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I enjoy making glass citadels suspended over volcanoes and waterfalls.


  • Eliminate all tattered articles by either adding information or redirecting to appropriate pages
  • Consolidate all social skills to social skill page, do same with administrative skills. Link appropriate crossover skills like consoler.
  • Add [AQUATIC] and [IMMOBILE_LAND] tags to everything, remove [ARENA_RESTRICTED] and [FLIER], then air-drown ten of both genders to get a decent range of results. Both genders are important for determining sex-based differences like antlers (ex: Elk).
  • Make sure all industry pages are masterwork for new players.

Ideal fortress

  • Burrows for profession clusters, especially the hospital zone to ensure doctors remain safe.
  • Tigerman preserve with meat being supplied from the larger fortress.
  • Multiple mini-forts on the same map, each one with its own food supply and dining hall. Maybe job specialization as well, and a hauler squad dedicated to moving items between burrows.
  • Aquarium and zoo.
  • 'School' burrow with all artifacts displayed within via specialty stockpiles and historical statues scattered about. Children will be assigned to this burrow. Administration can be nearby, along with all the other civic zones like prisons and hospitals.
  • Magnificent archery range, targets made of red stones like realgar. One melee squad for dealing with forgotten beasts.
  • Multi-layered defense system, complete with catapult killing fields. Magma and water moats.
  • Kill All Cats.
  • A bedroom with storage furniture and enough prospective tombs for every dwarf. *Pressure plates linked to menacing spikes at the entrance scattered about so dwarves may kill invaders without really trying.
  • Wagon replaced with a ridiculously encrusted masterpiece statue of the embark dwarves, placed on a 3x3 pedestal where it can't be destroyed.
  • Ability to lock down fortress via drawbridges and controlled flooding.
  • Drowning hall with ceiling hatches to fill it and floor hatches to empty it. Floor hatches should empty into a large reservoir chamber where water can evaporate and bodies may be recovered.
  • Soap.
  • The consignment of all dead enemies and live prisoners to a bone pit. In the name of science: Will goblins eat the bones of their comrades?
  • Glass castle above ground.
  • Endless parties.

Mod Ideas

Golem Fortress: A breeding pair of 'architect' castes without the ability to effectively do physical labor but with the ability to craft trade goods and golems and natural skill in mechanics. Impossible unless Toady makes it possible to create working creatures at workshops.

Golems can be constructed from wood, stone, or metal and do not normally have the ability to learn, but do have natural skill in various domains. Wood golems could be farmers, plant gatherers, fishers, and hunters. Stone golems could be miners and smelters. Metal golems made of weapons-grade material would have natural combat skills, ascending from copper to steel. Adamantine golems would have natural skills in all areas, and also have the ability to learn and even craft golems.

Golems would require a great deal of material to craft in most cases. At least five bars of metal would be required for metal golems. Wood golems could use maybe three logs, and stone golems three boulders. Mechanisms would also be required.

There could be multiple types of each golem caste: architect castes could use more material to construct larger golems. Massive military golems might require fifteen bars of metal or so. Colossal golems could be constructed one part at a time, i.e. 'make colossal golem arms' and so on, then assembled with a custom reaction using all the pre-made parts.

More in depth: there could be a possible golem caste with the ability to learn via one unit of adamantine thread used in construction as a 'nervous system'.

Particularly powerful golems would become mega-projects in themselves. An intelligent colossal steel golem that requires an adamantine thread in each of its parts would be incredibly expensive to make, but also incredibly worth it as a fortress defender.

Fungus Defense: play as plump helmets against marauding armies of dwarves. A single breeding caste of non-differentiated mushroom would give birth to various sub-types of mushroom, each with different abilities.

Spawn mushrooms (Genome Queens?) would be large and slow and give birth to multiple young or random castes frequently. They would be fairly defenseless and not have a striking attack.

Plump Helmet Men would be the most basic unit of mushroom man. They would be eternal children, and dwarves would be given the child-snatcher tag to encourage dwarves to sneak into your forts and steal plump helmets.

Rock Lichens would be natural miners capable of digging fortresses fairly quickly.

Liverbane Mushrooms would have natural biting skill and no arms. Their only purpose would be to die defending the fortress. They would have a syndrome injection attack through their bite capable of destroying livers nearly instantly, and generally causing misery for affected dwarves. THis pain might be what turns the tables for the

Steel-toed Mushrooms, which have naturally tough skin and a goring attack with their 'legs'. They are naturally good at kicking.

More Castes!