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This article is about an older version of DF.

All dwarves love money, and a complete industry in all its glory is the easiest way to make lots and lots of money.

Traditionally industries have been broken into primary (resource extraction), secondary (the refining and reprocessing of these resources into goods), and tertiary (further improvement of these goods).

Industries in Dwarf Fortress can be broken into the following categories. These categories are based on Economy Sectors. Note that the end products of one industry are often the inputs to another, and some industries can fit into more than one category.

Primary Industries

  • Wood industry: Growing and cutting wood to produce items including furniture and fuel.
  • Stone industry: Exploration and mining stone to produce buildings and items.
  • Food industry: The production of food and alcohol to keep dwarves alive and happy, as well as textiles.
  • Fuel industry: The production of fuel to support the metal, glass and ceramics industries.
  • Fishing industry: Fish are harvested and processed into food and shells.
  • Meat industry: Animals are processed into meat, leather, bones, teeth and horns.
  • Metal industry: Raw ore is refined into metal bars, which may be used for weapons, armor, furniture, and crafts.
  • Beekeeping industry: Bees are collected into hives, which produce honeycomb and royal jelly.
  • Poultry industry: Raising egg-laying animals primarily to collect and consume the eggs. Excess animals can be used in the meat industry as a byproduct.

Secondary Industries

  • Armor industry: Metal, wood, leather, and bone are used to produce armor to keep your dwarves safe.
  • Weapon industry: Metal, wood, stone, and bone are used to produce weapons to keep the goblins away.
  • Finished goods industry: Almost all materials can be used to produce crafts for export.
  • Furniture industry: Using stone, wood, and metal to produce furniture primarily for installation in your outpost.
  • Soap industry: The production of soap to be used in healthcare.
  • Glass industry: Sand is used to create low quality gems, plus an assortment of other goods.
  • Ceramic industry: Clay is used to create moderate quality containers, bricks, and crafts.

Tertiary Industries

  • Gem industry: Raw gems are cut, some into finished goods, while most are then used to decorate ("encrust") a multitude of items.
  • Textile industry: Plant fiber, spider silk, and wool/hair thread are woven into cloth to produce clothing, rope, bags, and bandages, and to decorate crafts.
  • Healthcare Industry: Patching up your inevitably-wounded dwarves.