the DF community.

Modding With Stonesense

The following pages give introductions and tutorials on how to create custom content for Stonesense.

Project Homepage / Source code

The project homepage and Source code repository (subversion) can be found at: http://code.google.com/p/stonesense/


  • Stonesense was written by Jonask, peterix, and kaypy.
  • Dfhack library was written by peterix.
  • Initial graphics were provided by Solifuge.
  • Additional Graphics were contributed by many people, including:
  • Kaypy, 7centNickel, <many more>