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This article is about an older version of DF.

Just as dwarves need food and drink, dwarves will eventually become tired. This is denoted by the term drowsy or later, exhausted on the wound screen. The dwarf will also have a blinking gray arrow.

Not all dwarves sleep at the same time, and dwarves don't sleep every day, but eventually all your dwarves will drop down. Sleeping dwarves will have their labor listed as sleep, and they will be labeled unconscious on the wound screen. Dwarves receive a happy thought from sleeping in a bed, and from choosing when they sleep[Verify]. In contrast, dwarves will receive an unhappy thought from sleeping on the floor, and from collapsing due to exhaustion.

Sleeping will occur in any constructed bed, this includes beds which have been designated as bedrooms, dormitories, barracks, and hospitals.

See Bedroom design and noise for information on planning for your dwarves sleep.

See Adventure mode for information on sleep as it pertains to adventurer mode