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This article is about an older version of DF.

Naming your Fortress[edit]

Has no effect on gameplay, but there are a lot of options in this menu (accessible by pressing F on the Prepare Carefully screen). You can also set the name of the expedition, which uses the same interface.

Fortress names have this format:

[Front][Rear] the [Adj 1] [Adj 2] [hyphen compound]-["the" Noun] of ["of" noun]

Front Compound[edit]

Forms the first half of your fortress's name. Choose from an extremely long list of words.

Press c to clear a word selection--your fortress does not need ANY of these words to be chosen (i.e. a blank name) to be legal.

Press e to search for a word (in English), works just like the provisions search. Hitting enter will move from the type back to the search results.

Rear Compound[edit]

Forms the second half of your fortress's name, which are combined with no spaces (Foobar instead of Foo Bar).

Adjectives (First and Second)[edit]

At first glance, it appears these do nothing, but they give up to two words after your compound word (above) separated by spaces that are the adjectives to The X or Of X word choice (see below).

Hyphen Compound[edit]

Adds a third word joined by a hyphen to your The X or Of X word (below).

The X and Of X[edit]


  • Foobar the Great
  • Foobar of Death

With Adjectives and Hyphen compound:

  • Foobar the Great Moral Thraal-Generals
  • Foobar the Goblin-Chunks of Exploding

With no front & rear compounds:

  • The Great Deadly Foobar
  • The Foobar of Foobars
  • Of Foobars