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This article is about an older version of DF.
(For the activity, see fishing)

Although there is no exact game definition of fish, for simplicity anything that may be fished is categorized as "a fish" in this wiki, including turtles and cave lobsters. Technically, the game treats these as vermin, but unlike true vermin they are a welcome food source, and are not hunted by cats (unless they happen to be wandering around near the shore), but must be caught by fisherdwarfs with the fishing labor enabled.

(The z-status' stocks screen defines certain (dead) creatures as fish/raw fish. These are subject to rotting/wear).

List of catchable fish[edit]

Name Tile Biome Notes
Turtle Any pool Amphibious, pet value 10, has shell
Moghopper Savage pool Amphibious, pet value 20, summer only, extract is mog juice
Mussel m Ocean Cookable live, no bones
Oyster o Ocean Cookable live, no bones
Salmon α Ocean and temperate river Migratory
Swordfish α Ocean Migratory
Cave fish α Cave river Value 2
Cave lobster ¥ Cave river Value 2; has shell, cookable live, no bones

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