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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dye can be used at the Dyer's shop to change the color of cloth or thread. Dye is made by milling certain plants at a Millstone or Quern. Usually all caravans will bring dye for trade too. Importing dye however is only useful if you have a somewhat skilled dyer, otherwise little value is added (see below) and the work wasted. Better buy or grow the 'source' plants if available and mill yourself. Of course the nice colours are a value in themselves, if you don't stuff it all in bins.

On the stocks screen, dyes are listed under powder. Dyes are stockpiled as "Food/Milled Plants", along with flours.

In theory, dyed objects can be colors other than the basic 16. However, the game displays them using the basic color that is the nearest match (dimple dye is (dark) blue, and emerald dye is light green).

Plant Dye Color Value
Dimple cup Dimple Dye Midnight Blue     20
Blade weed Emerald Dye Emerald     20
Hide root Redroot Dye Red     10
Sliver barb Sliver Dye Black     20

Dyeing adds the value of the dye, multiplied with the quality to the thread or cloth. Depending on the dye used and the quality of the dyeing, this can give a nice value boost.

  • silk cloth 34☼
  • silk cloth, dimple dyed 54☼
  • silk cloth, finely colored with dimple dye 94☼ (34+3*20)

Dyes can be applied either to woven cloth or to the raw thread - there is not known to be any difference in the end product based on the point at which the dye was applied during the production process.

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