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The intro movie to Dwarf Fortress plays when the game is opened unless it has been disabled.


[edit] Opening credits

First, the Bay 12 Games logo is displayed. Second, the Bay 12 Games motto (Beyond Quality) appears. In the next scene A Toady One The Great Production is pulled across the screen on a wheeled platform by a dwarf.

Intro movie 1.gif

[edit] Title

The camera pans down from a blue sky to the entrance to a dwarven mountainhome. The title Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress appears above the entrance. Dwarves can be seen on the ground and one enters the mountainhome.

Intro movie 2.gif

[edit] Blacksmith

The camera enters the mountainhome and finds its way to a blacksmith using an anvil and hammer to form a glowing-hot piece of metal.

Intro movie 3.gif

[edit] Cavern lake

The camera then pans to the left and enters a door leading to a bridge that crosses a cavern lake.

Intro movie 4.gif

[edit] Sparring dwarves

The camera enters a door at the end of that bridge and focuses on two dwarfs sparring with adamantine weapons.

Intro movie 5.gif

[edit] Miner

The camera then goes into the door on the left and goes down several tunnels until it comes to a dwarf mining. The miner strike the wall of the cavern, makes a hole, and loses his pickaxe down said hole.

Intro movie 6.gif

[edit] Unspeakable Fun

The miner looks into the hole and is attacked by something.

Intro movie 7.gif

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