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40d Talk:Tile attributes

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Huh, I guess it is subterranean and not just inside. Man, that really cramps my fortress design! --Marble Dice 15:17, 3 May 2008 (EDT)

Yeah, and since it's job cancellation instead of just not picking the job (like with forbidden), you get a cluster of dwarves sitting at your fortress door spamming you with cancellation messages. Fun. Anydwarf 15:18, 3 May 2008 (EDT)

inside light subterranean[edit]

Is it possible to create a light subterranean tile? e.g. by making a channel inside, covering it with a grate or glass floor, and then channeling above outside? I may experiment this on my next fortress. Random832 17:43, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

due to the way light and aboveground are handled, this is currently impossible. I figure it'll probably be possible sometime into the fire and lighting arc. --Sukasa 18:11, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

Inside vs. outside and bridges[edit]

Suppose I want my outside meeting area to be covered during seiges. If I build a bridge above the meeting area, will it return to being outside when I retract the bridge? DaPatman 18:48, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Never mind, I just noticed this sentence: "Almost any kind of geometry will block the Outside ray including [...] open and closed bridges," So much for that plan, then. DaPatman 18:52, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Goblin towers[edit]

My latest fortress is located on a goblin fortress, and the interior of each tower is "Inside Dark Above Ground". This implies that the ray for Light is separate from the one for Above Ground. It is possible that goblin towers specifically block the Light ray but let Above Ground through (I thought it might have something to do with "natural" vs. constructed floors and walls, but the temple on the same map has "natural" floors and walls that let Light through). I can confirm that it is not possible to build walls on Dark Above Ground tiles within 5 squares of the edge. If I can survive long enough, I'll check other properties of these tiles (e. g., what types of plants I can grow inside a goblin tower if I irrigate it) and edit the page accordingly. --LaVacaMorada 02:39, 13 November 2009 (UTC)