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Here is another set of bug fixes. Be warned that some animals had their tiles changed to match the size convention.

-- Toady One, 30 March 2012

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Stopped crash from some odd creatures transforming into werebeasts
  • Fixed crash from sites on the edge of the map
  • Fixed old adv mode save imports
  • Slab to missing allowed, once missing status has been announced (unless from reclaim, then you can always do it)
  • Made animated corpses that collapse still count toward putting down ghosts
  • Stopped undead from getting werecurses -- generally made animation/ghost/acquired tags count for more
  • Removed negative clothing thoughts for children

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Stopped people from dropping random crafts/weapons on edge of map again
  • People should more consistently bring axes, picks, crossbows, quivers, ammo
  • Temporarily made amulets/backpacks etc. have no layering info (was screwing up clothing, will return to it)
  • Limited number of hunting/vamp crafts
  • Flux check in site finder should match with text now
  • Stopped vamps from bragging about their kills
  • Lists ghost/slab number/burial state in memorial list and stuck announced ghosts without slab item on the very top
  • Fixed blank memorial names
  • Husks have more information removed (pasture/pet/some job targeting/etc)
  • Opposition to life now overrides peace with wildlife
  • Stopped dwarves leading animals from going moody
  • Imported saves from 34.05 and earlier will have eggs that produce tame hatchlings
  • Option between skill/unit based profession setting in d_init
  • Made initial equipment based on profession setting rather than unit type
  • Fixed broken animal overall training scrolling
  • Mood dwarves no longer ask for "rock bars" and it says "bones" instead of "body parts"
  • Displayed medical dates correctly (they were a day off)
  • Season announcement appears with correct date
  • Correct year will show up on announcement screen
  • Displayed gender for some items that were showing up as duplicate entries
  • Gender in kill list (duplicate entries again)
  • Fixed some mannerism pronouns
  • Various raw fixes (see file_changes) -- highlight is that various underground animal men have attacks again