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Personality trait

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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

Randomly generated personality of a miner.

Personality traits (or just personalities) are made up of beliefs, goals, and facets, distinct from attributes and mannerisms. In general, personality traits do not have as important a gameplay effect as attributes, though many of the gameplay effects of personality traits are as yet unknown.

Personality traits are shown in a dwarf's thoughts and preferences description page, which can be accessed by viewing that dwarf, then p, z, Enter, or from the unit menu with view, Enter.

Beliefs are what a creature values; examples include things like tradition ("He/she holds the maintenance of tradition as one of the highest ideals"), cooperation ("...is thoroughly disgusted by cooperation"), and sacrifice ("...believes that those who sacrifice for others should be deeply respected"), but personality facets, on the other hand, are how a creature acts. So, an especially angry dwarf would have "S/he is in a constant state of internal rage", and one with low altruism would have "S/he feels helping others is an imposition on her time". Beliefs and facets are capable of conflicting, but this doesn't mean they are incompatible. For instance, it's possible a dwarf will deeply value romance, even though one of their personality facets prevents him/her from forming romantic bonds. This particular combination would show up in the thoughts and preferences screen as "S/he never falls in love or develops positive feelings toward anything, and s/he is bothered by this since s/he sees romance as one of the highest ideals". (Goals, however, are described below).

She personally values romance, finds maintaining decorum a silly, fumbling waste of time, values tranquility and a peaceful day and doesn't care about art one way or another.


Each belief has a range from −50 to 50. The value triggers a report (except for the -10 to +10 range, which does not) on the "thoughts and preferences" screen, depending on where it falls in any of seven levels:

Value range Values in range Probability Effect
+41 to +50 10 0.4% Highest
+26 to +40 15 2% Very High
+11 to +25 15 8.5% High
−10 to +10 21 78% Neutral
−25 to −11 15 8.5% Low
−40 to −26 15 2% Very Low
−50 to −41 10 0.4% Lowest

Beliefs are also influenced by cultural values via the use of the VALUE entity token. For example, dwarven civilizations hold craftsdwarfship in the highest regard, whereas goblins hold the ideas of fairness and sacrifice in utter disdain. If an individual person's belief differs significantly from the civilization's beliefs, then that belief gets highlighted in cyan in the thoughts and preferences screen. Beliefs, along with facets, dictate needs and the frequency with which they need to be fulfilled before the focus of the dwarf/adventurer is negatively impacted.

Beliefs can also be changed through successful arguments – in adventure mode, this can be used to change the core beliefs of your adventurer (and, consequently, some of their needs). Since they can argue for beliefs they don't actually hold, you can convince a person of a belief you want your adventurer to hold, get into another argument over said belief, and acquiesce to that (new) position. Note that facets cannot be changed in this way, although they may be subject to changing due to events that happen in your character's adventures.[Verify] In fortress mode, some memories have the potential to change beliefs over time.

Certain beliefs can conflict with personality facets – see below.

Belief list[edit]

Topic Value Description Effects
LAW +41 to +50 is an absolute believer in the rule of law
+26 to +40 has a great deal of respect for the law
+11 to +25 respects the law
−10 to +10 doesn't feel strongly about the law
−25 to −11 does not respect the law
−40 to −26 disdains the law
−50 to −41 finds the idea of laws abhorrent
LOYALTY +41 to +50 has the highest regard for loyalty
+26 to +40 greatly prizes loyalty
+11 to +25 values loyalty
−10 to +10 doesn't particularly value loyalty
−25 to −11 views loyalty unfavorably
−40 to −26 disdains loyalty
−50 to −41 is disgusted by the idea of loyalty
FAMILY +41 to +50 sees family as one of the most important things in life
+26 to +40 values family greatly
+11 to +25 values family
−10 to +10 does not care about family one way or the other
−25 to −11 is put off by family
−40 to −26 lacks any respect for family
−50 to −41 finds the idea of family loathsome
FRIENDSHIP +41 to +50 believes friendship is a key to the ideal life maybe can learn Conversationalist?
(maybe subject to LEISURE_TIME?, subject to GREGARIOUSNESS and BASHFUL)
+26 to +40 sees friendship as one of the finer things in life
+11 to +25 thinks friendship is important
−10 to +10 does not care about friendship
−25 to −11 finds friendship burdensome
−40 to −26 is completely put off by the idea of friends maybe cannot learn Conversationalist?
(unless overridden by extreme GREGARIOUSNESS or BASHFUL)
−50 to −41 finds the whole idea of friendship disgusting
POWER +41 to +50 believes that the acquisition of power over others is the ideal goal in life and worthy of the highest respect can learn Intimidator
+26 to +40 sees power over others as something to strive for
+11 to +25 respects power
−10 to +10 doesn't find power particularly praiseworthy
−25 to −11 has a negative view of those who exercise power over others
−40 to −26 hates those who wield power over others cannot learn Intimidator
(unless overridden by extreme ASSERTIVENESS or DISCORD)
−50 to −41 finds the acquisition and use of power abhorrent and would have all masters toppled
TRUTH +41 to +50 believes the truth is inviolable regardless of the cost cannot learn Flatterer
(unless overridden by extreme FRIENDLINESS)
cannot learn Liar
+26 to +40 believes that honesty is a high ideal
+11 to +25 values honesty can learn Flatterer
(subject to FRIENDLINESS)
cannot learn Liar
−10 to +10 does not particularly value the truth can learn Flatterer
(subject to FRIENDLINESS)
can learn Liar
−25 to −11 finds blind honesty foolish
−40 to −26 sees lying as an important means to an end
−50 to −41 is repelled by the idea of honesty and lies without compunction
CUNNING +41 to +50 holds well-laid plans and shrewd deceptions in the highest regard
+26 to +40 greatly respects the shrewd and guileful
+11 to +25 values cunning
−10 to +10 does not really value cunning and guile
−25 to −11 sees guile and cunning as indirect and somewhat worthless
−40 to −26 holds shrewd and crafty individuals in the lowest esteem
−50 to −41 is utterly disgusted by guile and cunning
ELOQUENCE +41 to +50 believes that artful speech and eloquent expression are some of the highest ideals can learn Persuader
(subject to ASSERTIVENESS)
+26 to +40 deeply respects eloquent speakers
+11 to +25 values eloquence
−10 to +10 doesn't value eloquence so much
−25 to −11 finds eloquence and artful speech off-putting
−40 to −26 finds [him/her]self somewhat disgusted with eloquent speakers cannot learn Persuader
(unless overridden by extreme ASSERTIVENESS)
−50 to −41 sees artful speech and eloquence as a wasteful form of deliberate deception and treats it as such
FAIRNESS +41 to +50 holds fairness as one of the highest ideals and despises cheating of any kind
+26 to +40 has great respect for fairness
+11 to +25 respects fair-dealing and fair-play
−10 to +10 does not care about fairness
−25 to −11 sees life as unfair and doesn't mind it that way
−40 to −26 finds the idea of fair-dealing foolish and cheats when [he/she] finds it profitable
−50 to −41 is disgusted by the idea of fairness and will freely cheat anybody at any time
DECORUM +41 to +50 views decorum as a high ideal and is deeply offended by those that fail to maintain it
+26 to +40 greatly respects those that observe decorum and maintain their dignity
+11 to +25 values decorum, dignity and proper behavior
−10 to +10 doesn't care very much about decorum
−25 to −11 finds maintaining decorum a silly, fumbling waste of time
−40 to −26 sees those that attempt to maintain dignified and proper behavior as vain and offensive
−50 to −41 is affronted by the whole notion of maintaining decorum and finds so-called dignified people disgusting
TRADITION +41 to +50 holds the maintenance of tradition as one of the highest ideals
+26 to +40 is a firm believer in the value of tradition
+11 to +25 values tradition
−10 to +10 doesn't have any strong feelings about tradition
−25 to −11 disregards tradition
−40 to −26 finds the following of tradition foolish and limiting
−50 to −41 is disgusted by tradition and would flout any [he/she] encounters if given a chance
ARTWORK +41 to +50 believes that the creation and appreciation of artwork is one of the highest ideals
+26 to +40 greatly respects artists and their works
+11 to +25 values artwork
−10 to +10 doesn't care about art one way or another
−25 to −11 finds artwork boring
−40 to −26 sees the whole pursuit of art as silly
−50 to −41 finds art offensive and would have it destroyed whenever possible
COOPERATION +41 to +50 places cooperation as one of the highest ideals
+26 to +40 sees cooperation as very important in life
+11 to +25 values cooperation
−10 to +10 doesn't see cooperation as valuable
−25 to −11 dislikes cooperation
−40 to −26 views cooperation as a low ideal not worthy of any respect
−50 to −41 is thoroughly disgusted by cooperation
INDEPENDENCE +41 to +50 believes that freedom and independence are completely non-negotiable and would fight to defend them
+26 to +40 treasures independence
+11 to +25 values independence
−10 to +10 doesn't really value independence one way or another
−25 to −11 finds the ideas of independence and freedom somewhat foolish
−40 to −26 sees freedom and independence as completely worthless
−50 to −41 hates freedom and would crush the independent spirit wherever it is found
STOICISM +41 to +50 views any show of emotion as offensive cannot learn Consoler
(unless overridden by extreme SWAYED_BY_EMOTIONS, CRUELTY, or DISCORD)
+26 to +40 thinks it is of the utmost importance to present a bold face and never grouse, complain or even show emotion
+11 to +25 believes it is important to conceal emotions and refrain from complaining can learn Consoler
−10 to +10 doesn't see much value in being stoic
−25 to −11 sees no value in holding back complaints and concealing emotions
−40 to −26 feels that those who attempt to conceal their emotions are vain and foolish
−50 to −41 sees concealment of emotions as a betrayal and tries [his/her] best never to associate with such secretive fools
INTROSPECTION +41 to +50 feels that introspection and all forms of self-examination are the keys to a good life and worthy of respect
+26 to +40 deeply values introspection
+11 to +25 sees introspection as important
−10 to +10 doesn't really see the value in self-examination
−25 to −11 finds introspection to be a waste of time
−40 to −26 thinks that introspection is valueless and those that waste time in self-examination are deluded fools
−50 to −41 finds the whole idea of introspection completely offensive and contrary to the ideals of a life well-lived
SELF_CONTROL +41 to +50 believes that self-mastery and the denial of impulses are some of the highest ideals
+26 to +40 finds moderation and self-control to be very important
+11 to +25 values self-control
−10 to +10 doesn't particularly value self-control
−25 to −11 finds those that deny their impulses somewhat stiff
−40 to −26 sees the denial of impulses as a vain and foolish pursuit
−50 to −41 has abandoned any attempt at self-control and finds the whole concept deeply offensive
TRANQUILITY +41 to +50 views tranquility as one of the highest ideals cannot learn Intimidator
(unless overridden by extreme ASSERTIVENESS or DISCORD)
+26 to +40 strongly values tranquility and quiet
+11 to +25 values tranquility and a peaceful day can learn Intimidator
(subject to POWER and HARMONY, subject to ASSERTIVENESS and DISCORD)
−10 to +10 doesn't have a preference between tranquility and tumult
−25 to −11 prefers a noisy, bustling life to boring days without activity
−40 to −26 is greatly disturbed by quiet and a peaceful existence
−50 to −41 is disgusted by tranquility and would that the world would constantly churn with noise and activity
HARMONY +41 to +50 would have the world operate in complete harmony without the least bit of strife or disorder cannot learn Intimidator
(unless overridden by extreme ASSERTIVENESS or DISCORD)
+26 to +40 strongly believes that a peaceful and ordered society without dissent is best
+11 to +25 values a harmonious existence can learn Intimidator
(subject to POWER and TRANQUILITY, subject to ASSERTIVENESS and DISCORD)
−10 to +10 sees equal parts of harmony and discord as part of life
−25 to −11 doesn't respect a society that has settled into harmony without debate and strife
−40 to −26 can't fathom why anyone would want to live in an orderly and harmonious society
−50 to −41 believes deeply that chaos and disorder are the truest expressions of life and would disrupt harmony wherever it is found
MERRIMENT +41 to +50 believes that little is better in life than a good party can learn Comedian
(subject to HUMOR)
+26 to +40 truly values merrymaking and parties
+11 to +25 finds merrymaking and partying worthwhile activities
−10 to +10 doesn't really value merrymaking
−25 to −11 sees merrymaking as a waste
−40 to −26 is disgusted by merrymakers cannot learn Comedian
(unless overriden by extreme HUMOR)
−50 to −41 is appalled by merrymaking, parties and other such worthless activities
CRAFTSMANSHIP +41 to +50 holds crafts[man]ship to be of the highest ideals and celebrates talented artisans and their masterworks
+26 to +40 has a great deal of respect for worthy crafts[man]ship
+11 to +25 values good crafts[man]ship
−10 to +10 doesn't particularly care about crafts[man]ship
−25 to −11 considers crafts[man]ship to be relatively worthless
−40 to −26 sees the pursuit of good crafts[man]ship as a total waste
−50 to −41 views crafts[man]ship with disgust and would desecrate a so-called masterwork or two if [he/she] could get away with it
MARTIAL_PROWESS +41 to +50 believes that martial prowess defines the good character of an individual
+26 to +40 deeply respects skill at arms
+11 to +25 values martial prowess
−10 to +10 does not really value skills related to fighting
−25 to −11 finds those that develop skill with weapons and fighting distasteful
−40 to −26 thinks that the pursuit of the skills of warfare and fighting is a low pursuit indeed
−50 to −41 abhors those that pursue the mastery of weapons and skill with fighting
SKILL +41 to +50 believes that the mastery of a skill is one of the highest pursuits
+26 to +40 really respects those that take the time to master a skill
+11 to +25 respects the development of skill
−10 to +10 doesn't care if others take the time to master skills
−25 to −11 finds the pursuit of skill mastery off-putting
−40 to −26 believes that the time taken to master a skill is a horrible waste
−50 to −41 sees the whole idea of taking time to master a skill as appalling
HARD_WORK +41 to +50 believes that hard work is one of the highest ideals and a key to the good life
+26 to +40 deeply respects those that work hard at their labors
+11 to +25 values hard work
−10 to +10 doesn't really see the point of working hard
−25 to −11 sees working hard as a foolish waste of time
−40 to −26 thinks working hard is an abject idiocy
−50 to −41 finds the proposition that one should work hard in life utterly abhorrent
SACRIFICE +41 to +50 finds sacrifice to be one of the highest ideals
+26 to +40 believes that those who sacrifice for others should be deeply respected
+11 to +25 values sacrifice
−10 to +10 doesn't particularly respect sacrifice as a virtue
−25 to −11 sees sacrifice as wasteful and foolish
−40 to −26 finds sacrifice to be the height of folly
−50 to −41 thinks that the entire concept of sacrifice for others is truly disgusting
COMPETITION +41 to +50 holds the idea of competition among the most important values and would encourage it wherever possible
+26 to +40 views competition as a crucial driving force in the world
+11 to +25 sees competition as reasonably important
−10 to +10 doesn't have strong views on competition
−25 to −11 sees competition as wasteful and silly
−40 to −26 deeply dislikes competition
−50 to −41 finds the very idea of competition obscene
PERSEVERANCE +41 to +50 believes that perseverance is one of the greatest qualities somebody can have
+26 to +40 greatly respects individuals that persevere through their trials and labors
+11 to +25 respects perseverance
−10 to +10 doesn't think much about the idea of perseverance
−25 to −11 sees perseverance in the face of adversity as bull-headed and foolish
−40 to −26 thinks there is something deeply wrong with people that persevere through adversity
−50 to −41 finds the notion that one would persevere through adversity completely abhorrent
LEISURE_TIME +41 to +50 believes that it would be a fine thing if all time were leisure time maybe can learn Conversationalist?
(maybe subject to FRIENDSHIP?, subject to GREGARIOUSNESS and BASHFUL)
+26 to +40 treasures leisure time and thinks it is very important in life
+11 to +25 values leisure time
−10 to +10 doesn't think one way or the other about leisure time
−25 to −11 finds leisure time wasteful
−40 to −26 is offended by leisure time and leisurely living maybe cannot learn Conversationalist?
(unless overridden by extreme GREGARIOUSNESS or BASHFUL)
−50 to −41 believes that those that take leisure time are evil and finds the whole idea disgusting
COMMERCE +41 to +50 sees engaging in commerce as a high ideal in life
+26 to +40 really respects commerce and those that engage in trade
+11 to +25 respects commerce
−10 to +10 doesn't particularly respect commerce
−25 to −11 is somewhat put off by trade and commerce
−40 to −26 finds those that engage in trade and commerce to be fairly disgusting
−50 to −41 holds the view that commerce is a vile obscenity
ROMANCE +41 to +50 sees romance as one of the highest ideals
+26 to +40 thinks romance is very important in life
+11 to +25 values romance
−10 to +10 doesn't care one way or the other about romance
−25 to −11 finds romance distasteful
−40 to −26 is somewhat disgusted by romance
−50 to −41 finds even the abstract idea of romance repellent
NATURE +41 to +50 holds nature to be of greater value than most aspects of civilization Receives unhappy thought when slaughtering/caging animals and felling trees.v0.42.01
+26 to +40 has a deep respect for animals, plants and the natural world
+11 to +25 values nature
−10 to +10 doesn't care about nature one way or another
−25 to −11 finds nature somewhat disturbing Receives happy thought when slaughtering/caging animals and felling trees.v0.42.01
−40 to −26 has a deep dislike of the natural world
−50 to −41 would just as soon have nature and the great outdoors burned to ashes and converted into a great mining pit
PEACE +41 to +50 believes the idea of war is utterly repellent and would have peace at all costs can learn Pacifier
(subject to DISCORD)
+26 to +40 believes that peace is always preferable to war
+11 to +25 values peace over war
−10 to +10 doesn't particularly care between war and peace
−25 to −11 sees war as a useful means to an end
−40 to −26 believes war is preferable to peace in general cannot learn Pacifier
(unless overriden by extreme DISCORD)
−50 to −41 thinks that the world should be engaged in perpetual warfare
KNOWLEDGE +41 to +50 finds the quest for knowledge to be of the very highest value
+26 to +40 views the pursuit of knowledge as deeply important
+11 to +25 values knowledge
−10 to +10 doesn't see the attainment of knowledge as important
−25 to −11 finds the pursuit of knowledge to be a waste of effort
−40 to −26 thinks the quest for knowledge is a delusional fantasy
−50 to −41 sees the attainment and preservation of knowledge as an offensive enterprise engaged in by arrogant fools


Some creatures dream of accomplishing certain goals in their life, and these goals can presumably affect their behavior. If a creature has such dreams, they will be listed in the Thoughts and Preferences page. Dwarves will receive a happy thought upon completion of their goals, receiving the notation of "and this dream was realized" in the personality description following their original goal. Goals would apparently not currently be limited to one per creature, but for some sort of oversight: [1].

Token Description Gameplay effects
START_A_FAMILY dreams of raising a family Goal completed upon giving birth/fathering an infant.
RULE_THE_WORLD dreams of ruling the world
CREATE_A_GREAT_WORK_OF_ART dreams of creating a great work of art Goal completed upon creation of Artifact or Masterpiece.
CRAFT_A_MASTERWORK dreams of crafting a masterwork someday Goal completed upon creation of Artifact or Masterpiece.
BRING_PEACE_TO_THE_WORLD dreams of bringing lasting peace to the world
BECOME_A_LEGENDARY_WARRIOR dreams of becoming a legendary warrior
MASTER_A_SKILL dreams of mastering a skill Goal completed upon reaching Legendary skill status.
FALL_IN_LOVE dreams of falling in love
SEE_THE_GREAT_NATURAL_SITES dreams of seeing the great natural places of the world
IMMORTALITY has become obsessed with his/her own mortality Leads to necromancy, which renders the necromancer immune to death by old age. Creatures like goblins and elves, who are immortal from the start, cannot have this dream.
MAKE_A_GREAT_DISCOVERY dreams of making a great discovery
ATTAIN_RANK_IN_SOCIETY dreams of attaining rank in society Goal completed upon becoming a baron (and possibly other noble positions).
BATHE_WORLD_IN_CHAOS dreams of bathing the world in chaos


Each personality facet has a value from 0–100. The value triggers a report in "thoughts and preferences" depending on where it falls in any of seven levels (the 40−60 range does not cause a report):

Value range Values in range Probability Effect
91-100 10 0.4% Highest
76-90 15 2% Very High
61-75 15 8.5% High
40-60 21 78% Neutral
25-39 15 8.5% Low
10-24 15 2% Very Low
0-9 10 0.4% Lowest

Facets are also influenced by species, via the use of the PERSONALITY creature token. For example, dwarves are slightly more greedy than average with a median of 55 in that trait, whereas goblins aren't likely to help others out – their altruism median is a mere 25, and is capped at 50.

Facets also have an effect on which social skills are learned in social interaction, and determine whether certain actions may give a good or bad thought. Facets may have other, more subtle effects on creature behavior, which are currently not entirely understood. Like beliefs, memories may change a creature's facets over time.

Facets which are marked below with "†" also contribute to relationships – values which are significantly different (i.e. greater than 60 in one creature and less than 40 in the other) will contribute toward the formation of grudges.

Certain facets are capable of conflicting with a creature's beliefs. The effect of this is not yet known.

Facet list[edit]

Token Value Description Effects
Conflicts with ROMANCE
91-100 is always in love with somebody and easily develops positive feelings
76-90 very easily falls into love and develops positive feelings
61-75 can easily fall in love or develop positive sentiments
40-60 (no description)
25-39 does not easily fall in love and rarely develops positive sentiments
10-24 is not the type to fall in love or even develop positive feelings
0-9 never falls in love or develops positive feelings toward anything
HATE_PROPENSITY 91-100 is often inflamed by hatred and easily develops hatred toward things
76-90 is prone to hatreds and often develops negative feelings
61-75 is quick to form negative views about things
40-60 (no description)
25-39 does not easily hate or develop negative feelings
10-24 very rarely develops negative feelings toward things
0-9 never feels hatred toward anyone or anything
ENVY_PROPENSITY 91-100 is consumed by overpowering feelings of jealousy
76-90 is prone to strong feelings of jealousy
61-75 often feels envious of others
40-60 (no description)
25-39 doesn't often feel envious of others
10-24 is rarely jealous
0-9 never envies others their status, situation or possessions
Conflicts with MERRIMENT
91-100 often feels filled with joy
76-90 can be very happy and optimistic
61-75 is often cheerful
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is rarely happy or enthusiastic Will not generate a positive thought while drunk.
'didn't feel anything due to inebriation.'
10-24 is dour as a rule Will not generate a positive thought working with a preference.
'didn't feel anything at work'
0-9 is never the slightest bit cheerful about anything
DEPRESSION_PROPENSITY 91-100 is frequently depressed More likely to slip into depression and be stricken by melancholy.
76-90 is often sad and dejected
61-75 often feels discouraged
40-60 (no description)
25-39 rarely feels discouraged
10-24 almost never feels discouraged
0-9 never feels discouraged
ANGER_PROPENSITY 91-100 is in a constant state of internal rage More likely to throw tantrums and go berserk.
Unmet needs may trigger negative thought 'frustration.'
Arguments may trigger negative thought 'angry after getting into an argument.' (subject to PRIDE, DISCORD)
76-90 is very quick to anger
61-75 is quick to anger
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is slow to anger
10-24 is very slow to anger
0-9 never becomes angry
ANXIETY_PROPENSITY 91-100 is a nervous wreck More likely to stumble obliviously and go stark raving mad.
76-90 is always tense and jittery
61-75 is often nervous
40-60 (no description)
25-39 has a calm demeanor
10-24 has a very calm demeanor
0-9 has an incredibly calm demeanor
LUST_PROPENSITY 91-100 is constantly ablaze with feelings of lust
76-90 is prone to strong feelings of lust
61-75 often feels lustful
40-60 (no description)
25-39 does not often feel lustful
10-24 rarely looks on others with lust
0-9 never feels lustful passions
STRESS_VULNERABILITY 91-100 becomes completely helpless in stressful situations 50% chance to become catatonic
76-90 cracks easily under pressure
61-75 doesn't handle stress well
40-60 (no description)
25-39 can handle stress
10-24 is confident under pressure
0-9 is impervious to the effects of stress
GREED 91-100 is as avaricious as they come, obsessed with acquiring wealth
76-90 is very greedy
61-75 has a greedy streak
40-60 (no description)
25-39 doesn't focus on material goods
10-24 desires little for [him/her]self in the way of possessions
0-9 often neglects [his/her] own wellbeing, having no interest in material goods
Conflicts with SELF_CONTROL
91-100 is ruled by irresistible cravings and urges
76-90 feels strong urges and seeks short-term rewards
61-75 occasionally overindulges
40-60 (no description)
25-39 doesn't often experience strong cravings or urges
10-24 only rarely feels strong cravings or urges
0-9 never feels tempted to overindulge in anything
Conflicts with TRANQUILITY
91-100 is given to rough-and-tumble brawling, even to the point of starting fights for no reason This does not actually cause a dwarf to randomly start a fistfight.[Verify]
76-90 would never pass up a chance for a good fistfight
61-75 likes to brawl
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to avoid any physical confrontations This does not affect a soldier's will to fight, but will cause civilians to flee from danger.[Verify]
10-24 does not enjoy participating in physical confrontations
0-9 would flee even the most necessary battle to avoid any form of physical confrontation
Conflicts with PERSEVERANCE
91-100 is unbelievably stubborn, and will stick with even the most futile action once [his/her] mind is made up
76-90 is very stubborn
61-75 is stubborn
40-60 (no description)
25-39 has a noticeable lack of perseverance
10-24 doesn't stick with things if even minor difficulties arise
0-9 drops any activity at the slightest hint of difficulty or even the suggestion of effort being required
WASTEFULNESS 91-100 is completely careless with resources when completing projects, and invariably wastes a lot of time and effort
76-90 is not careful with resources when working on projects and often spends unnecessary effort
61-75 tends to be a little wasteful when working on projects
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to be a little tight with resources when working on projects
10-24 is stingy with resources on projects and refuses to expend any extra effort
0-9 cuts any corners possible when working on a project, regardless of the consequences, rather than wasting effort or resources
Conflicts with HARMONY
91-100 revels in chaos and discord, and [he/she] encourages it whenever possible cannot learn Consoler or Pacifier
can learn Intimidator (subject only to ASSERTIVENESS)
Arguments can trigger positive thought
'satisfied after getting into an argument.'
76-90 finds a chaotic mess preferable to the boredom of harmonious living
61-75 doesn't mind a little tumult and discord in day-to-day living can learn Consoler (subject to STOICISM, subject to CRUELTY and SWAYED_BY_EMOTIONS)
can learn Pacifier (subject to PEACE)
can learn Intimidator (subject to HARMONY, POWER, and TRANQULITY, subject to ASSERTIVENESS)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 prefers that everyone live as harmoniously as possible
10-24 feels best when everyone gets along without any strife or contention cannot learn Intimidator
can learn Consoler (subject to CRUELTY and SWAYED_BY_EMOTIONS)
always learns Pacifier
0-9 would be deeply satisfied if everyone could live as one in complete harmony
Conflicts with HARMONY
91-100 is quite a bold flatterer, extremely friendly but just a little insufferable always learns Flatterer
76-90 is very friendly and always tries to say nice things to others
61-75 is a friendly individual can learn Flatterer
(subject to TRUTH)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is somewhat quarrelsome cannot learn Flatterer
10-24 is unfriendly and disagreeable
0-9 is a dyed-in-the-wool quarreler, never missing a chance to lash out in verbal hostility
Conflicts with DECORUM
91-100 exhibits a refined politeness and is determined to keep the guiding rules of etiquette and decorum as if life itself depended on it
76-90 is very polite and observes appropriate rules of decorum when possible
61-75 is quite polite
40-60 (no description)
25-39 could be considered rude
10-24 is very impolite and inconsiderate of propriety
0-9 is a vulgar being who does not care a lick for even the most basic rules of civilized living
DISDAIN_ADVICE 91-100 disdains even the best advice of associates and family, relying strictly on [his/her] own counsel
76-90 dislikes receiving advice, preferring to keep [his/her] own counsel
61-75 has a tendency to go it alone, without considering the advice of others
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to ask others for help with difficult decisions
10-24 relies on the advice of others during decision making
0-9 is unable to make decisions without a great deal of input from others
BRAVERY 91-100 is utterly fearless when confronted with danger, to the point of lacking common sense
76-90 is incredibly brave in the face of looming danger, perhaps a bit foolhardy
61-75 is brave in the face of imminent danger
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is somewhat fearful in the face of imminent danger
10-24 has great trouble mastering fear when confronted by danger
0-9 is a coward, completely overwhelmed by fear when confronted with danger
CONFIDENCE 91-100 presupposes success in any venture requiring [his/her] skills with what could be called blind overconfidence
76-90 is extremely confident of [him/her]self in situations requiring [his/her] skills
61-75 is generally quite confident of [his/her] abilities when undertaking specific ventures
40-60 (no description)
25-39 sometimes acts with little determination and confidence
10-24 lacks confidence in [his/her] abilities
0-9 has no confidence at all in [his/her] talent and abilities
VANITY 91-100 is completely wrapped up in [his/her] own appearance, abilities and other personal matters
76-90 is greatly pleased by [his/her] own looks and accomplishments
61-75 is pleased by [his/her] own appearance and talents
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is not inherently proud of [his/her] talents and accomplishments
10-24 takes no pleasure in [his/her] talents and appearance
0-9 could not care less about [his/her] appearance, talents or other personal vanities
AMBITION 91-100 has a relentless drive, completely consumed by ambition
76-90 is very ambitious, always looking for a way to better [his/her] situation
61-75 is quite ambitious
40-60 (no description)
25-39 isn't particularly ambitious
10-24 is not driven and rarely feels the need to pursue even a modest success
0-9 has no ambition whatsoever
GRATITUDE 91-100 unerringly returns favors and has a profound sense of gratitude for the kind actions of others
76-90 feels a strong need to reciprocate any favor done for [him/her]
61-75 is grateful when others help [him/her] out and tries to return favors
40-60 (no description)
25-39 takes offered help and gifts without feeling particularly grateful
10-24 accepts favors without developing a sense of obligation, preferring to act as the current situation demands
0-9 does not feel the slightest need to reciprocate favors that others do for [him/her], no matter how major the help or how much [he/she] needed it
IMMODESTY 91-100 always presents [him/her]self as extravagantly as possible, displaying a magnificent image to the world
76-90 likes to present [him/her]self boldly, even if it would offend an average sense of modesty
61-75 doesn't mind wearing something special now and again
40-60 (no description)
25-39 prefers to present [him/her]self modestly
10-24 presents [him/her]self modestly and frowns on any flashy accoutrements
0-9 cleaves to an austere lifestyle, disdaining even minor immodesties in appearance
HUMOR 91-100 finds something humorous in everything, no matter how serious or inappropriate always learns Comedian
76-90 finds the humor in most situations
61-75 has an active sense of humor can learn Comedian
(subject to MERRIMENT)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 has little interest in joking around
10-24 does not find most jokes humorous cannot learn Comedian
0-9 is utterly humorless
VENGEFUL 91-100 is vengeful and never forgets or forgives past grievances
76-90 has little time for forgiveness and will generally seek retribution
61-75 tends to hang on to grievances
40-60 (no description)
25-39 doesn't tend to hold on to grievances
10-24 does not generally seek retribution for past wrongs
0-9 has no sense of vengeance or retribution
PRIDE 91-100 is absorbed in delusions of self-importance Arguments may trigger negative thought
'insulted after getting into an argument.' (subject to DISCORD)
Teaching at a guildhall may trigger positive thought
'proud after teaching skill.'
76-90 has an overinflated sense of self-worth
61-75 thinks [he/she] is fairly important in the grand scheme of things
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is very humble
10-24 has a low sense of self-esteem
0-9 is completely convinced of [his/her] own worthlessness
Conflicts with POWER
91-100 is deliberately cruel to those unfortunate enough to be subject to [his/her] sadism cannot learn Consoler
76-90 is sometimes cruel
61-75 generally acts impartially and is rarely moved to mercy can learn Consoler
(subject to STOICISM, subject to DISCORD and SWAYED_BY_EMOTIONS)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 often acts with compassion
10-24 is easily moved to mercy can learn Consoler
(subject only to DISCORD and SWAYED_BY_EMOTIONS)
0-9 always acts with mercy and compassion at the forefront of [his/her] considerations
SINGLEMINDED 91-100 pursues matters with a single-minded focus, often overlooking other matters
76-90 can be very single-minded
61-75 generally acts with a narrow focus on the current activity
40-60 (no description)
25-39 can occasionally lose focus on the matter at hand
10-24 is somewhat scatterbrained
0-9 is a complete scatterbrain, unable to focus on a single matter for more than a passing moment
HOPEFUL 91-100 has such a developed sense of optimism that [he/she] always assumes the best outcome will eventually occur, no matter what
76-90 is an optimist
61-75 generally finds [him/her]self quite hopeful about the future
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to assume the worst of two outcomes will be the one that comes to pass
10-24 is a pessimist
0-9 despairs of anything positive happening in the future and lives without feelings of hope
CURIOUS 91-100 is implacably curious, without any respect for propriety or privacy
76-90 is very curious, sometimes to [his/her] detriment
61-75 is curious and eager to learn
40-60 (no description)
25-39 isn't particularly curious about the world
10-24 is very rarely moved by curiosity
0-9 is incurious and never seeks out knowledge or information to satisfy [him/her]self
BASHFUL 91-100 is gripped by a crippling shyness cannot learn Conversationalist
76-90 is bashful
61-75 tends to consider what others think of [him/her] can learn Conversationalist
(subject to beliefs, subject to GREGARIOUSNESS)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is not particularly interested in what others think of [him/her]
10-24 is generally unhindered by the thoughts of others concerning [his/her] actions can learn Conversationalist
(subject only to GREGARIOUSNESS)
0-9 is shameless, absolutely unfazed by the thoughts of others
Conflicts with STOICISM
91-100 is private to the point of paranoia, unwilling to reveal even basic information about [him/her]self
76-90 has a strong tendency toward privacy
61-75 tends not to reveal personal information
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to share [his/her] own experiences and thoughts with others
10-24 is not a private person and freely shares details of [his/her] life
0-9 shares intimate details of life without sparing a thought to repercussions or propriety
PERFECTIONIST 91-100 is obsessed with details and will often take a great deal of extra time to make sure things are done the right way
76-90 is a perfectionist
61-75 tries to do things correctly each time
40-60 (no description)
25-39 doesn't try to get things done perfectly
10-24 is inattentive to detail in [his/her] own work
0-9 is frustratingly sloppy and careless with every task [he/she] sets to carry out
CLOSEMINDED 91-100 is completely closed-minded and never changes [his/her] mind after forming an initial idea
76-90 is intellectually stubborn, rarely changing [his/her] mind during a debate regardless of the merits
61-75 tends to be a bit stubborn in changing [his/her] mind about things
40-60 (no description)
25-39 doesn't cling tightly to ideas and is open to changing [his/her] mind
10-24 often finds [him/her]self changing [his/her] mind to agree with somebody else
0-9 easily changes [his/her] mind and will generally go with the prevailing view on anything
TOLERANT 91-100 is not bothered in the slightest by deviations from the norm or even extreme differences in lifestyle or appearance
76-90 is very comfortable around others that are different from [him/her]
61-75 is quite comfortable with others that have a different appearance or culture
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is somewhat uncomfortable around those that appear unusual or live differently from [him/her]
10-24 is made deeply uncomfortable by differences in culture or appearance
0-9 cannot tolerate differences in culture, lifestyle or appearance
EMOTIONALLY_OBSESSIVE 91-100 is emotionally obsessive, forming life-long attachments even if they aren't reciprocated
76-90 forms strong emotional bonds with others, at times to [his/her] detriment
61-75 has a tendency toward forming deep emotional bonds with others
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to form only tenuous emotional bonds with others
10-24 forms only fleeting and rare emotional bonds with others
0-9 does not have feelings of emotional attachment and has never felt even a moment's connection with another being Does not feel anything when seeing creatures die. Still experiences trauma or fear based on other personality traits.
SWAYED_BY_EMOTIONS 91-100 is buffeted by others' emotions and can't help but to respond to them can learn Consoler
(subject only to CRUELTY and DISCORD)
76-90 is swayed by emotional appeals
61-75 tends to be swayed by the emotions of others can learn Consoler
(subject to STOICISM, subject to CRUELTY and DISCORD)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends not to be swayed by emotional appeals
10-24 does not generally respond to emotional appeals cannot learn Consoler
0-9 is never moved by the emotions of others
Conflicts with SACRIFICE
91-100 is truly fulfilled by assisting those in need Receives happy thought from recovering wounded.
76-90 finds helping others very emotionally rewarding
61-75 finds helping others emotionally rewarding
40-60 (no description)
25-39 does not go out of [his/her] way to help others
10-24 dislikes helping others Receives unhappy thought from recovering wounded.
0-9 feels helping others is an imposition on [his/her] time
Conflicts with LAW,
91-100 has a profound sense of duty and obligation
76-90 has a strong sense of duty
61-75 has a sense of duty
40-60 (no description)
25-39 finds obligations confining
10-24 dislikes obligations and will try to avoid being bound by them
0-9 hates vows, obligations, promises and other binding elements that could restrict [him/her]
THOUGHTLESSNESS 91-100 never deliberates before acting, to the point of being considered thoughtless
76-90 doesn't generally think before acting
61-75 can sometimes act without deliberation
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to think before acting
10-24 can get caught up in internal deliberations when action is necessary
0-9 never acts without prolonged deliberation, even to [his/her] own detriment and the harm of those around [him/her]
ORDERLINESS 91-100 is obsessed with order and structure in [his/her] own life, with everything kept in its proper place Will store clothes after changing clothes.
76-90 lives an orderly life, organized and neat
61-75 tries to keep [his/her] things orderly
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to make a small mess with [his/her] own possessions Will leave scattered clothes after changing clothes.
10-24 is sloppy with [his/her] living space
0-9 is completely oblivious to any conception of neatness and will just leave things strewn about without a care
TRUST 91-100 is naturally trustful of everybody
76-90 is very trusting
61-75 is trusting
40-60 (no description)
25-39 is slow to trust others
10-24 does not trust others
0-9 sees others as selfish and conniving
GREGARIOUSNESS 91-100 truly treasures the company of others can learn Conversationalist
(subject only to BASHFUL)
76-90 enjoys being in crowds
61-75 enjoys the company of others can learn Conversationalist
(subject to beliefs, subject to BASHFUL)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to avoid crowds
10-24 prefers to be alone cannot learn Conversationalist
0-9 considers spending time alone much more important than associating with others
ASSERTIVENESS 91-100 is assertive to the point of aggression, unwilling to let others get a word in edgewise when [he/she] has something to say can learn Intimidator
(subject to DISCORD)
always learns Persuader
76-90 has an overbearing personality
61-75 is assertive can learn Intimidator
(subject to HARMONY, POWER, and TRANQULITY, subject to DISCORD)
can learn Persuader
(subject to ELOQUENCE)
40-60 (no description)
25-39 tends to be passive in discussions
10-24 only rarely tries to assert [him/her]self in conversation never learns Intimidator or Persuader
0-9 would never under any circumstances speak up or otherwise put forth [his/her] point of view in a discussion
ACTIVITY_LEVEL 91-100 is driven by a bouncing frenetic energy has a need to be active anything skill related, such as idle conversation counts
76-90 lives at a high-energy kinetic pace
61-75 lives a fast-paced life
40-60 (no description)
25-39 likes to take it easy
10-24 lives at a slow-going and leisurely pace
0-9 has an utterly languid pace of easy living, calm and slow
Conflicts with TRANQUILITY
91-100 never fails to seek out the most stressful and even dangerous situations has a need for exciting actions exciting actions include engaging in combat
76-90 seeks out exciting and adventurous situations
61-75 likes a little excitement now and then
40-60 (no description)
25-39 doesn't seek out excitement
10-24 actively avoids exciting or stressful situations
0-9 does everything in [his/her] power to avoid excitement and stress
IMAGINATION 91-100 is bored by reality and would rather disappear utterly and forever into a world of made-up fantasy
76-90 is given to flights of fancy to the point of distraction
61-75 has an active imagination
40-60 (no description)
25-39 isn't given to flights of fancy
10-24 is grounded in reality
0-9 is interested only in facts and the real world
ABSTRACT_INCLINED 91-100 eschews practical concerns for philosophical discussion, puzzles, riddles and the world of ideas
76-90 strongly prefers discussions of ideas and abstract concepts over handling specific practical issues
61-75 has a tendency to consider ideas and abstractions over practical applications
40-60 (no description)
25-39 likes to keep things practical, without delving too deeply into the abstract
10-24 dislikes abstract discussions and would much rather focus on practical examples
0-9 is concerned only with matters practical to the situation at hand, with absolutely no inclination toward abstract discussion
Conflicts with ARTWORK
91-100 can easily become absorbed in art and the beauty of the natural world
76-90 greatly moved by art and natural beauty
61-75 is moved by art and natural beauty
40-60 (no description)
25-39 does not have a great aesthetic sensitivity
10-24 is not readily moved by art or natural beauty
0-9 is completely unmoved by art or the beauty of nature