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40d:Soap industry

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Soap is produced by a soaper in an Alchemist's laboratory.

Soapmaking is a high-technology tertiary industry. Creating soap requires lye and tallow, both of which are manufactured items. Building the Alchemist's laboratory requires the components of a functioning glass industry to create the 3 clear glass vials, which in turn requires sand (on a map which actually contains it), a bag (made from cloth or leather) and pearlash (made from burned wood).

As lye is one of the necessary ingredients, creating soap will require burning large quantities of wood, so a soap industry is best established in a heavily wooded area or a mountainous region with an underground pool or river for growing tower-caps.

Alchemist's laboratory[edit]

Soap is made in an Alchemist's laboratory.


Inputs: trees plus an axe.


Inputs: butcherable creatures

Clear glass[edit]


Large amounts of animal fat are required to make soap. Slaughtered animals are the only input requied for producing bags from leather. Inputs: butcherable animals

Note:these two steps are shared below in producing tallow)


Use the bags from above.


Pearlash is required in creating the glass vials used to build an Alchemist's laboratory. Inputs: Ash or lye from above.