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This article is about an older version of DF.

Adventurer Mode[edit]

Priests appear in many Human and Goblin settlements, even those captured by and incorporated into civilizations of other races. They will either worship the civilization's official object of worship, or one aligned with the civilization's pantheon or Sphere.

High Priests are the leaders of the local religious sect and have distinct idiosyncratic yet thematic titles. If no High Priest resides in the settlement, any Priests present, and most citizens, will be members of a neighboring religious sect. High Priests in Goblin fortresses are likely to be goblin even if the rest of the population is supplanted by other races.

If a Temple is in the settlement, there will be a local sect, and a living High Priest at least at the end of worldgen. Priests will be found wandering inside during the day, though in Human towns some may wander to visit the feasthall or Keep, many return to their homes for lunch, and some may work as shopkeepers. In such towns, Priests will also return home to sleep, while in Goblin Fortresses Priests will sleep within the Temple.

Fortress Mode[edit]

Priests may be among the participants of ambushes and sieges.