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I shud put something here : My site...

I also like User:Uristocrat/Dwarven Bathtub

On linux:

cd ./df_linux/raw/objects/
for x in ./inorganic_stone_* ;do sed -i 's/\[AQUIFER\]//' $x ; done

and generate world. - Something very simular for exotic creatures like :

for x in ./creature_* ;do sed -i 's/\[EXOTIC_PET\]/\[PET\]/' $x ; done

Although this is untested...

[17:10:12] <@Rhenaya> silver > coppr > bronze > iron = steel > bone = wood >

                     adamantine for blunt

[17:10:29] <@Rhenaya> adamantine > steel > bronze > iron > copper > wood = bone >

                     silver for edged

[17:11:38] <@Rhenaya> steel > bronze > copper > silver > adamantine > wood = bone

                     for bolts