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Administrator Candidacy Questionnaire

Why would I be a good Administrator?

I just added my name to the list for Asst. Admin for this site. As a site User, I've tried to support the Admin as best I can, editing with comments, posting links to the Guidelines on over-enthusiastic newbie's pages, stuff like that. I'm active on site most days/week. And if you could see the look on my face, you'd know I'm not over-eager for this, which is a good thing. It's always dangerous to hire people who volunteer, but I have the time and energy, so... why not?

If you care about "What has Albedo done?", here are some things I'd not blush about if someone were to mention them:

  • Instituted a use for current events page, where you just read about my application.
  • Complete edit of more articles than I can remember - not "rewrite" (altho' that too), but just re-organizing and formatting what was there and tying it together.
  • Re-organized all the randomly titled design pages into formal "X design" article format.
  • Added the Welcome template to more newcomers than I can remember.
  • Added more redirects and disambigs than I care to remember (including welcome, among others).
  • Just added all this info to my User page moments before Briess instituted this form. :P

Meh - In short, I'm active enough and have a decent sense of writing and organization, both for a single article and for a collection of them.

Vote me. Yay. --Albedo 10:25, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

Supporting Evidence

Special:Contributions/Albedo & more recently: Special:Contributions/

Link to any articles you are particularly proud of.
  • re-did the Color schemes page so the colors and differences could actually be seen at a glance, and the process understood.
  • Saw the need, created this tag and implemented its use:

Public Q&A

  • Q: Example question from a user goes here. Make sure to sign it with --~~~~!
  • A: Administrator candidate's answer goes here.

Public Discussion

Discuss things here, yay

Shaun White kicked. Seriously. --Albedo 10:50, 18 February 2010 (UTC)



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