Bloodline:Steelyell Chapter 1

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Chapter I of Steelyell: Strike the Earth! Not too hard...[edit]

Date: Pregame

Fort name: Delertaron (Steelyell)
Group Name: Bembul Mabdug (The mechanism of ale)

2 picks.
1 axe.
120 drink.
120 food.
30 plump helmet seeds.
1 Anvil.
2+ dogs.

The king sent me a letter stating the above, and that I would be leading the group
into the wild and unknown for a place in history. Well, I best get to the depot and
find the others before the king finds out I am still here.

7th Granite, 201, Early Spring.[edit]

The start of the end
Early in the day we spotted a large volcano in the distance, the nearby
river and forests were ideal for our new home. After a few hours of
walking we reached the place and set down. Uploading was fast and
we instantly got to work with carving our place in the mountain to call
home. We started to clear the area as our hunter left to go, well, hunt.
We are setting up the fort to have good access to the magma we so much
need to forge our weapons and to be in a good place for defend from
anything we may need to defend from. The wolves should be easy to take
care of with our dogs, but the fire imps will be a problem in the future, I can
feel it in my bones, so we will need to make some magma rivers to use.
Back to work!

24th of Granite, 201, early spring.[edit]

Three legs better then none
We lost a hunting dog to unknown reasons, and another lost a leg...
I think the hunter can take a break to go fish for now. Progress is slow but steady on the fort

17th of Slate, 201, Mid-Spring.[edit]

Copper Popper
Hit copper, and we NEED more miners, so we will need to forge up some picks.

24th Felsite, 201, Late spring.[edit]

Fire imps and such have attacked our workers!
We have only 5 left!
Luckily we got the magma area off so we can still get magma without being in danger!
I have been wounded in the fight and am resting as the others work.

19th Hematite, 201, Early Summer.[edit]

Oh my...
I seem to have gone insane...

28th Hematite, 201, mid-summer.[edit]

As I float above my burning self...
...I notice I have seemed to thrown myself into
the rivers of magma outside our fort...
I do hope a ghost is a good leader.

3rd of Limestone, 201, Early Autumn.[edit]

(Puppy at least)
Oh my Armok puppies everywhere, it seems that we
shall feast tonight!

12th of Sandstone, 201, Mid-Autumn.[edit]

Report to the mountain homes from traders
The fort is tiny, I can't even see where they made the copper they sold us, as I see no
forges, they must be hidden or something. Anyhow I heard some horrible sounds coming from behind a
door in the fort which put me off. They seem to have some fine bed rooms, more then they need.
And I can't seem to be worried at the fact that their are only 4 dwarves working here.
Other then that, they are having a fine feast tonight with us

Armok be with these poor souls

Final log of the ghost of ilikehl2.[edit]

SPRING IS HERE! Thank Armok!
As it seems I am fading away into nothingness, I can't help but feel sorry for what I got
these nice Dwarves into. I also can't help but notice no one has found me to be dead yet, they
just follow the notes around the fort, assuming I am somewhere else. Well, at least I cane leave
these hell hole now, as I seem to be freed of it. I wish them the best of luck with
this horrible place, and maybe it will become something of legend in the future.

My Reign of Horror is over.

Image of Fort at end[edit]