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This article is about an older version of DF.

Weather changes with seasons, and brings wet, cold, hot, and dry conditions. It can be turned off by editing init.txt. This takes some load off of the CPU and can result in noticeably faster game play.


Rain is an event occurring at random intervals. The message "It has started raining" appears when it begins to rain. Rain has multiple effects: It cleans blood off of surfaces, fills murky pools, removes uncollected silk webs, and can give a dwarf an unhappy thought.

Dwarves who are out in the rain will soon get wet and have all their body parts described as

Water covering (body part)

in their inventory menu.

As stated above, when a rain hits a tile labeled as a murky pool, it will begin to fill it up with 1/7 water, and if that does not evaporate the water will grow deeper, until the pool is full. Murky pools do not overflow from rain, but this extra water can be drained off and stored/used. (See the Well Guide.) While not much, it can really help maps without 'unlimited' water supplies such as rivers and brooks.

Rainfall occurs in temperate to scorching maps.


In winter, instead of raining it will snow. Snowing has very similar effects to rain, but instead of leaving "wet" squares, it will cover outdoor tiles with snow, including frozen pond tiles. No water is created by falling snow.

"A snowstorm has arrived", is the message you receive when getting a snowstorm. In the event of a snowstorm, snow will slowly cover the surface the map with snow, and any dwarf caught in one may get an unhappy thought from it.

Snowstorms will occur in winter on temperate to freezing maps.

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