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This article is about an older version of DF.

An item that is forbidden will never be handled by your dwarves. It is the opposite of reclaim. For example, stones that have been forbidden will not appear in the construction menu, and will not be used at workshops. If a forbidden object is on a build site, the building will be suspended and an announcement will appear informing the player that the build site is blocked.

Forbidding items[edit]

  • In order to forbid a specific item, use k and scroll over the item you wish to forbid. Then press f in order to toggle the forbidden state of the item.
  • In order to mass forbid entire swathes of items, use the d-b-f keys and designate items with either the keyboard or the mouse.
  • In order to prevent your dwarves from using a specific workshop, press t and forbid the materials that the workshop is made of.

Uses of forbidding items[edit]

  • Dwarves in strange moods can be directed to materials of your choice by selectively forbidding objects.
  • Preventing dwarves from looting the bodies of your enemies (or friends) during a siege by forbidding items on the battlefield is generally a good idea. You can also go to the Forbid orders menu with o-F to make these forbidden by default.
  • You can use the mass designation tool to forbid items in sealed off areas in order to get a more accurate representation of available resources in your stocks screen. Don't forget to reclaim when it's time to go spelunking!

Getting Items Back[edit]

the mass reclaim functiond-b-c can be used to regain access to forbidden items if needed. Especially useful if you cannot directly toggle the forbidden setting of items. EXAMPLE: an armed enemy in a cage.