Bloodline:SL Melek Forest Fort

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Forest Fort[edit]

Run by Melek

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The Embark Zone[edit]

Not evil, will have river or at least some water, lots of trees!

Melek forestfort1.png


Melek forestfort2.png

Current Rules[edit]

Six players including myself, I'll take the first year and we'll keep taking weekly turns until something fun happens.

I have an FTP server which we can use for save file swapping.

No exploits or sneak peeking at the map!


1. Melek

2. Dissimulation

3. Vex

4. -- vacant --

5. -- vacant --

6. -- vacant --

Just because we have full applicants doesn't mean anything! Remember preferences take priority!

To apply, either email me (address on my user page) or put a message on either discussion page.