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This article is about an older version of DF.

A honeycomb is a material collected from a hive. Once the hive contains a colony of honey bees it will eventually create a honeycomb (a single hive will produce exactly two honeycombs a year). The honeycomb will then be harvested by a dwarf with the beekeeping labor active if the hive is set to "gather any products" and empty jugs are available. The jug is needed for the royal jelly that is also produced in the process. Note that actual harvesting and further transport (to a stockpile or screw press) are separate processes, only the first needs to be done by the beekeeper; the harvested honeycomb may remain in the hive.

Honeycombs are categorized as a tool. If you want to make a honeycomb-only stockpile, enable "tools" under finished goods and "wax" as the only acceptable material.

Honeycombs can be pressed into honey and wax. An empty jug will be required to receive the pressed honey.

Honeycombs are by default stored in finished goods stockpiles and can be stored in bins.

The only honeycombs currently implemented are from bees, called honey bee wax honeycomb. Bumble bee honeycombs do not exist. Bumble bees in reality do store food, but nowhere near as much as honey bees and their colonies are much smaller. It may or may not be a bug.

See also beekeeping industry.