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Body parts

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Body parts v50 preview.png

Almost all creatures in Dwarf Fortress possess a body composed of body parts, ghosts being a notable exception. These bodies can be composed of bones, limbs, shells, hooves, hair, teeth, and other pieces. Corpses, tame, trained, or trapped animals may be butchered at a butcher's shop, yielding these parts as individual items.

A creature may lose a body part in battle, it will then fly some distance away, and can then be butchered, yielding the materials inside that body part. These are then collected as part of the butcher animal task, even though the animal is dead. Some parts may have no use at all, such as nervous tissue and cartilage, and only serve the purpose to rot, which creates miasma. This means body parts like that must be disposed of properly, and kept away from public areas.

Even if a creature is not made of flesh and/or contains no blood of any kind, its body parts will still use the standard sprites of bloody bits of flesh.

Butcherable body parts[edit]

Item Stockpile Rot Processable Sprite
Sweetbread Food Yes Kitchen Sweetbread sprite.png
Chopped liver Food Yes Kitchen Liver sprite.png
Tripe Food Yes Kitchen Tripe sprite.png
Eye Food Yes Kitchen Eye sprite.png
Brain Food Yes Kitchen Brain sprite.png
Heart Food Yes Kitchen Heart sprite.png
Fat Food Yes Kitchen Fat sprite.png
Kidney Food Yes Kitchen Kidney sprite.png
Lung Food Yes Kitchen Lungs sprite.png
Meat Food Yes Kitchen Meat sprite.png
Intestines Food Yes Kitchen Intestines sprite.png
Spleen Food Yes Kitchen Spleen sprite.png
Gizzard Food Yes Kitchen Gizzard sprite.png
Bone Refuse No Craftsdwarf's workshop / Bowyer's workshop Bone sprite.png
Shell Refuse No Craftsdwarf's workshop Shell sprite.png
Scale Refuse No No Scale sprite.png
Chitin Refuse No No Chitin sprite.png
Skull Refuse No Craftsdwarf's workshop Skulls sprites.png
Hoof Refuse No Craftsdwarf's workshop Hoof sprite.png
Hair Refuse No Farmer's workshop Hair sprite.png
Wool Refuse No Farmer's workshop Wool sprite.png
Horn Refuse No Craftsdwarf's workshop Horn sprite small.png
Antler Refuse No Craftsdwarf's workshop Antler sprite.png
Ivory/Teeth Refuse No Craftsdwarf's workshop Teeth sprite.png
Skin Refuse Yes Tanner Skin sprite.png
Gizzard stone Gem No Jeweler's workshop Gizzard stone sprite.png
Cartilage Refuse Yes No Cartilage sprite.png
Nervous tissue Refuse Yes No Nervous tissue sprite.png

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