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[edit] The History of Kelabras by Adil Itebasmel

It is year 223 and I was told that I am to lead an expedition The Everlasting Dimensions and start an outpost. We traveled far and long and took a rest one night. When we woke up the next day we decided to settle here.


[edit] 1st Granite 223

We just woke up and decided to start unpacking things before breakfast. There is a small hollow in the mountain next to us with a nice pond in front of it. I ordered the disassembly of carts and designated a few spots in the hollow for our stuff. Zuglar, the Mason, and I started drawing plans for initial excavations. We are very enthusiastic about our future here.

[edit] 5th Granite 223

As we started digging in the hard stone we decided to go a whole level deeper for convenience and safety. We also noticed two ant colonies in the close. We are happy to have those beautiful creatures of nature as our neighbors.

[edit] 7th Granite 223

Some Rhesus Macaque monkeys attacked us today. Some of the dwarfs threw away what they were carrying and ran away in fear. The monkeys were eventually gone and we got back to mining and moving things. I decided that a wall on the hollow perimeter is a must before we get into greater trouble.

[edit] 14th Granite 223

We struck Clear zircon! This was indeed a good location for an outpost. I'm already thinking about the possibilities for this piece of nature's perfection. Those monkeys keep us annoying all the time. We have to get that wall up the first thing after our workshops are done.

[edit] 7th Felsite 223

We struck down a few of the Macaque monkeys. Hopefully, we won't see much of them anymore. Our first workshops are also operational. We got our first bed and barracks so we can get a true rest after a hard working day. Zulban, our mechanic, also constructed several traps at the entrance before the doors. I also found a Smoky quartz while digging our main hallway. We are continuously digging to get the essential things moving before building the outer wall.

[edit] 1st Hematite 223

It's the first day of Summer and we have just set up our first underground farms. We are ready to start building the outside wall and move all our goods to inside storage area before the winter is upon us.

[edit] 26th Limestone 223

We were visited by a caravan from Kulet Okil and we traded a few lower value gems for a few barrels of meat and some iron. We are continuously digging out storage areas near the entrance and workshops. Our second level underground is still a mess but the sleeping and fest halls are complete. We laid our first plans for the third underground level for our living quarters in the future.

[edit] 1st Moonstone 223

Winter is upon us. All our stockpiles are inside and, even without farming and brewing, we have enough food and alcohol to live through our first winter. The wall is almost finished and it will properly protect us from any threat. It still needs a level or two and some fortifications on it. We got rid of those monkeys at least.

[edit] 27th Opal 223

A kobold thief snug in and tried to steal something. We were lucky and he was detected before he managed to steal anything and was driven away. Only a day later another kobold snug in but this time one of our dogs ripped his guts.

I made an error when calculating alcohol reserves and now we're doomed to drink water while our brewery is still building. To make things worse our metalworker was struck down by a strange water creature while drinking water, and he's our first loss since we came here.

[edit] 20th Obsidian 223

While the last few days were uneventful we decided to get some water into the fort. We designated some area for channeling and our mechanic started working. He got tired and wanted to drink some water and got struck down by a mysterious creature from the pond. This is our second terrible loss and we are slowly losing motivation. It's late winter and we hope to see a caravan or at least some immigrants very soon or we might be very easily doomed.

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