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Utility:Tweak/Core Modules

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Adjust Start[edit]

Dwarf Fortress Tweak Adjust Start.png

Allows editing of starting dwarf count and starting points. Dwarf count can be 1 to 2147483647 (though I would suggest no more than 20), and points can be 0 to 32767.

Enable Magma Buildings

Enables magma buildings. This is a port of 0x517A5D's Enable Magma Buildings tool.


Tweak heal.png

Heals or hurts creature body parts.

When hurting a creature, if that creature does not ignore pain or wounds it will quickly die due to it.


Resumes a suspended (frozen) process. This does not unfreeze games that have frozen due to instability or crashing, only if it was suspended by a Tweak module incorrectly.

This shouldn't happen if a module crashes out, but it is here as a helper just in case it does happen.

Run multiple times if one run didn't unfreeze the game.

This module is hidden by default.


Reveals all allocated tiles on the map. If you want to reveal the entire map, the easiest way all tiles on the map is to go to the lowest Z level possible, then designate (and undesignate) the entire level for mining.


Allows warping (teleporting) of creatures, with various options.