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This article is about an older version of DF.

Template:L dwarves need to schedule occasional meetings with representatives from the homelands and foreign diplomats. Meetings generally begin when the seasonal caravan arrives; merchants and traders usually have a diplomat accompanying them. Diplomats will meet with the expedition leader, mayor, baron, count, duke, or king, whichever is of highest rank. The foreigner will follow the relevant dwarf around the fortress until the meeting is finished; if your nobles have a lot of labors turned on, the meeting might take several months to conclude.

If the dwarf has an Template:L, the meeting will take place there; a high-quality office will give the dwarf who scheduled the meeting a happy thought, while a poor office will upset the dwarf. If the dwarf does not have an office, the meeting will take place in a Template:L, which is to say a dining room that has the "Meeting Hall" option turned on. Meeting in public sometimes embarrasses the dwarf, who receives an unhappy thought from having to conduct a meeting in such circumstances. Also, if your leader is taken by a Template:L during the meeting, the diplomat will leave unhappy.

Unhappy civilians sometimes schedule their own meetings with the Leader in order to yell at him or her. The leader will use a social skill, either Template:L or Template:L, to calm the unhappy dwarf. The results of this depend on the leader's skill level.