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Utility:Dwarf therapist

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Dwarf therapist
It makes Dwarf fortress playable. It's that good. Get it! - unknown source.

Dwarf Therapist gives you an advanced GUI to manage and check dwarf job allocations, military assignments, statistics (such as attributes, personality traits and happiness), sort dwarves by various criteria (e.g. profession, migration wave, happiness, number of assigned jobs etc.) and generally manage the Dwarven Resources of your fortress in a very convenient way. This version contains the "labor optimizer" semi-automatic labor management system.


Different distributions of Dwarf Therapist are available for different operating systems. To get started, download the executable from the release page (cross platform: Windows, Linux, macOS). Dwarf Therapist is large part of the standard Dwarf Fortress utilities package, like the widely available starter pack.

Addons Repository[edit]

A collection of customizations for Dwarf Therapist submitted by the community.

  • custom professions
  • custom roles
  • optimization plans
  • filter scripts
  • new grid views


Originaly established and one such program is Dwarf Therapist. Initially released in 2009, by Trey Stout (or chmod, as he's known on the forums), the program solves one of the most basic and annoying problems with the game—the difficulty involved in setting Dwarven labor preferences. In the vanilla game, the only way to set dwarven labor preferences (probably the most important setting there is, dwarf- wise) was to get to the dwarf, get to their labors screen, and then crawl through a tedious menu bumping this labor off or this one on. A starting group of seven dwarves? Not fun, but in grander scheme of the game, doable. 200 of them running amok? No way. Dwarf Therapist solved this problem by providing a functional tabular interface, plugged into the Dwarf Fortress memory, which allows the reading, editing, and committing of dwarven labor changes.

Splinterz' fork of Dwarf Therapist is the currently updated version