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{{ambox|type=warning|text=You have followed a link to an example discussion page. This page should not be used for actual discussions. To create a new discussion page, replace "{{SUBPAGENAME}}" in this page title with a title for the discussion. Be sure to check the [[Dwarf Fortress Wiki:Centralized Discussion|Centralized Discussion]] page for any existing similar discussions first.}}
== Translate The Wiki  ==
{{ambox|type=info|text=A previous discussion on this page was moved to [[Dwarf Fortress Wiki:Centralized Discussion/Translating the wiki]].}}
Hello, as you will understand I am new to the wonderful world of dwarf fortress, I have realized that not all people are bilingual or have any knowledge of English, and I think there should be a wiki in Spanish
So I propose, Make a Wiki in Spanish For those people who do not learn to play and / or understand the game by the language barrier.
Who support me!, Email me to: Tommyterry24@hotmail.com

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