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Dwarf Fortress Wiki:Centralized Discussion

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This page is for listing various wiki-related discussions. In this sense you can get involved in any of the major initiatives on the wiki and find information on how a particular consensus was reached. If there is a discussion that you'd like to be viewed by more users feel free to list it here.

Items will be occasionally removed from this list to ensure its usability and relevance. To discuss centralized discussion itself or this article please use the talk page.

Wiki-related issues can be reported on GitHub or at DF:Error reports.

To view changes to the below discussions click here.

Starting a new discussion[edit]

  • If the discussion relates to a specific article, start a discussion on its talk page (the "discussion" tab at the top of the page). If it does not exist and you are unable to create it, feel free to request it.
  • If the discussion relates to a specific policy, start it on the relevant talk page and link to it below (under "Current Discussions")
  • If the discussion relates to the wiki in general (a request for comment, suggestion, etc.) or a large group of pages, create a subpage of this page (e.g. DF:Centralized Discussion/DISCUSSION_NAME_HERE) and link to it below.

Current Discussions[edit]

Old Discussions[edit]

These have all been inactive for >1 month. But feel free to comment on them if you have something to add, then move the line to current discussions above.



Article specific[edit]