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From the journal of Ekkosangen, Brewmaster of Bloodline:Oceanside:

End of year save: [1]


[edit] Granite, 204

1st: It's that time, journal. That eccentric, Andrew Ryan, barged into my room yesterday and said I was slacking, claimed I was not putting out the effort that I once was, and that I was to take responsibility over the construction of the great underwater city that he's planned. Me! I supply this hole in the sea with the finest alcohol, with additional mining and farming duties to boot, and he has the gall to say I'm slacking? Not to mention I couldn't lead an expedition out of a wet paper bag, let alone head the construction of an underwater city made entirely of glass! I'm the best brewer in the land, not the best architect!

He insisted, promising a luxurious suite on it's completion, so I accepted the job. We'll see if he realized just how much of a mistake he's made; not that I would harm anyone on purpose, journal! He's just...why doesn't HE head the construction? He IS the foreman!

2nd: As my first act in charge of the fort's well-being, I am now considered a more-fitting brewmaster, not a mere brewer. I took a tour of the fortress today, you miss so much when you're focused on your job. I spotted a millstone, but wasn't sure what it was there for; we haven't got a stalk of cave wheat, and the sweet pods were far too valuable to just make sugar out of.

Then I decided to take a walk outside. If someone told me about it, I would have never believed it: A ring of screw pumps set up over the water stretching out from the beach. The noise could be heard from the entrance, it sounded like the roar of a thousand angry dragons. It was creating a pocket of air and mist inside the ring, where a few dwarves busied themselves with deconstructing the walkways across the middle. You could already see the glass walls built below on a floor of more glass.

I never want to go out there again.

15th: I hear of constant complaints that the glass makers are in need of more sand, I advised them to grab a bag and head to the surface. The masons are also troubled by the constantly soaking environment of the air pocket-forming contraption, constantly suspending our work until the area is clear. I had to go outside and make sure they got the job done despite their constant complaints. The effect the contraption had was less significant, but I feared for my life while I was down in the air pocket, a vortex of air and mist quickly soaking me beard to toe. The sound is deafening, but tolerable.

Andrew Ryan complained about the lack of platinum things around the fortress. I told him to find me some, and I'd get something made, but he just pointed at the signed mandate that my predecessor left for me, presumably for the same reason.

16th: Visitors! The elves have descended upon us with good tidings and supplies to trade. Andrew grumbled as he went up to meet them, as though he were less than happy to go out there. Wonder why that is?

17th: I hate elves...

23rd: Production on the initial tunnel is going swiftly, but only when I'm there when they build the walls and floors. Masons sure do like to complain a lot, especially that tehmarken fellow. It took several hours to get him to finish the section of wall he was building. I was exhausted from tossing the small pebbles at him when he attempted to leave the air pocket. I don't blame him, but there's work to do, and the tunnel is almost done!

The elves stand around at the trading depot still, in awe at our beautiful pumping platform. Or maybe in shock. In any case, they haven't left so they must not be offended, but those hippies are starting to get on my nerves.

[edit] Slate, 204

2nd: Ryan has finally ended his silly platinum mandate, but has thrown our metalsmith in jail for 50 days for his trouble. Not a bad sentence, but I'd prefer if he'd not make ridiculous demands. Elves are still here, wish they'd leave us alone. We also have a low supply of glass, and the stuff is only just trickling out of the glassworks. Whoever managed this fort before me sure didn't think that we needed so much glass. Production is as swift as it can possibly be--needless to say it's slow.

I've begun to spot curious-looking levers. One in the working area by the staircase. There's one more, over by the pump platform. I am not sure what these levers do, so I'll leave them and hope they do something I don't really want to do yet.

The masons continue to snivel and complain about the air pocket situation. I tell them that if they're not working, they're not worth anything. I think I heard Andrew Ryan say something to that effect once, entitled to your sweat or somesuch. He's busy updating our stock records and looking over a work order I drew up for more glass, since we are in desperate need of it.

On a sour note, my workstation is getting quite cluttered with barrels of both mine and my apprentice's drinks. Where are all the hauling dwarves?

11th: The elves have finally announced that they will be leaving soon. I don't even need to express how glad everyone seems to have gotten. Andrew has a small spring in his somewhat suave step, and the whole fort seems to have perked up.

12th: Just when you think life was great, your work is halted due to barrel shortage. Now I'm going to be miserable all day.

13th: When it rains (and it sure is raining outside, last time I checked), it pours. tehmarken spotted some migrants heading this way today, several of them.

14th: After Andrew gave his little introductory speech today (he said that sweat-of-your-brow phrase again!), I didn't even bother to count them, there were so many. Even as Andrew finished his speech, there were more piling into the meeting hall.

15th: Even as I designate more living quarters to be mined out, migrants continue to make their way into the fort. Andrew Ryan has gone over his blasted speech maybe 5 times now, each time with even greater enthusiasm. I have no idea where he gets so much energy from, but I suspect he'll back to his old self soon.

On the bright side, the elves are finally leaving!

20th: Not much has happened in the past while. The construction of the underwater area has nearly been completed, and should be done by mid to late summer.

A short while ago, our amazing carpenter went all crazy as he was in the air bubble, rambling off all sorts of nonsense, mumbling musings to himself, and grabbing materials at random. Now he works feverishly at the outdoor carpenter's shop. I feel sorry for him, it's pouring out there with no sign of letting up.

26th: Our carpenter finished his crazy construction. It's a birch cage decorated with alder, studded with some nickel silver, with some very...menacing, seems to be the word for it, spikes in more birch. He came up with the design whilst working in the air pocket, and came up with the name "Drilledate" for it. It sounds much better in the dwarven tongue, for sure.

If all these people can do this sort of thing at any time, I'm going to get a little nervous around large groups of people; I fear one may pop up and start screaming for materials we don't have.

[edit] Felsite, 204

1st: Someone lost their cap in the air pocket today. Maybe it was one of the new dwarves, whom I have having trouble accommodating at this time. I have my miners working full time on new housing arrangements.

3rd: I gave it a few days, and have claimed the cap for myself. Finders keepers! It smells almost like my own alcohol; then again almost everything smells like alcohol nowadays. On second though, maybe I'll put it back...

13th: We are nearing completion of the glass tunnel! We're only a few more walls away from getting it all set up, and should be finished by the end of the month.

15th: If I didn't know better, I'd say the Captain of the Guard that was appointed is nothing but a slacker. He doesn't appear to have any weapon skills himself, nor any actual redeeming features. I'm going to keep an eye out for a better candidate.

I've also noticed a dog wandering the fortress, pacing about in such a manner that makes me believe that he was injured. I spoke with hmxmoss, and he said his lung was mangled while hunting. Poor thing, it hobbles around the fortress winded, occasionally passing out. It's very determined to be of use though, I'll give it that.

20th: I came down to the pumping platform today to witness the placing of the final block in the last wall to complete our little operation. I was so glad, I grabbed you, journal, so I could do a rough sketch of the event.

Oceanside Tunnel.jpg

This is a finely-crafted picture of the dwarf 'tehmarken' and waves. 'tehmarken' is laboring.

I feel relieved that the tunnel has been finally completed, but our mission isn't finished yet, it's only barely begun...

24th: Drafted some of the peasants into the military. Our numbers were lower than I care for, considering that I've heard word of goblins nearby. Nobody has seen them around lately, but I'm keeping a close eye on the woodcutting operation, which I had to move further out from the fort. The wood situation was dire, threatening to halt our charcoal production and carpentry operation.

28th: So maybe finishing the tunnel was a bad idea, the masons are unable to get down there to continue working due to the tunnel flooding. It's not too deep yet, but I'm still going to have to install a pump to get the water out.

[edit] Hematite, 204

3rd: Ah, the summer sun is starting to beat down. Of course, I wouldn't know, being cooped up here teaching my apprentice the finer qualities of dwarven wine. It seems that to get the water out of the tunnel, we'll need one more floor built to have room for the pump that's going in. I set them to make it out of some nearby olivine, but none of the masons will do it. Something about dangerous terrain, regardless of the fact that it's just a beach with a little water on it. Wusses.

8th: Requested some screw pumps be setup nearby the barracks, so we can increase our new recruits' toughness. They will pump all the nothing they can until they're either superdwarvenly tough or dead! Actually, let's not have them die. I'll be sure to watch out for their health personally, but I doubt they'll need much watching.

14th: They've come! The humans have made their way to our temporary home to trade, a much needed stock replenishment. I plan to sell off a lot of the narrow goblins' clothing that seems to be strewn about, see if the humans buy it. I ordered as much of it as possible to be placed up for trade.

17th: You know, I wasn't sure just how many goblins we've killed until now. There are so many clothes, I'm not sure we can get it all to the depot in time for the traders. Andrew Ryan has been re-elected as mayor, of course. I'm not sure if he'll ever lose the position, considering he's the foreman of this project.

Who ordered the building of this unusual structure, anyway?

21st: That Andrew Ryan is an absolute master at trading! He traded away a few piles of useless goblin clothes for barrels of alcohol, shields, metal bars, anything you can think of! I think he got a bit soft, though, when he added a bit of our food stock to the deal for the entirety of their leather. I suppose it was a good deal, considering he also got some fine meats and cheeses. Tonight, we shall dine like kings and queens!

23rd: Yesterday's good news clearly means that something bad has to happen, and it has. One of our guards has bled to death, presumably from an errant swing of a weapon sparring in the barracks. Andrew would not allow a proper funeral, saying that there was too much work to be done still. I led them off to the side and told them that they can take it easy for a bit, have a little of whatever they wanted. I also gave them a keg of my finest dwarven wine. I doubt they'll appreciate it as I do, but I know they understand the value.

[edit] Malachite, 204

2nd: Andrew Ryan is still trading with the humans, but I believe he's gotten pretty much anything of value from them. The traders appeared to be ecstatic with the trading, even though all he got was a bunch of narrow goblin clothes. He's heading to meet with the representative now, and I trust the negotiations will go well.

8th: Trading is finished, and the traders have announced they will be leaving soon. Can't wait for the dwarven caravan in the fall!

9th: I found our legendary carpenter sleeping on the the small space that's still open between the ocean and the glass tunnel wall. I think he's stuck. I'll have to order the floor above the ramp removed so he can get back up. How did he even get down there?

15th: The wood stores are once again dire, having entirely run out of wood this time. I have sent our woodsdwarves out to chop down more trees, but we have more than enough charcoal to last our metalworks a while.

I have ordered our leatherworks to churn out leather armor, and our weaver is busy on clothes. This should solve the problem of dwarves running around without some clothes on. There's an awful lot of them in the barracks, not sure what they do in there, but I guess it involves getting naked or something. Glad I haven't been drafted yet.

18th: The traders left, enjoy your useless clothes! HAH!

21st: With the tunnel finished, I have begun discussion with our engineers on expanding the operation. This is an underwater mountainhome, not a little house! The engineers recommended expanding the windmill farm, especially if we're looking to expand further out into the water. Our wood situation is dire, but we'll have to fit it. Maybe some of the training recruits can help us out with power.

23rd: The humans have drawn up the trading agreements, so I gave them a once-over. I requested wood. Lots of wood. They requested meat, quivers, flasks, war hammers, and other bits and pieces. I told them we'd see what we could come up with.

Like hell they're going to get their greasy palms on any of that! More rock crafts and goblin clothes for them next year!

24th: I see tehmarken has taken an interest in the pumping of the pumps, perhaps to toughen himself up. I'm not sure if I want my high master mason in the military, but if he's trying to help he's not really doing any such thing...

26th: It hmxmoss was crestfallen today as he brought a kill in, his faithful dog fell unconscious on one of the front door traps, setting it off and killing the poor thing. Boy was that thing determined to help, but in the end it caused his demise.

I'll be sure to have our engravers put up a piece in his honor. It's the least I could do.

[edit] Galena, 204

4th: I've been so engrossed in my work that I barely noticed that it was already Galena! We've de-activated the main pumps for now, and we're preparing for the eventual deconstruction of the entire thing so we can reconstruct them further out.

11th: Opened up a keg of dwarven wine older than I am for my birthday, made by my master. It was as I expected it to be: absolutely perfect. Then I got interrupted by various dwarves with their problems. What a waste of such a treasure.

17th: Deconstruction of the pump platform is slow, but quicker than you'd get at a normal fort. Andrew Ryan seems a little down, I think he's really annoyed at him not having an adequate office and dining room. I know I haven't heard the end of it.

22nd: Andrew Ryan burst into my room today to hand me a mandate. "Fill this mandate, or by Armok, I will give you 50 hammerstrikes myself!" He said, attempting to threaten me. It almost worked, until I saw that he wanted 2 beds made. I told him that his request will be filled in the next few days. He's pretty happy now, which is rubbing off on the other dwarves.

27th: BAH. Another one of those dwarves burst up from the carpentry hall spurting nonsensical nonsense as I was working on a keg, and it completely ruined it! Well, not ruined, but it's sub-standard. Ah well, I doubt anyone will notice anyway. I just hope that milker doesn't want something rare.

[edit] Limestone, 204

4th: That milker's already claimed a carpenter's workshop, and gathered several materials already, just what does he think he's making? He's grabbed green glass, our most treasured resource!

9th: These dwarves are wimps! They're scared of a little water rushing to the shore? Have they not see the ocean before? I keep telling them that they won't die if their feet are wet. That milker finished up his creation, it's a birch cabinet, Frillcherishs. It is encircled with bands of Birch, Oak, Yellow Jasper, and Olivine; it menaces with spikes of green glass; and it has an image of dwarves travelling done in black bronze. It's nice, I might set it up for Andrew to enjoy.

10th: I have received word that the merchants from the mountainhomes have arrived with the liason, coming in from the far west. I'm sure they'll be impressed with our little underwater tunnel!

11th: Our lookouts indicate that the caravan has been ambushed. I requested for them to keep me informed of the situation.

12th: Most of the merchants escaped, but one of the camels and one of the guards were killed by the goblin menace. The guards were able to take care of the rest. I had sent a team out to deal with the goblins, so I ordered them back to their usual post. 5 whole wagons this year!

16th: I turn my back for 3 days, and reports of goblins are popping up all over the place. One ambush struck down one of our own dwarves bringing back the corpse of a slain goblin for butchering, and another has been spotted hassling the stragglers in the trading caravan. I have dispatched the speardwarves to take care of our own, the traders will be fine.

19th: The damage report is 2 dwarves down, but little else. Tolerable losses, but they could have been avoided. A few thieves have been spotted, but they're running away to save their skin, the cowards. I'll be stationing our speardwarves near the bodies of the fallen for retrieval.

20th: The traders will not trade with me for some reason. I have determined that the cause may be the camel that will not walk up to the trading depot, and instead stands on the bridge. I have elected to pull the lever that is on the main production level, which I assume is the level to withdraw that bridge.

21st: I've received reports of Rhesus Macaques in the area, which are stealing whatever they can find on the ground from the battle. It's mostly junk anyway, so that's fine.

24th: The liaison has drawn up the export agreement, mostly wants rings and shoes and powder. Too bad all we have are piles upon piles of narrow goblin clothing. The traders also moved on, without even so much as a warning. Wood problems will continue until further notice...

[edit] Sandstone, 204

5th: It's calm today, I think I'll take a couple days walk around, catch the sights, scout for goblins.

8th: Curse this constantly wet weather. I've got water coming out of the water that's coming out of me.

15th: Still no new news. I started digging out a new stockpile for all of the non-rock finished goods. I have also started on a somewhat secretive project.

21st: More migrants have been spotted west across the bay headed here. Great, now our wood situation shall be more dire from the needing of beds for new bedrooms. Andrew Ryan is prepping his introductory speech now, I think I'd rather take a walk in the rain.

23rd: A quick headcount brings the total population to 96, I'll need to recruit some of these new migrants to the guard and military.

27th: I have drafted all of my pump operators into the military to train. I did not foresee that they would be sparring against the champions, but if they don't get ripped apart then they'll be considered tough enough. All things considering, some of those champions are the strongest, toughest, and most agile dwarves I've seen. I wouldn't want to be in there.

[edit] Timber, 204

1st: Sandstone was such a dull month, barely anything happened. Here's hoping for an exciting Timber

6th: You know, I take that back, I think I like this relaxed mood amongst everyone. Parties to attend, occasional orders to give out, Dwarven wine to brew. This is the life! Even Andrew Ryan has relaxed a bit, especially after I put that cabinet the milker had made into his new quarters.

18th: Ho-hum, work continues on finishing the roof for the underwater tunnel. Nothing else interesting has happened though.

Just how I like it! I think I'll make some more Dwarven wine!

23rd: I noticed that there were too many stray animals wandering about. I have ordered whatever is not a dog or cat and is not owned by another dwarf into the butchery. More meat and leather!

[edit] Moonstone, 204

1st: Ah, the winter. The time of renewal of the earth under a blanket of soft, white snow. Also, it apparently seems to be the season where dwarves go crazy and demand materials for much more insane contraptions. Our metalsmith, Unib Shuthraztun (Ectodoor in the common tongue) is talking like he's possessed, kind of like the milker was earlier this year. Now he's running around grabbing materials for something. I hope it's a barrel, these kinds of dwarves tend to make the most masterful items, and masterful alcohol like mine deserves to be stored in a masterful keg!

2nd: He's still running around, collecting random bits here and there. Nickel Silver and iron bars, turtle shell, pig tail cloth, even pinapple opals, and he's still going for more! What a barrel this will be for sure!

7th: I'm disappointed now, since whatever possessed Unib is now gone, and in it's place is a Nickel Silver puzzlebox. A mere toy! Although it's worth quite a sum, I still would have preferred a barrel. The puzzlebox is studded with Nickel Silver, decorated with pig tail and encircled with bands of turtle shell and leopard leather. It also menaces with spikes of Iron and pineapple opal, which is kind of inappropriate for a toy.

12th: I have not been entirely transparent lately, as I have constructed a fine tomb for myself should I pass away. I set tehmarken to engrave the walls, and as I was inspecting his fine work today, I noticed that he had carved out a Nickel Silver puzzlebox, one that almost looks like the one Unib made. Am I just getting superstitious or did tehmarken just predict the future?

21st: I wish a dwarf wouldn't run up to me every time the butcher puts down an animal. I know he's butchering them, I ordered it to happen. Thanks for the heads up though.

27th: Nearly finished the roof for the underwater tunnel, and the month is nearly done. Andrew Ryan doesn't seem disappointed with my work, but I've been hearing things that he's looking for another dwarf to take over for me...

[edit] Opal, 204

6th: We are beginning to herald the pump operators-turned wrestlers into champion-hood. Their training has been long and hard, and they will serve the mountainhomes well.

10th: I noticed the champions and other elite wrestlers were not using armor. I advised them to get used to wearing at least chain, and allowed them access to the chainmaille suits.

12th: Raining. AGAIN. And it's not cold enough for it to be snow. All that crap about the winter being the season of renewal under a blanket of snow? Yeah, apparently serene sights do not apply to this damp spit of land.

17th: I have opened up the floodgates for dwarves to begin collecting the spoils from the goblin attacks. I trust the goblins lost enough of their numbers to not try again anytime soon. I have setup a stockpile for these spoils on the production floor, in a dug-out area near the stairs.

23rd: Sent out the squad of champions and elite wrestlers to see what they can do to the Rhesus Macaques that have begun interrupting the dwarves bringing back goblin clothes. The squad leader was first on the scene, ripping apart 3 by himself. The rest of the squad picked up at most 1 kill. I'm sure they'd do well with a spear or other weapon, but I wouldn't let them spar with some of those champion guards.

28th: Peace and quiet, just how I like it. What I'm not liking is that I'm hearing word of other dwarves being talked to by Andrew, who is still looking for a good candidate to take over next year. Not that I'm really worried about not leading this place, but there are many things that could go wrong. I worry too much sometimes. *Spatter of dried dwarven wine*

[edit] Obsidian, 204

4th: This is definitely my final month leading this fort, but I shall continue being it's brewmaster for the time being. I've heard Andrew Ryan has selected someone to lead next month, I'm just waiting for the official word. Until then, I shall continue my term of supervision with the utmost slackery.

11th: We completed the roof to the tunnel, just going to wait until the rest of the water is pumped out of there and patch up the holes in the floor. A strange phenomenon is occurring on the roof though, it seems an ocean wave will periodically appear ON the roof, right in the middle, out of seemingly nothing. Strange indeed.

16th: Enjoyed a fine Dwarven Wine lately, but still haven't heard from Andrew regarding my replacement as fort supervisor. In time, I suppose.

20th: Andrew Ryan pulled me aside from my still today and requested that I stand down from my position, to let another take my place, for me to take a break, blah, blah, blah. I told him I'd be out by the end of the month.

28th: I am now officially out of office, and will be handing off the fort to my successor. I would wish my successor great luck in the following year, but I have no idea who it is yet. Oh well, off to the still!

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