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Bloodline:Girdertrampled/Chapter 3:

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Chapter 3: In which an uninvited guest appears late to the party
From the Bloodline game Girdertrampled.
Below are excerpts from the diary of 'Aluminus' Zasdarod the Consultant, who arrived at Gridertrampled in 1053.

1st Granite, 1053[edit]

As I crest the hill, I can see the valley and the river. Looks like the right place. I’ve been commissioned as a consultant to come here from ‘Swordrose’. Apparently these dwarfs need my help. A ditch bars entry into the fortress which I can see is buried several furlongs into the mountain. I cross the bridge, I pass the trade depot. Empty. Not a good sign. Then it’s down four flights of stairs (four!) to meet with the dwarfs. It’s time to turn this place around.

2nd Granite, 1053[edit]

I forgot to mention yesterday the magnetite I saw sticking out of the mountain north of the fortress. Look like it’s worth investigating.
Girdertrampled 1053 magnetite.PNG

11th Granite, 1053[edit]

I wonder whose idea it was to put those stairs there. The dwarfs avoid me when I mention it.
Girdertrampled 1053 mysterystairs.PNG

12th Granite, 1053[edit]

File:Girdertrampled 1053 platinum.PNG

21st Granite, 1053[edit]

The Elves have arrived and the cats are chasing vermin. Finally, one of these two groups is good for something it seems. The Dungeon Master has arrived.
Girdertrampled 1053 cats.PNG

1st Slate, 1053[edit]

I have begun training war dogs in anticipation of combat. The kobolds are bound to show up soon. The hydro power engineering project has stalled due to a lack of water pressure from the tiny brook. I am investigating this with the mechanics.

14th Slate, 1053[edit]

This water project boggles me. The floodgate that is preventing the river from flooding the basement cannot be reached by any dwarf, so it can be connected to a lever. That means that the cistern cannot be filled because the floodgate is stuck closed. The bridge works fine, thankfully. Also, our population has almost doubled with the recent immigration wave.

14th Felsite, 1053[edit]

A dwarf has gone fey and we are without tanned hides. Armok have mercy.

19th Hematite, 1053[edit]

The humans brought two wagons. They also helped to kill a few goblins in the area. Standard Trade agreement.
Girdertrampled 1053 goblin.PNG

25th Malachite, 1053[edit]

Even though a dwarf was killed by one of the goblins, the rest of the dwarfs are ecstatic because of our legendary dinging room. The stock records are being updated, and the work orders are flowing smoothly, though the layout of the fortress is seriously hurting efficiency.

2nd Galena, 1053[edit]

And the fortress has become a Village! This should attract more immigrants. The dwarfs are working full time smelting ore and making rock crafts. At last the waterfall has engaged. I checked the water levels on all floors and it appears that it is working smoothly. The dwarfs are holding a party in honour of the new exhibit; never mind the random goblin corpse in the middle of the room.
Girdertrampled 1053 waterfall.PNG

16th Limestone, 1053[edit]

The dwarven caravan brought five wagons. This is a sign that Girdertrampled is looking more attractive as a trading post. This particular engraving could be a bad sign.
Girdertrampled 1053 demon eng.PNG I’ve set up a room for milling plants. A windmill above the gears supplies power.

17th Sandstone, 1053[edit]

Girdertrampled is officially suffering from a catsplosion. A few back of the envelope calculations show the number of cats increasing exponentially. I order the detainment of all stray cats. The Dungeon Master is pleased.

1st Moonstone, 1053[edit]

These hunting tactics do not look very kosher.
Girdertrampled 1053 poorhorse.PNG

27th Moonstone, 1053[edit]

Girdertrampled 1053 hydra.PNG A limestone crown has jammed the door open! Girdertrampled 1053 crashtheparty.PNG Holy Hell a snatcher inside the fortress!
Girdertrampled 1053 snatcherinside.PNG
I order a dwarf to pull the drawbridge lever immediately.

13th Obsidian, 1053[edit]

Our liaison from the Mountainhomes is stuck inside here with us. The administrator was arranging a trade deal when the hydra arrived. He seems melancholy…wait… don’t go outside!
Girdertrampled 1053 diplo stymie.PNG

24th Obsidian, 1053[edit]

Now the dwarfs are going fey.
Girdertrampled 1053 mood.PNG

I can still hear the hydra growling outside. I walk up to a random dwarf. I hand him my contract.
“I’m officially out of the consulting business” I say.
“I don’t blame you” he replies.

I return to my room, and hope for the best. -‘Aluminus’ Zasdarod, Consultant