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Dwarf Fortress Wiki:Centralized Discussion/Feedback reporter

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Revision as of 20:55, 22 August 2013 by Lethosor (talk | contribs) (Enable feedback reporter)
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I've created a basic feedback reporter, which should hopefully make it easier for non-wiki people to leave feedback on articles (especially guides and essential topics). It's (mostly) functional right now, so I'm looking for ideas on how to implement it.

  • This tool is currently implemented on an opt-in basis — {{Feedback reporter}} needs to be included in any articles where this tool can be used.
  • You can currently test it by clicking this link, or on the sandbox, although it's not guaranteed to stay that way.
  • Source code is available on GitHub. You can also post issues there, if you like.

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated! I'll probably implement this on a couple pages in a few days, as long as there aren't any objections. You can leave feedback on the talk page.

Lethosor (talk) 00:37, 22 August 2013 (UTC)