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This article is about the current version of DF.

Rest is a job given to dwarves too badly injured to do anything else. Generally, they lie where they fall, until rescued and put in a bed. They may be able to walk to a bed in a hospital for certain injuries, such as badly mangled arms. The injured dwarf will usually remain on the ground or in bed until they are fully healed, or dead. A dwarf's reaction to a Rest period varies according to personality -- some will feel contented, others restless.


The Rest job is the way that dwarves heal injury. If you see a dwarf is resting, it means he is healing naturally. This is different from the Unconscious status, where the dwarf is simply asleep or fainted from pain or injury. Rest is simply recuperating in bed. A dwarf must be resting to ever heal. If the dwarf is too badly injured to rest and keeps falling unconscious instead, he is likely doomed.

Interference with jobs[edit]

Resting happens randomly when an injured dwarf that is capable of moving is doing a job you will see the message "Urist Mcinjured cancels X: Resting injury" and the dwarf will go to his bed and Rest to heal. This is automatic and cannot be controlled.