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Thoughts and Preferences

Friendly Fire
Eagle of Fire is quite pleased about being part of a great project. He was able to rest and recuperate lately. He has played little Dwarf Fortress recently. He admired own copy of the game recently. He slept in a fine bedroom recently. He ate in a nice dining room recently. He has been satisfied at work recently. He has been happy to meet with members of his own family recently. He has been quite unhappy about not being able to play Dwarf Fortress in a while due to an impossibility to run software past v0.28.181.40d.
He is romantically involved with an attractive female dwarf his own age. He do not actively worship a deity and believe in dwarven ability to grow and surpass itself.
Eagle of Fire likes good computer games, strategy games in general and chess for it's challenge. He can be seen in several sites all over the internet, especially on He likes to contribute whenever he can. Eagle of Fire prefers to speak French whenever he can. He dislike disorder and particularly hate spammers (bots in particular) and will hunt them down if necessary. He dislikes Java and Flash and will use it only when absolutely necessary.
He is self conscious. He can handle stress. He prefers familiar routines. He dislikes traditions. He is guarded in relationships with others. He has a strong sense of duty. He is happy working outdoor and complain only mildly about inclement weather. He loathe alcohol and would never consider it to get thru the working day.

Eagle of Fire's Tileset

Eofshaded800x600pb9 f64ded.png
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Author Eagle of Fire
Tile Size 10x12
Resolution 800x600
Comments Designed for fullscreen. Inspired by Herrbdog's tileset, I created a shaded tileset targeting the default fullscreen 800x600 resolution. Basicaly, you have the exact same "curses" default tileset but with some shading done to the lower right of each letters and items. I've left alone everything which was related to mining or was meant to be plain, for example the smoothered tiles and the plain tiles in the demo. The reason behind that is that I didn't find much logic to have those graphics shaded as they could possibly connect on any direction on the screen, which would make the shading a little strange. Please note that this tileset is only a "beta". I might work on it again if there is enough people who like it and would like improvements. You can discuss the matter here.

Further comments: this tileset was added to the wiki list without my knowledge, and thus came into existance simply as "Eagle of Fire's Tileset". As I didn't receive any imput or even much replies, I took for granted that it wasn't interesting enough and I didn't bothered to try to improve on it. It is then pretty much simply for my personal use, and I still use it today with v0.28.181.40d. I really prefer fullscreen and hate the windowed font...