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Consolidated development

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This is an (extended) transcript of the old "Consolidated Development Page" as it was before the redesign of the Dwarf Fortress webpage. It includes all long-and short-term arcs, core-items, Reqs, Bloats and Powergoals. The page itself may be found here.

Note that, due to the page's age, many of the specific goals here may no longer be directly applicable; however, they provide a general overview of the original thought-process behind Dwarf Fortress' development, and the broader arcs are still frequently referred to in reference to current development.


An arc is a number of features that add to one theme-field. Many of an arc's features can, but don't need to, be done simultaneously - as such, the status of completeness can't be determined that easily.

Short-term arcs are the arcs that are likely to be done in the near future. Long-term arcs, on the other hand, will be added much later or even after version 1.0 is done.

Short-Term Arcs[edit]

Arc Description Requirements
BUSTLING TOWN ARC The towns should be more structured. The peasants need to do less aimless wandering and more standard activities. There need to be various items in town outside of what's in the stores. There need to be guards, and the keep/mead hall should be more interesting. Core41, Core42, Core43, Req148, Req162, Req249, Req261, Req344, Req348, Req369, Req379, Req408, Req415, Req471, Req477, Req588, Bloat165, Bloat188, Bloat203, Bloat204, Bloat210, Bloat233, Bloat242, Bloat243, Bloat266, Bloat267, Bloat373, Bloat378, Bloat381, Bloat382, PowerGoal34, PowerGoal36, PowerGoal41, PowerGoal48, PowerGoal55, PowerGoal67, PowerGoal73, PowerGoal74, PowerGoal82, PowerGoal91, PowerGoal131, PowerGoal137 and PowerGoal148.
FIRE AND LIGHTING ARC The lighting in caves is artificial right now. It should be pitch black. This is also true of moonless cloudy nights. Once that's in, your adventurer will want fire. Fire can also come up in dwarf mode in various ways. Core14, Core55, Req96 and PowerGoal150.
BURROWS, TRANSPORTION AND AUTOMATION ARC Make dwarves live and restrict their movements to sections ("burrows") of the cave to reduce the amount of hauling. This includes many of the haul/pile reqs. Other workshops could be automated, while the work order system could be made more robust to decrease the amount of interface fiddling required to produce glass and soap, for example. Core36, Core56, Core57, Req1, Req2, Req18, Req22, Req24, Req27, Req28, Req38, Req41, Req46, Req47, Req67, Req74, Req82, Req83, Req86, Req90, Req112, Req128, Req129, Req140, Req146, Req162, Req197, Req273, Req287, Req349, Req384, Req385, Req392, Req393, Req400, Req404, Req409, Req410, Req413, Req422, Req424, Req428, Req429, Req435, Req436, Req437, Req439, Req450, Req482, Req528, Req533, Req534, Req544, Req558, Req560, Req572, Req584, Bloat6, Bloat10, Bloat19, Bloat28, Bloat30, Bloat32, Bloat54, Bloat59, Bloat60, Bloat83, Bloat218, Bloat253, Bloat281, Bloat308 and Bloat313.
ADVANCED HELP ARC Yeah, dwarves has a steep learning curve. Tutorials and advisors could help with this, as well as decent in-game help. Core19, Core22 and Core58.
CARAVAN ARC As a prelude to armies, we'll have caravans actually move around the world map rather than just appear at your outpost. They'll move between each city on the map, though we'll try to stay away from supporting a real economy for the time being. You should be able to find items you traded in your fortress in adventure mode, and a caravan could come to your fortress with an adventure mode item. Core3, Core38, Core81, Req21, Req132, Req133, Req175, Req204, Req218, Req220, Req260, Req279, Req364, Req463, Req516, Req555, Bloat155, Bloat263, Bloat267, PowerGoal24, PowerGoal33, PowerGoal56 and PowerGoal148.
COUNTY ARC You should be able to develop a larger settlement outside the confines of the immediate play area. Core28, Core29 and PowerGoal53.
ARMY ARC You should be able to control patrols and then armies in dwarf mode. The adventurer should be able to both go with and command armies. In dwarf mode, you should have the option to control your individual patrol members as you would in adventure mode. Entities should war with each other from bandit and monster raids to full fledged wars. Upset entities could patrol near their sites, leading to new wilderness encounters etc. Core26, Core27, Core35, Core45, Core46, Req18, Req29, Req61, Req71, Req81, Req125, Req126, Req221, Req273, Req301, Req371, Req398, Req414, Req417, Req427, Req444, Req449, Req475, Req478, Req496, Req503, Req545, Req571, Bloat44, Bloat117, Bloat130, Bloat131, Bloat175, Bloat289, PowerGoal1, PowerGoal2, PowerGoal3, PowerGoal4, PowerGoal5, PowerGoal6, PowerGoal7, PowerGoal8, PowerGoal11, PowerGoal17, PowerGoal40, PowerGoal59, PowerGoal70, PowerGoal71, PowerGoal76, PowerGoal92, PowerGoal98, PowerGoal119, PowerGoal127, PowerGoal130, PowerGoal138, PowerGoal140, PowerGoal141, PowerGoal142, PowerGoal143, PowerGoal144 and PowerGoal147.
NEMESIS ARC The civilization leaders should be fleshed out in many ways. Core11, Core15, Core40, Req161, Req277, Bloat48, Bloat68, Bloat176, PowerGoal98, PowerGoal101, PowerGoal102 and PowerGoal122.
RELATIONSHIPS ARC You should be able to take a spouse, make a household, and create playable heirs as an adventurer. The dwarven relationships and personalities can also be expanded upon. Core59, Core60, Bloat51, Bloat93, Bloat95, Bloat105, Bloat123, Bloat374, Bloat375, Bloat380, PowerGoal20, PowerGoal21, PowerGoal109 and PowerGoal119.
DIPLOMACY ARC There should be a lot more diplomacy between your outpost and the outside world, especially as you get more nobles. Right now there's hardly anything. Core33, Core62, Core63, Req174, Req177, Req291, Req451, Req527, Req542, Req543, Bloat31, Bloat72, Bloat73, PowerGoal10, PowerGoal98 and PowerGoal101.
GHOSTS ARC When you take an adventurer back to a fortress, it could afford to be a lot more interesting. Since it keeps track of all the dwarves that ever lived or died in each outpost, it might as well utilize them. When the civs fight in world gen, it could also create ruins from earlier times, and you could go to these places (old castles, temples, etc.). Core67, Core68, Core69, Core70, Bloat21, PowerGoal11, PowerGoal92 and PowerGoal107.
AFFILIATION ARC You should be able to rise to the top of an entity (civilization, town, etc.) in adventure mode. While the full set of responsibilities that would entail will have to wait, it should at least be possible to attain this status for the first version. You should be able to do things for individuals. This could earn you favors from sleeping in their home and food gifts all the way to a marriage offer. There can be smaller entities like bandits and cults which could offer more unsavory tasks for similar privileges (steal, kill, kidnap, etc.). Can earn right to sleep in the large hall in town if you've become affiliated with them, but vagrancy needs to be punished and the camping must be harsher before this is meaningful. Core64, Core65, Core71, Req586, Req587, Bloat163, PowerGoal12, PowerGoal19, PowerGoal27, PowerGoal37, PowerGoal41, PowerGoal42, PowerGoal44, PowerGoal48 and PowerGoal54.
COMBAT ARC Many more combat skills and more attributes, etc. Core72, Core73, Core74, Req45, Req54, Req85, Req92, Req104, Req149, Req164, Req171, Req183, Req188, Req192, Req198, Req199, Req200, Req206, Req224, Req230, Req233, Req234, Req290, Req315, Req330, Req331, Req340, Req352, Req403, Req466, Req532, Req568, Req575, Bloat15, Bloat55, Bloat76, Bloat102, Bloat127, Bloat135, Bloat136, Bloat137, Bloat138, Bloat139, Bloat141, Bloat142, Bloat162, Bloat222, Bloat254, Bloat271, PowerGoal28, PowerGoal29, PowerGoal61, PowerGoal63, PowerGoal77, PowerGoal79, PowerGoal89, PowerGoal90, PowerGoal93, PowerGoal94, PowerGoal96, PowerGoal103 and PowerGoal150.
SCENARIOS ARC Character generation is due for a major change. The current plan is to have an interactive history generator that takes your character from birth to a playable age, incorporating them into the fabric of the world. Pressing "Play Now!" would answer the questions automatically, perhaps with a strong tendency to place you in dire/interesting situations. Core75, Core76, Req214, Req317, Bloat26 and Bloat143.
LIFE CYCLE ARC Right now, there are no births and no aging in the towns and other populations. From the founding of a town, it should instead simulate and track these things during world creation. This makes the world much more interesting and also more resilient to changes inflicted by the player. At the same time, it creates instability unrelated to the actions of the player, so it has to be done carefully. Core77, Core78, Req317, Req441, Req489, Bloat115, Bloat193, Bloat194 and PowerGoal31.
ARTIFACT ARC Special items made by the dwarves aren't very interesting right now, and there's not much for an adventurer to do with them. These objects should have magical powers and they should have a huge influence on the actions of entities that come into contact with them. Even if your adventurer can't make use of a particular artifact, you could arrange for buyers in the nobility, and use those opportunitites to get a home or good entity standing, for instance. Core79, Core80, Req395, Bloat49, Bloat173, PowerGoal13, PowerGoal60, PowerGoal68 and PowerGoal134.
CRIME AND PUNISHMENT ARC There should be mild punishments for mild crimes, for instance. This could include making the drunks in the town more interesting and adding bar fights, as well as proper thievery, arrest, imprisonment, execution... Core82, Core83, Req303, Req327, Req366, Bloat53, Bloat75, Bloat143, PowerGoal14, PowerGoal22, PowerGoal23, PowerGoal25, PowerGoal26, PowerGoal38, PowerGoal47, PowerGoal66, PowerGoal80, PowerGoal91, PowerGoal99, PowerGoal124, PowerGoal126, PowerGoal136 and PowerGoal146.
ADVENTURER SKILLS ARC It's nice to have all those jobs and professions sitting around in the dwarf mode. The adventurer should be able to do these things, especially those skills related to survival in the wilderness. Eventually you'll be able to place constructions, create a home and have your own site on the map. Core84, Core85, Core86, Req32, Req34, Req99, Req107, Req168, Req236, Req302, Req327, Req491, Bloat160, Bloat317, Bloat380, PowerGoal9, PowerGoal15 and PowerGoal103.
ADVENTURER PARTIES AND ENTITY As an adventurer with followers, you should be able to make your own entity definition. If you have enough people, you might be able to delegate orders and control them more strategically. You should also be able to control each member in a party of adventurers you make yourself. You could lead one and the others follow (as it is currently) or control them all, particularly during tense situations where you don't want to count on the AI. Core24, Core61, PowerGoal20 and PowerGoal135.
DUNGEON ARC Improve kobold and goblin areas and civilizations with eyes on expanding entity definitions and future random generation. Includes adding entity definitions and tags for more primitive humanoids like lizardmen. Make mega-beasts fit in better with the world. Core89, Core90, Core91, Req8, Req80, Req107, Req148, Req232, Req284, Req324, Req375, Req426, Req476, Req479, Req504, Req576, Bloat17, Bloat23, Bloat169, Bloat172, Bloat189, Bloat190, Bloat241, Bloat383, PowerGoal13, PowerGoal27, PowerGoal32, PowerGoal49, PowerGoal50, PowerGoal51, PowerGoal52, PowerGoal62, PowerGoal100, PowerGoal111 and PowerGoal145.
HUMANOID ARC Make non-player dwarf fortresses look more like player made fortresses and act like them to the extent that it's reasonable. Improve elves as in the Dungeon Arc, with multi-tile tree dwellings. Core87, Core88, Req148, Bloat206 and PowerGoal129.
PRESENTATION ARC A cleaner interface and more interface and display options will make the game more accessible. Better support for translations. Core21, Core50, Core51, Core52, Core54, Req37, Req43, Req79, Req142, Req152, Req179, Req180, Req207, Req218, Req258, Req306, Req314, Req320, Req328, Req332, Req338, Req381, Req382, Req383, Req386, Req387, Req388, Req390, Req401, Req402, Req411, Req421, Req430, Req432, Req434, Req443, Req460, Req483, Req513, Req520, Req531, Req546, Req547, Req548, Req550, Req556, Req558, Req559, Req560, Req564, Req566, Req570, Req585, Bloat52, Bloat106, Bloat107, Bloat108, Bloat118, Bloat153, Bloat199, Bloat268, Bloat303, Bloat307, Bloat311, Bloat354, Bloat355, Bloat358, Bloat361, Bloat364, Bloat368 and Bloat379.
LANGUAGE ARC The in-game languages need a better framework, as many simple name formulations are impossible in the current system, and it wouldn't hurt to add a basic grammar and phonetics at this time as well. In addition, paper, engraved writing, books, poems, songs, etc. could all be explored in the different game modes in various ways. Core97, Core98, Core99 and Core100.
RANDOMIZATION AND RAWS ARC More things need to make it out to the raws, and when they arrive, there should be some ability to randomize what you get in play. Current raw objects such as creatures, entities, plants, metals or even stone should also be randomizable. This doesn't just include randomizing an existing entry, but, more importantly, the creation of entirely new objects. This behavior should be controlled by the world parameters so that you can run anything from a stock universe to a complete replacement of all existing raw objects. In worlds with random objects, the random objects need to be introduced to the player in such a way that familiarity can be gained (involving descriptions, back stories, etc.) so that it isn't just a mess of static with garbage names. Core53, Core92, Core93, Core94, Core95 and Core96.

Long-Term Arcs[edit]

Arc Description Requirements
HIGH LEVEL PLOTS AND DIPLOMACY Various intrigue and interesting not-necessarily-violent conflict between entities and individuals. Once you place the actors in place, they should act according to their wants and the wants of their associated entities based on the strength of those ties. Both adventurers and dwarf fortresses can become immersed in the push and pull which arises from the AI. This is already true to some extent (the current quests are all created from the surroundings and entity ties), but these effects can be made pervasive. Since armies and invasions will be done before we get here, there will already be some of this AI in place to work with. Core30, Core33, Req131, PowerGoal18, PowerGoal47, PowerGoal57, PowerGoal65, PowerGoal95 and PowerGoal124.
LATE GAME As you kill the large creatures, the world becomes more... boring. The game can be prepared for this kind of change and move over into a sort of fairy-tale/Beowulf/Robert E Howard type of hybrid with human civs and occasional monsters so that things continue to be interesting. This already happens naturally in a way, but the dialogue and reactions of people to these changes should be there to fully adjust to the new setting. Bloat149.
EARLY GAME The Age of Myth in world generation should be playable. Bloat148.
HUMAN TOWN You should be able to control a human town, as you control a dwarf fortress, but with changes appropriate to the new setting. Req469 and Bloat146.
GOBLIN/KOBOLD/CAVER Controlling the bad guys is an obvious extension, and you've got the whole friendly happy world waiting for your raiding parties.
ELF FOREST RETREAT Yes, elves for the elf people -- but thinking more general, as we list all these racial civilizations, we should think in broad terms and use the civilization definitions to allow any type of civilization to be played. Elves will provide some necessary extra elements for this process. Mixing the cliff dwelling, wilderness dwelling, town building, ethics/sphere-aligned/religious tendencies into a robust interface for civilization building is a long-term goal. Bloat25.
MONSTER Playing the dragons and other large beasts seems like another good (and fairly easy) extension. You'd have to be careful, since there aren't very many large beasts in the world and you don't want to just possess them and have them all burn out in a blaze of glory. Or maybe you do... or it could just give you new ones. You could also just occasionally have fun going out on an excursion and retiring, then play an adventurer and take a quest from a town to go and dispatch your old self. PowerGoal60.
MERCHANT With the Caravan Arc, we have traders moving around the world, but I said over there that I didn't want to mess around too much with having a real economy, or it would surely fall apart and all the towns would starve. Once I get up the nerve to tackle these problems, it would be a lot of fun to play a merchant or guild yourself. You could even retire and be visited by yourself in a subsequent dwarf game. PowerGoal62.
MAGIC There are no specific decisions nailed down yet, although we've thought about it a lot. It's probably best to go for a very general system here, as in the first Armok attempt. Then the world generator and entities can decide what they want to use from what's available. Early efforts might be to make dwarven artifacts more interesting and to increase the power and variability of enemy leaders, rather than focusing on traditional spell-casting adventurers. Bloat134, PowerGoal58, PowerGoal68, PowerGoal84, PowerGoal92, PowerGoal97, PowerGoal108, PowerGoal122 and PowerGoal128.
CONTROL A WIZARD ENTITY Not just one of those guys that backs up the team and shoots fireballs, but run something more like a dwarven outpost and construct your own multilevel tower or other such dwelling. This could include adventure style elements where your wizard is engaged in various activities, as well as larger scale army battles and so on. Randomized creatures could also be introduced as you create your minions, and they should be able to breed and expand outward, perhaps becoming a playable race in either adventure or civilization modes. Bloat134, Bloat147, PowerGoal58 and PowerGoal60.
DEITY Have religions in the game correspond to forces or deities and let you play one and do whatever you like, possibly restricted by your defining characteristics and geography. Bloat344, Bloat376, Bloat377, Bloat382, PowerGoal64, PowerGoal75, PowerGoal82, PowerGoal86, PowerGoal90, PowerGoal105, PowerGoal109, PowerGoal113, PowerGoal118, PowerGoal122, PowerGoal125, PowerGoal135, PowerGoal139, PowerGoal141 and PowerGoal146.
WORLD GENERATION PARAMETERS Allow some degree of control over the world and the more sweeping aspects of play. Possibilities include control over terrain, magic, religions, random vs. stock creatures, fantasy vs. a more 'historical' (ie human) feeling. Ideally, the variability would allow you to move between standard fantasy, fairy tales, mythic fantasy and gothic fantasy, for example. If there are concepts like planes or dimensions implemented, you'd have control over that as well. You could also set the mood -- there's no reason the game needs to be violent at all, for example, assuming the rest of the game can carry it at that point. The world could be generated completely underwater or with no water at all. You could be the first or last sentient creature. There are lots of ways this could go. Bloat150, Bloat217 and PowerGoal125.
TERRAIN/WEATHER/SWIMMING/FLYING/BOATS Boats of some kind might go in early to make different regions more accessible, but you won't be able to be a pirate or an undersea civ for quite a while. Rivers freeze with daily temperatures instead of seasonal temperatures. Realize river and ocean squares when you visit them (forcing town layouts to adapt). Realize interesting canyons and so on in such areas. Track hurricanes and other major storm/disasters, in-game and during world gen. Thunderstorms with lightning strikes (with corresponding lighting effects) and hail. Levels of rainfall. Eating snow, making snowballs and picking up hail during and after hail storms. Tornados with wind flows that push items, projectiles and creatures. Proper eclipse modeling. Tides, deep oceans and pearl-diving, etc. More intricate interplay between cliff faces, inner rivers and outer rivers, using Z coord and waterfalls.
PLANES Once it's all established, you can make regions arbitrarily strange, and you make a lot of them. The real chore here is allowing multiple world maps to be active in one way or another and to allow game elements to move between them. It would be a headache to program, but it would add a lot to the game. PowerGoal81.
EDITORS Draw your own region maps, create your own towns, creatures, items, start situations, etc. For example, you could create Earth at various time periods (or an amalgamation of various time periods).
AND MORE, AND WORSE I'm still too embarrassed to share every idea we had... The Keep and Event Horizon came up. You don't want to know.

Building blocks for some of the arcs

Core items[edit]

Core-item Name Status Description Requirements
WRESTLING Completed Introduce close combat with various manuevers.
ADVENTURER EATING AND DRINKING Completed Start the adventurer with food and allow them to eat and drink.
CARAVANS (Future) Use resource tracking and the adventurer travel infrastructure to set up groups of traders that go between sites. Make sure to respect the current flow of the dwarf game, though caravans will no longer be 'generated' when needed. Related to entity knowledge transfer if we are there by this time. The trading done by caravans would interface with the resource tracking system and thus be immediately available to adventurers. This includes items traded away by your dwarf fortress, although it's possible they could be abstracted a bit if they are too numerous. Core38
GROUND INTERACTIONS Completed Introduce adventurer interacting with the environment.
ADVENTURER TRAVEL Completed Allow the adventurer and companions to travel between sites on the world map.
BASIC ADVENTURER ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS Completed Things like rain, snow, temperature, sunlight. No temperature or local lighting effects yet.
CONVERSATIONS Completed Add the ability to talk to other creatures in adventure mode.
ADVENTURER SHOPS Completed Basic buying and selling of objects in adventure mode.
TOWNS Completed Add basic town maps to adventure mode, making use of the Z coordinate to do basements and second stories.
OO CODE UPDATE Completed Update all of the major code objects to C++.
ENEMY PETS (Future) Can give the leaders creatures depending on their personal likes, race, the entity definition and the local available wilderness populations. These pets can have names and profiles like regular creatures. Can co-opt some of the behavior from dwarven pet owners.
END GAME Completed Handled dwarf mode end game.
BEAST ATTACKS Completed Have the larger beasts that live in the caves attack your fortress during dwarf mode.
FIRE Completed Have items catch on fire. Fire spreads. Trees outside can catch fire. Creatures catch on fire when appropriate. Items become damaged. Very hot metal objects can melt, and they can melt over characters carrying them, using the same "contaminant" system that currently handles poison injections.
PRESENTATION OF ENEMY LEADERS AND OTHER IMPORTANT FIGURES (Future) Enemy leaders play an important part in creating a story around otherwise by-the-numbers conflicts that can occur, so the leaders can afford to be presented in such a way that you as the player can learn something about their background, motivations and appearance without digging around in the legends screen. There can be a variety of mechanisms for this. Diplomats and others that visit your fortress could afford the same treatment, as well as the people you talk to and about in adventure mode conversations, etc.
END GAME 2 Completed Additional dwarf mode end game.
LEGENDS Completed Introduce the legends screen, historical events and historical figures.
INTERFACE KEYS Completed Put the interface keys in editable files.
TUTORIALS (Future) Set up small tutorial files that you can load up. These would have text instructions and little activities for you to do so you can learn how to play more easily.
TITLE MOVIES Completed Do the intro movies with sound.
SOUND (Future) Make all music/sounds optional, in groups. More songs (possibly seasonal), incidental music (like spotting the first kobold in a cave, etc.), various combat type sounds and ambient sounds, pleasing interface clicks.
ADVISORS (Future) Either some kind of abstract advisors, or the actual dwarves that are living there. They can look over the state of the fortress and come up with some suggestions to help you survive and advance up the noble chain.
THE MANUAL Completed Do all of the sections of a basic manual to be viewed in-game.
ADVENTURER PARTIES (Future) Create up to, say, 6 characters at once. These are controlled as with the dwarven raiding parties. If the scenarios are in, it can generate historical connections that explain why they are together. Could give your group a name, like the dwarf squads, and non-players could be admitted, as in the standard adventure mode 'join' option. Core61
PLOT CLEANUP Completed The dwarf mode used to have some fixed plot events, like an attack by an undead army and so on. These were excised, but there's a lot of associated cleanup needed. Once this is established, the game will be ready for armies.
OVERLAND ARMIES ATTACKS (Future) The invasions by various creatures should no longer generate soldiers, but should use overland armies instead. There should be some AI limits in place to stop early dwarven outposts from being overwhelmed (at least as a default). Core25, Core45
ARMIES OF DWARVES (Future) You should be able to send patrols (and, as you get more dwarves, armies) out over the world map. They could attack smaller nearby threats, such as a kobold cave, or let you know about incoming invasions. Core26
CONTROL OF TERRITORY AND EXTERNAL LOCATIONS (Future) As your fortress expands into a barony, county and duchy, these words should attain some meaning with regards to the surrounding lands. Additional outposts/villages/work camps might be founded under your control, but out of the playable view, providing local trade and a further population pool for warfare and other endeavors. The scope is undecided, but this might include typical mountainside outposts, dwarf/human/mixed villages nearby in other biomes, or deeper sites that you found in tunnels that you carve via the next core item. Core29, Bloat172
EXTERNAL CONSTRUCTIONS (Future) World map roads, bridges, walls and tunnels shouldn't just be products of world generation. You should be able to dispatch dwarves and materials to accomplish these tasks (though the amount of material used in a typical world generation road would virtually prohibit doing this as it currently stands, so something has to change). Core28
KINGDOM (Future) If you manage to get the monarch of the dwarves to arrive, you should obtain at least indirect control over the entire corresponding dwarven civilization. This includes the movement of all dwarven armies on the map and the ability to make the most important diplomatic decisions. Core28
MAPS FOR SITES Completed Caves and goblin fortress maps.
STARTING QUESTS Completed Set up asking about surroundings, basic quests and town defense.
SERVING YOUR MONARCH (Future) Once you have an outside village (or even before), you could receive orders from the dwarven leader to serve up some of your population as troops. If the soldier is one of your familiar fortress units, you could control them in any future army fights later in that game, or you might control an entire squad if more of your soldiers were drafted.
ABANDONMENT Completed Preserved dwarves when you abandon a game in an 'army' for later use.
DWARF RAIDS (Future) If you send one of your patrols to attack a site, and it is small enough, you should be able to control the units individually, as in adventure mode. If your group is large, then you could either control one squad as a party, and have the others on AI, or you could let the whole thing run real-time as in dwarf mode. Core27
BURROWS (Future) You should be able to associate buildings and dwarves to areas called burrows. A dwarf would only work on jobs at its burrow, and could not haul between burrows unless specifically designated to do so. Miners, outside workers, engravers and so on would be exempt while doing those jobs. Burrows could have general goals for the amount of objects, such as bins, that they need to have, and you could order transfers between burrows with the manager. Manager work orders could specify burrows. Once your fortress is large, having such a system to reduce the amount of hauling is very important. Coupled with some of the other ideas, large fortresses should become easier to manage.
RETIREMENT Completed Add the ability to retire (or rest) your adventurer in any town.
SITE RESOURCES (Future) The objects at a site need to be tracked in an abstract form so that the world can use them without loading up the site files. The different profession holders working at a town in world-gen and then during play should be able to produce and use resources based on these stockpiles and local map propertioes. Any changes could be applied to existing site files retroactively when they are loaded. Stores should restock their inventories. The objects need to be separated based on the entity that owns them, since several entities can potentially operate at one site.
END GAME 3 Completed Additional handling of dwarf mode end game.
MONSTERS (Future) Dragon attacks need to be more righteous. Their flying needs to be more of a benefit. Snatching and dropping people should be possible. Would also be good to get the wizards and undead armies from the old fixed-plot stuff back into the mix. There was a time when the dead dwarves and pets would suddenly rise in your fortress, due to a plot event. That might have to wait for magic.
TOWN, HOME AND SCHEDULES Completed People in towns should have families and they should live in locations together. People should have a rough idea of where they should be over the course of the day. The peasants should need to eat and sleep, but for now they'll be well provided for. Many of the armed people in the town should be guards that won't join you.
TOWN, ITEMS (Future) Basic items all around the town, including differentiations between the homes of various people. Keys. Clothes, outfits, uniforms and symbols. Workshops/etc. in towns related to professions, trade and resources.
TOWN, IMPORTANT LOCATIONS (Future) Make the important people stay in relevant locations. Make the keep in the capital more interesting. Interesting adornments. Add a bit more culture to the mead hall where the mayor and drunks stay. Core42
OVERLAND TOWN MIGRANTS Completed If towns become depopulated (by an adventurer perhaps!), migrants can appear on map edges or seashores from seas adjacent to map edges. These groups can enter towns and join with existing towns (possibly at a low allegiance level). You can meet these groups in adventure mode.
CIVILIZATIONS AT WAR (Future) Civilizations (for example, goblins or expansionist humans) should be able to declare war on each other and raise armies. They can send messengers to outlying towns or gather soldiers as they march from town to town toward their destinations. Core44
ARMY BATTLES (Future) Hostile armies that meet each other should be able to fight and take losses. Armies should be able to attack towns, take captive historical figures, and switch towns to new allegiances over time. Does not include protracted sieges, tactics or strategy -- just the basics. An adventurer at the site of an army battle can observe it. Core45
CLEANING HISTORY Completed Unimportant dead historical figures should be abstracted away to save space.
SEAMLESS MAP Completed The adventurer should be able to move between areas of the map from the local view without having to leave from an edge. Current sites should respect this.
FULL Z AXIS Completed The Z-axis should be supported in dwarf mode and elevations should be respected in adventure mode.
TILESET SUPPORT (Future) Allow graphical tiles to be used for all game objects.
SIZEABLE GAME WINDOW (Future) Allow the resizing of the game windows, and possibly the support of variable width fonts to allow more text to be displayed.
INTERFACE OVERHAUL (Future) A coherent interface, additional options and mouse support.
MORE RAW FILES (Future) Everything should be moved out of the code and into the raw folders, insofar as the processor will allow it. There needs to be a generalized framework for things like plant and animal related materials and products. Not all of the building types will make it out, but workshop and furnace types are certainly good candidates.
TRANSLATION SUPPORT (Future) Announcements and other interface text needs to come out of the game and be placed in an editable format to support any potential translators, though current font implementations restrict this process at the moment if non-ASCII characters are to be involved.
LIGHTING (Future) This is essentially the old lighting dev item, upgraded, since it's important that proper lighting, vision, torches, etc. are recognized. The most necessary parts are making vision depending on the lighting of the location in question rather than where you are standing and adding some means of producing light (torches, candles, etc). Req96
IMPROVED FORTRESS TRANSPORTATION (Future) Though there's always going to be room for improvement here, some basics are needed the first version. Work animals, carts or wheelbarrows, perhaps some more mechanical options, and the ability to organize stockpiles, workshops and other elements of the fortress so that transport of items can be done with less pain.
IMPROVED FORTRESS AUTOMATION AND WORKSHOP HANDLING (Future) As with transportation, the goal itself is pretty open-ended, but certain basics goals need to be reached for v1. Ability to use specific materials more easily, job priorities, better automatic job creation via manager triggers etc., and whatever else is deemed essential.
DOCUMENTATION (Future) The in-game documentation is dire -- not quite like the Dire Wolf of the Pleistocene, but more like a "dire economic forecast". Any of manual improvements, context-based help with the mouse, or an in-game encyclopedia might make the game more accessible, along with tutorials and more graphical options.
LOVE AND ROMANCE (Future) Though some of the dialog is likely to be an entertaining trainwreck, especially if coupled with a random poem generator (yes, that's a threat), love of all sorts is very important for driving stories and situations and needs to come in all over the place -- world generation, the world during play, dwarf mode and adventure mode.
HEIRS (Future) Having playable heirs in adventure mode would be fun. Dwarves should also do a bit more for their children than sometimes running to pick them up when they are crawling toward the magma vent as infants, and the notion of the family in general could afford to have more impact on the game.
ADVENTURER ENTITIES (Future) Your adventuring group deserves entity status, as it's quite possibly one of the most important groups in all of history. This will activate all of the entity vs. entity and individual vs. entity mechanics in the game and allow you to establish your place in the world as army/entity changes allow you to delegate orders to subordinates and so on. It would be possible for the group to persist between games and adventurers, perhaps even harassing a new fortress when bandits are put in. Core24
FURTHER DIPLOMACY (Future) Diplomacy in dwarf mode could afford a lot of changes. Aside from trade agreements that are more interesting, fun to uphold and related to the state of the world, all sorts of relationships could be established with both neighboring civilizations and the parent civilization. Though we'll leave quite a bit of work for later versions, the system should be satisfying for version 1 as it merges with the caravan arc, wars, tribute and succession conflicts described in other v1 dev items.
SUCCESSION, ASSOCIATED CONFLICTS AND SCHISMS (Future) First of all, succession for positions needs to occur in play, so that dead liaisons are replaced, as well as dead monarchs. Then the process needs to be made messier all around. Wars over succession, schisms over religious disagreements, etc., starting from world gen and coming into regular play. In dwarf mode, you might be involved on one side or the other, directly or indirectly, relying on more involved diplomacy and army code than we currently have, and adventure mode can also gain a lot from such conflicts.
INDIVIDUAL AFFILIATIONS (Future) People in towns should be more distinct, and almost all of them should have goals that the player can help them out with. These might be based on likes and dislikes, relationships with other people in town or farther away, etc., and though they'll start in world gen it's imperative that new goals, etc. be formed as well, especially as the Life Cycles Arc comes in. Individual goals are vital to break up the AI brain-death caused by homogeneous entity affiliations and to create tension within entities that can serve to spontaneously create complicated situations. These provide useful material for adventure mode (possibly the bulk of it), and any changes beyond what already exists in dwarf mode can be adopted for your dwarves as well.
ADVENTURER SITE AFFILIATIONS (Future) When you perform a task for an entity, you currently can an affiliation with it, but that's all. This needs to be expanded greatly. Not only should you be given various positions of responsibility, but you should also become accepted by the group in question and given some way of obtaining living space, equipment, pay, etc. as appropriate. It would also be good for tasks to be appropriate for the goals of the entity, and where possible, to soften the notion of a task -- if you do something that benefits a group, even if the group didn't explicitly ask for it, this should raise your standing with them in general (to the extent that the action/benefit is detectable from a technical standpoint), and a person at an appropriate position within a group should in some circumstances be able to act under their own power with entity subordinates. The primary target entities/positions here for version 1 are soldiers (either proper ones or loosely defined mead hall groups), caravan guards, bandits and religious groups.
HIDDEN FUN STUFF (Future) No game is complete without it!
RUINS (Future) There used to be ruins with skeletons and zombies with architecture not found elsewhere in the world. This can be recovered in various ways, the most prominent of which is just having civilizations with different architectures bury their dead and those they die out can have proper ruins. Lost and buried ruins, as in those found at dig sites, are possible with some work. Whether or not the dead rise or there are just traps or nothing at all can also depend on all sorts of things, mainly the civilization in question and what happened to ruin it in the first place. Core68
GRAVEYARDS AND TOMBS (Future) Right now the dead are so dead they don't exist outside of the fantastic memories of the people that have heard of them. There should be various methods of disposal, some adventure-full ones being graveyards and tombs, including large and elaborate tombs with all sorts of treasure and traps appropriate for the civilization that created them. Core67
OLD BATTLEFIELDS (Future) Battlefields are currently referenced by their general coordinates on the world map during legends, but they don't actually exist as places. Though not all battles would leave traces, especially after a long time has passed, others would, and since this is a fantasy game, it's important to take this in various directions. The first target would be world gen battlefields, but battlefields that occur once armies are fighting need to be handled as well, whether you are present as an adventurer or dwarven army or not.
FORTRESS RUINS, PRODUCTION TRACKING AND HISTORY TRIGGERS (Future) Right now, an abandoned fortress is basically a scattered mass of crap. If any item is moved, there should at least be a plausible reason for it to happen. Additionally, since tracking too many items in fortress mode can lead to problems, one early idea was to add additional items after abandonment that would flesh out the fortress, such as production logs and diaries. These would have to be squared with reclaim, however. Depending on how that works out, the items themselves might occur during standard play instead or not at all. In any case, various facts about production and prominent (and other) artisans need to be tracked and available after sufficient poking around (or earlier should the parameters call for it, as with historical events).
BANDITS AND CULTS (Future) It's important to have groups acting on their own or generally causing trouble without necessarily belonging to an entirely different civilization. Bandits and cults are good choices to start. Bandits could harass or make demands of an early fortress, cults could spring up in a later one, and the adventurer could end up a member or an adversary.
ROBUST ATTRIBUTE SYSTEM (Future) Attributes are a sad, sad placeholder right now. There should be more attributes, say those from Armok 1, and their development, to the extent that they change, should depend on use rather than random assignment. They should degrade slowly over time if left completely unused.
COMBAT OVERHAUL (Future) This one is a bit vague, mostly because the Combat Arc consists of so many small changes rather than a few sweeping additions. Aside from obvious changes to projectiles and the wrestling interface, skills could afford to overlap, attributes need to be associated to skills properly, skills could become rusty and ultimately degrade as in Armok 1, new general combat related skills can be added, styles/techniques for weapon/weaponless fighting roughly along the path Armok 1 had started, etc. As a dev item, this'll be done when combat more or less makes sense.
WOUND HANDLING (Future) Wounds are dull right now and lead to at least one major problem (extreme and long-lasting phantom limb pain). Proper descriptions, scarring, infections and so on are in order here.
ADVENTURER GENERATION AND SCENARIOS (Future) The adventurer is quite a nebulous object at this point. There are a variety of angles that can be taken here, from weaving the adventurer fully into their starting location's history, actually playing an existing creature in the world, creating starting scenarios that at least make sense of the adventurer's existence and/or mysterious arrival, etc.
EMBARK SCENARIOS (Future) Embarking in dwarf mode is one of the more sterile, gameish parts of the... game, and it can afford to be spruced up. Though a full take-your-wagons-from-here-to-there style embark is probably beyond the scope of version 1, at least giving the backstory for the journey and adding various game effects and alterations to starting conditions based on it would help with immersion.
AGE AND POPULATION TRACKING FOR ENTITIES (Future) Once world gen terminates, age-related deaths only occur locally and people never have children again. This needs to be corrected, especially as armies and migrants start being pulled from actual populations rather than being generated on the spot.
WILDERNESS POPULATION TRACKING (Future) Wilderness population is quite limited, and worse in a few ways than it was back before the Z coordinate. This should be fixed in world gen and in regular play in all modes for all categories of wilderness or subterranean creature.
COLLECTORS AND FINDING BUYERS (Future) As an extension of the dwarf mode system of likes and dislikes, you should be able to find people that are collecting objects, starting with simple objects like coins and bugs. It should also be an adventure unto itself to find a buyer for many valuable objects, if you want to get more than a local merchant would be able to provide, and news of your acquisition should keep your life interesting.
ARTIFACT MAGIC (Future) An early angle on magic that should find its way into the game. Although ultimately influenced by world parameters, stock DF will likely focus on rare, unique, somewhat mysterious effects without tables, to the extent that that's possible. Some cliches are probably unavoidable, he he he. The artifact process is likely to be changed somewhat to align with this, and artifacts should be created in world-generation and elsewhere during play, though a good player artifact should still have high importance.
TRIBUTE (Future) The tribute relationships established during world generation should be fleshed out there and then brought into regular play with tribute being transported across the map. These could also occur as part of dwarf mode diplomacy and dwarf mode world map play.
THIEF AND SUPPORTING CAST (Future) Aside from the issues dealt with in the next dev item, a thief in adventure mode can only sell their items all the way over at the next civilization and is immediately considered a criminal throughout the original civilization, causing subsequent thefts there to be more the acts of a crazed bandit than a thief. There are lots of ways in which this should be fixed. Crimes should not immediately be tied to the adventurer, and in large enough cities, there should be enough of an underbelly to be a successful criminal without even leaving town, at least for a while. None of the existing cities are really large enough for this right now, though the most populous cities of large empires should be after the relevant dev items are complete. Whether general criminal behavior will be extended to dwarf mode, beyond what's there now, is an open question.
ARREST AND PUNISHMENT (Future) The guards shouldn't just kill you. You have rights, sort of. It's important that there are jails and dungeons and executions, anyway. The guards will need to arrest you to put you into the system, and once you've been arrested there are various delicate steps that need to be performed properly for everything work out. Whatever happens in adventure mode should be tied back in to dwarf mode. If this includes beard-shaving, well, you'd better just obey the law.
HUNTING AND GATHERING (Future) You need to be able to obtain food from the wilderness and perform other tasks related to processing a hunted creature's body, trading with a town perhaps but able to survive in the wilds. More abstract hunting on the travel view needs to be roughly equivalent to hunting only on the local view. You should be able to find signs of animals to help you out, and you should be able to gather any plants you find.
CHOP, DIG, BUILD! (Future) As an adventurer, chop down trees, dig channels, mine into a cliff face, build whatever structure you have the patience for. Your efforts should be saved as a proper site or at least some similar notion (whatever inns and so on along roads end up using), and the contents should remain relatively undisturbed with proper precautions.
ADVANCED ADVENTURER SKILLS (Future) Virtually every job available in dwarf mode should be available to you as an adventurer, though it might rely on town infrastructure, especially at first.
PROPER DWARVES (Future) Dwarves are, of course, proper when they are played in dwarf mode, but their sites in adventure mode are completely lacking and their society isn't really realized anywhere outside of dwarf mode play. They need to be brought up to standards throughout the world and in adventure mode. Also note, for this and the following three core items, there will be some emphasis not on just building up the stock universe, but extending modding/random possibilities for all civilizations by providing these as fleshed-out and somewhat diverse examples.
PROPER ELVES (Future) As with the dwarves, the current elves, especially their sites, suffer from a lack of almost everything. Multi-tile trees, how the druids and the regional forces interact, their relationship with animals and the animal peoples, their dining habits in-game rather than just in world generation...
PROPER GOBLINS (Future) At the very least, the role of baby-snatching needs to be further sorted, and their demonic leaders should have proper world-spanning aspirations. Many of the elements of their might-makes-right ethical framework need to be fleshed out and used in actual play.
PROPER KOBOLDS (Future) Of course, this means different things to different people. To us, a proper kobold is neither a chihuahua man nor a mini-draconian, but instead sort of a small mammaloreptilian humanoid with pointy ears and yellow eyes with a penchant for trickery and mischief, context-based sublanguage, poisonous critter collection, traps and kleptomaniacal hoarding.
PROPER UNDERGROUND/MAP FEATURES (Future) Underground is currently where the stone and boring stuff and occasionally something else is. There needs to be more something else and less boring and stone, though stone might be bored. This project includes areas outside the mountains, as well as some interesting natural features in the mostly featureless above ground areas.
APPEARANCE VARIABLES/DESCRIPTIONS (Future) This is especially relevant for individualizing civilized critters you meet, but important elsewhere as well, and will be the springboard for randomly-generated beasties and other stuffs.
RANDOMIZED MEGABEASTS AND POWERS (Future) (Semi)megabeasts and powers can be randomly generated, in accordance with existing local belief structures or regional sphere alignments when that goes in. The degree of randomization should depend on world parameters so that stock creatures can still be used. Core92
RANDOMIZED REGIONS AND THEIR FLORA/FAUNA (Future) The current good/evil regions should be scrapped and replaced by a system that aligns a region to varying degrees with a set of spheres. In this way you could end up with a desert where the stones sing or a forest where the trees bleed, with all sorts of randomly generated creatures and plants that are appropriate to the sphere settings. It's important that randomly generated objects be introduced to the player carefully during play rather than just being thrown one after another to allow for immersion, though there's also something to be said for cold dumping the player in a world with completely random settings, provided they can access enough information by looking/listening and having conversations, etc. Core92
RANDOMIZED ENTITIES AND CIVILIZED CREATURES (Future) As a further project of random generation, an entire entity definition complete with creature definitions, items, etc. could be generated and introduced into the world. As with other random settings, the degree to which this process is used would depend on world generation parameters, and the generation procedures would be accessible through raw objects. Core93, Core94
GENERALIZED CURSES AND OTHER ALTERATIONS (Future) "Zombie" and "Skeleton" modified creatures aren't really satisfying right now, since zombies, ghosts, and so on gain some of their interest from the details surrounding the transformation and the particulars of the creature so transformed. Generalized curses and sphere-based alterations could vary from world to world and involve all sorts of changes to creatures (and other objects). Core92
IMPROVED PHRASE STORAGE (Future) The current system of storing names is not very extendable, so it needs to be altered to support later changes.
BASIC GRAMMAR (Future) The abstract phrases can be realized by each of the in-game languages in vastly different ways, and a framework for this needs to be realized in the raw files. Core97
WRITING (Future) Existing objects (such as wall engravings and blades) need to be able to support writing in any of the in-game languages, and there can be associated skills/professions for this. Core98
NEW LANGUAGE ITEMS (Future) Parchment, vellum and their buddies then books, songs, poems... all for your entertainment (and horror, if there are random poems). Core99


Reqs are old bugs, additions and adjustments that have to be handled.

Req-item Name Status Description Requirements
PILE MASTERY AND TYPES (Future) Ability to have specific item types in a pile, ability to move a specific number of items from one pile to another, etc.
IMPROVED WORK ORDERS (Future) Allow deletion of work orders, allow work orders to have different priorities and try for a balance rather than just doing them in order.
PARTY NOTIFICATION OPTION (Future) Option to turn off notification about dwarves organizing parties.
RIVER ACTIVITY AND ATTACKS (Future) If dwarves are constantly on the shore, throwing refuse in the chasm, building bridges, etc., then attacks should be more likely. Large river attack without provocation should be very rare.
RESTRAINED SLEEP (Future) People don't sleep/rest when they are chained/caged.
CARETAKER WELL USE Completed Caretakers seeking water should be able to use wells.
IMPROVED RESCUE (Future) People should try to recover the wounded with more zeal, rather than just stopping to eat when they are a little hungry.
WRESTLE TARGET PROBLEMS Completed A creature normally targets anybody wrestling with it, but this should be toned down properly for melee training.
WINTER CAVE RIVER Completed (Obsolete) The cave water should dry up during the winter to allow you to repair your floodgate systems and so on.
OUTSIDE LAVA BLOCKING Completed Units shouldn't attempt to enter the map if you've blocked it off with lava.
LAVA AND TREES Completed Lava flow should destroy trees, although this might wait for fire and the tree could catch fire first.
REMOVE PUBLIC CHEST/CABINETS Completed This is part of the swap over to the bin system.
ARMOR-CLOTHING CONFLICTS, RACK/STAND USE/PILES (Future) People had trouble changing from armor to clothing or back because they'd be made unhappy by nakedness. These thoughts are currently turned off. In general, how armor (and weapons) are handled is due to be modified. Specific soldiers can claim their own racks and stands, and piles and bins can be used for general storage of the excess.
TARGETING PROBLEM Completed Champions didn't seem to want to target anything.
PILE CHECKING (Future) People should seek possessions in bins/piles before the economy starts. They used to do this with chests, so that they could wear little baubles they like, but since we changed over to bins they don't do it anymore.
BODYGUARDS LEAVING (Future) Sometimes merchant bodyguards will wait a long time to leave after everybody else in the caravan has already departed. They should just leave.
HAULING PROFESSION (Future) New profession for pile hauling. This is part of burrows. It will allow you to leave hauling on for your artisans, so that they can do some local hauling, while leaving longer hauls to specific dwarves.
TRANSFER PILES (Future) You should be able to place piles that have no default item types associated to them. Then you can use some of the other reqs to transfer specific items through these piles, branching off to other burrows and so on.
TANTRUM THROWS Completed Thrown tantrum objects don't hit other friendlies, but they should.
SLEEPING THROUGH TANTRUMS Completed Tantrums/berserking are maintained while the dwarf sleeps. This is inappropriate. Berserk dwarves shouldn't even be able to sleep.
IMPROVED WORKSHOP INTERFACES (Future) Many workshops should give you the option to choose which material, plant etc. you'd like to use, rather than just picking the closest one.
CHASMING REFUSE Completed They used to throw refuse in the chasm. Now they don't. They should.
SOLDIER PROFILES (Future) Entity definitions should track what kinds of soldiers the civilization uses (they currently track weapon types, which is part of the picture). Reintroduce goblin lashers with scourges and make sure every adventurer skill choice yields the correct equipment.
MORE TRADE GOODS Completed Access to more items during trading, including weapons, armor, clothing, toys, instruments, lumber (for no-tree sites) and so on.
SKILL SYNERGY (Future) Have some skills give bonuses to other skills.
SMARTER ENGRAVER Completed Make engraver use the dig code to select the next square to detail. They currently do this after wall jobs, but not floor jobs.
SHODDY ITEMS (Future) Shoddy items from low skill craftsdwarves. These can have various malfunctions and so on, especially things like crossbows.
SHODDY START ITEMS (Future) Shoddy items for low skill settlers. Req34
INIT BUG Completed Potential initialization problem for dwarf mode if previous games have been played.
TRIGGER LINK INTERFACE (Future) It could be more clear about what you are linking to and what it will do.
JOB INFORMATION RETENTION (Future) Let jobs keep more information when a worker quits for purposes unrelated to the job. This way goods that are in use won't first be brought back to the storage piles.
IMPROVED OUTPOST LIAISON Completed Liaison should come earlier and be more useful.
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ITEM SELECTION Completed There are some requests for the items you select for buildings to be listed by distance from the build site. Others want items grouped by material, or simply to have material lists with numbers of items available.
MOVIE MAKER INTERFACE (Future) Put fast-forward back in, some other tweaks.
TARGET OPTIMIZATION Completed (Obsolete) There are some ways to make this code faster. The overall impact would be slight.
JOB AMOUNT ABUSE (Future) Make sure jobs don't abuse the amount of resource vs. amount of output. This problem used to be worse, but it still exists.
GENERAL CHASMING OF ITEMS Completed Once they throw refuse in the chasm again, you should be able to designate any object for disposal.
NO RECORD Completed
ERRANT BLOOD PLACEMENT Completed In adventure mode, when in a dwarf fortress, blood can get added to squares off your viewable level sometimes.
OVER-POWERED TANTRUMS (Future) Damaging certain buildings is too easy.
NO RECORD Completed
NO RECORD Completed
FOCUS 3D (Future) Focus should respect z-coord. Focus is what tells the game you can be hit from behind.
NO RECORD Completed
NO RECORD Completed
NO RECORD Completed
BLOCK EXPLANATIONS Completed Can't tell what's blocking you when are blocked going down dwarf stairs.
INVASION AFTER-EFFECTS (Future) If your fortress is attacked and overcome, it could be looted. The way in which the invading army stays is currently very haphazard.
SITE CLIFF DEFINITION Completed There are a few places in the code where the game still assumes there is a cliff face present. This isn't appropriate for human towns and other locations.
SMALL PET ATTACHMENTS (Future) People don't care when their smaller pets die.
ACCESSIBILITY ISSUES (Future) Sometimes items get stuck in channels and cause lags and annoyances. There are also times when a job can have different components in disconnected parts of the dungeon. All of these need to be accounted for. Caveins can disconnect the dungeon and cause trouble.
MONSTER BURIAL Completed They didn't put a kobold body in refuse, but they put the bones there after it rotted. This problem might be fixed.
HUNTING ARMOR (Future) Aside from the other concerns with armor/clothing conflicts, the hunting profession seemed to determine whether a dwarf chose to wear leather.
IMPROPER BURIAL Completed They put a corpse in a coffin that wasn't flagged "Use for Burial".
BREAKUP ITEM STACKS (Future) Should break up bone and other clusters when moving site items around, possibly respecting tombs. Sometimes it could also elect to leave the skeletons intact.
ARMY PROFILES (Future) This is related to soldier profiles and would determine how an entity tries to configure its armies, from the soldier types available in the definition.
MINING DESIGNATIONS (Future) A mining designation that makes the resulting stone and other products remain on the ground invisible to haulers until you say otherwise.
REWALL Completed Option to re-wall or fill in channels, using some stone.
INTELLIGENT HUNTING (Future) Crossbow hunters should be more intelligent about their ammo.
JOB CANCEL NOTICES (Future) Option to turn off job cancel notices. Make it smarter about posting multiple notices in the first place by making jobs handle themselves when they are in trouble.
WILDERNESS INTERACTIONS (Future) Wilderness creatures should interact with each other, rather than being like the Peaceable Kingdom.
ARTISANS WEARING ARMOR (Future) Option to let dwarves always wear armor, but they won't like to do it unless they feel threatened.
NUMBERED JOB REPEAT (Future) Option to have numeric repeats for a job.
INTELLIGENT JOB HANDLING (Future) More job suspensions rather than complete cancellations.
SKILL ROLL CONSISTENCY (Future) Improve consistency between skill rolls. Right now, the process for getting a good strike and making a good item are related, but it would be nicer to have everything use the same process.
PAIN DEADENING AND SCARS (Future) Wounds should stop hurting after a while (unless they get infected). Eventually, wounds should scar over, and you should be able to view scars (they would be maintained on your old foes between games, etc.).
JOB PRIORITIZING (Future) Right now, there is a fixed order in which units decide to do the different types of jobs. This could be changed for a given unit (or for the whole fortress).
IMPROVE DROWNING (Future) Drowning is way too harsh right now. It should also track the kill cause correctly if somebody climbs up on the shore and still suffocates.
STOCKS AND CORPSES Completed Problem with corpses/body parts in the stockpile screen.
MULTIPLE AUTOMATED SHOP (Future) Must be more careful about how it handles multiple automated shops (e.g. butcher) of the same kind. They might fight over jobs.
LEATHER COUNTING (Future) Smaller creatures should have smaller skins. When skin is tanned, it could be turned into multiple pieces of leather, more like metal bars, with many being required for the larger goods like armor.
BETTER SHOOTING INTERFACE (Future) Archery can neglect same square and grounded targets, need to have choice if many are in same square.
NO RECORD Completed
BETTER TRAP TEXT (Future) Better trap text in adventure mode, flesh them out a bit, more variables, respect their glory.
LIGHTING (Future) Should be pitch black inside adventure caves and on cloudy moonless nights. Vision state should influence what you can see. Can try to make sunlight shine inside caves a bit by casting light lines on map-gen. Can track light with RGB filters so that things through red gem windows look red, etc. Things seen through glass statues could be distorted from their proper positions. Once fire is in, can do torches and other such light sources. Dwarves could place fires or gem lamps in dark places. Any magical take on alchemy could make extensive use of gems in this fashion, and the different colors of light can please certain nobles etc. Related to Core55.
ART IMAGES Completed
BURYING THINGS (Future) Allow items to be buried under the soil.
COIN STORES (Future) Dwarves should set up their coin stores every month or so. Doing this should be a fairly high priority. They should complain if they can't obtain or don't have room for their coins.
SOME WAGE ADJUSTMENTS (Future) Jeweler and mechanic jobs should take a little longer but pay more.
NO RECORD Completed
SLAYER ANNOUNCEMENT (Future) In dwarf mode, it could include the slayer in some of the death announcements if it is warranted.
FINALIZING THE STATE OF ACTIVE FLOWS (Future) If flows are active when the player quits, their effects need to be handled.
PRIMITIVE WEAPONS (Future) Primitive item making in both dwarf mode and adventure mode. This includes use of primitive weapons by primitive entities.
FINISH TRAP BAITING (Future) It's very sparse right now. Gems aren't actually used.
NEMESIS TRADES (Future) If you trade a historical figure in a cage, it is currently released outside and stranded. There are many ways this can be upgraded.
FILE I/O CHECKING (Future) It could give more feedback about save/load errors.
ITEM AGGREGATES (Future) Need fake item stacks that combine items that aren't identical. There are a number of associated difficulties. Identical items should also be combined into actual stacks. These currently exist but are never reformed once they are broken part.
DWARF LEVEL TWISTING ISSUES Completed Can see/shoot through dwarf twisted areas improperly sometimes.
NO RECORD Completed
PET CAGE ASSIGNMENT PROBLEM (Future) Purchased pets retain their old cage assignments improperly. You can also reassign small pets that are owned.
SOLDIER STATIONING LOAD PROBLEM Completed Bug with soldier stationing after load.
LOSS OF THREAD PLANT RESOURCES Completed It still gives you one thread from pig tail(5).
OFF DUTY SOLDIER STORES (Future) Off-duty soldiers don't store their belongings, but they should.
BACKPACK AND QUIVER USE Completed Problem with quivers and backpacks conflicting in dwarf mode especially.
RESPECT BELT SLOT Completed The belt inventory slot is created by pants, but this is only partially respected.
NO RECORD Completed
CAVE-IN RAMIFICATIONS (Future) There are a few jobs that don't handle cave-ins effects properly. Possibly engraving.
BUILDING DAMAGE AND INVADERS (Future) Invaders currently ignore buildings they can destroy. It should either make them ineffective against these buildings, or they should go after them.
INVADERS AND WELLS Completed (Obsolete) Invaders are blocked by wells, but they don't destroy them.
CLARIFY DOOR DESIGNATIONS Completed The door designations are very confusing right now.
TRAFFIC JAMS Completed The creatures need to make minor path adjustments to reduce traffic before attempting to crawl.
IMPROVE COOKING (Future) More food. Food should require a substrate, rather than just being seeds etc. Seeds, syrups, drinks and other such objects can contribute to the likes/dislike checks as they do now, but they shouldn't add to the number created. A good roll could lead to the recipe being given a name and saved to the entity definition, where it can then be encountered in other cities in subsequent games.
RECEIVING OFFERINGS (Future) When you get king, you should receive offerings.
ELF CHECK DEFICIENCIES (Future) Elves should be angered if your depot is wood. The animal check is not as thorough as it should be for item improvements.
ELVEN TRADE GOODS (Future) Elf trade items should be more interesting. This can be accomplished by a general extension of the entity definitions.
FORTIFICATION OBJECT PROBLEMS (Future) Lost projectiles in fortified squares can cause complications. You should be able to retrieve them somehow.
ADVANCED STEALTH (Future) Stealth should be able to handle people walking right by sometimes. Right now stealth is ineffective even in low-light conditions and there's no notion of sneaking up from behind unless the target is actively engaging somebody else. Sneaking needs to be squared with swimming and flying.
ORPHANED BABIES (Future) Handle orphaned babies less cruelly. At least bring them to a bed and feed them or something. A dwarf could be selected to adopt one.
ALCHEMY AND HEALING (Future) Extracts are not used for anything right now, except cooking. Antivenom used to be in but was removed for a bit. All of this can go back in and be extended, making the alchemist's workshop worthwhile rather than a soap factory.
POSSIBLE KO BUG Completed Repeated KOs cause you to stay out longer, but the variable that causes this might never clear in your lifetime.
BETTER JOB CANCELLATION (Future) If you are a few steps from completing your job and get a little hungry, you should stick it out.
HANDLE DISCONNECTED COMPONENTS Completed Sometimes needs to deal with disconnected caves on loss.
WEIGHT/INJURY INTERFACE (Future) It should let you know why you can't stand if you press stand. There are a number of other things like this. Carrying capacity and associated notifications are included here.
ADVENTURE WEAR ISSUES (Future) The wearing things in adventure mode should take time and be interruptable.
NAME ENTRY Completed Ability to enter name manually, at least your first name (which is never translated).
CHANNEL INTERFACE PROBLEMS Completed Sometimes channels can display several times because of the way it links them. This can be changed.
PILE ISSUES (Future) Hunter should bring corpses to refuse pile if no available butcher's shop and clean up the pile mastery interface.
EXPANDED DUNGEON AI (Future) Make townies and dungeon dwellers a bit more interesting in terms of their milling-around behavior. They can adopt some of the behaviors from dwarf mode.
FINISH ITEM DAMAGE (Future) Fully implement item wear-and-tear, especially during combat. People throwing tantrums should be able to damage items in their square rather than just throwing them.
SAFE-CAGING ISSUES Completed Possible problem with caging dangerous animals.
GRAMMAR PROBLEMS (Future) There are various grammar problems.
LINE DRAWING Completed Basic problem with how line code treats adjacent squares.
NO RECORD Completed
PROJECTILE UNIT KILL CAUSES (Future) Flaw with unit projectiles and lava flows. Sometimes it doesn't track the cause of death properly, especially if the unit in flight is already dead.
THEFT WEIGHT LIMITS (Future) Fix up theft weight limits. They are currently arbitrary.
LEADER TITLES (Future) Civilization leaders need proper titles.
ENTITY RECIPES (Future) Civilization initial recipes. This also includes some food management for civs so food items can be created more easily. Req129
ITEM DAMAGE ISSUES (Future) Handle projectile damage for odd objects. There are also problems with projectile damage being used when ammo is used in close combat.
REFINE POISONING (Future) Refine unit contamination amounts and levels.
REFINE WAGON AI Completed Improve wagon scuttling code. They shouldn't just die immediately if they can't find their way.
NO RECORD Completed
ADVENTURER RIDERS (Future) Your adventurer should be able to ride creatures. There are some issues that need to be resolved before this is possible.
RAMP USAGE Completed
TARGETING AND MOVEMENT ISSUES (Future) Some adventure mode melee targeting and movement code issues.
PROBLEM WITH MULTIPLE HUMAN CIVS (Future) It only checks one human civ per season, so some of the update code can work too slowly.
CULLING (Future) Cull things when there are too many. It needs to pick the things that are less likely to be missed.
REASON FOR OFFERING (Future) There's no point of offering goods to your own king right now.
TRADE OPTIMIZATION (Future) Improve trading code.
KING ENTOURAGE (Future) Handle offering inventory concerns with these migrants, and line them up nicely perhaps.
NO RECORD Completed
SMALL PET INVENTORY DESCRIPTIONS (Future) Pet-in-inventory descriptions need to respect the body of the holder.
ENGRAVING LOOK PROBLEMS (Future) You can see engraving descriptions even if you are off of the facing level.
MOUNT PROJECTILE ISSUES (Future) There are potential problems with riders when mount becomes projectile.
BUILDING PLACEMENT INTERFACE Completed Need to explain why red X appears.
LOOK/SHOOT INTERFACE (Future) Improve look interface code a bit. Let you choose targets in shoot/throw.
FLOORS IN LOOK SENTENCES Completed In the look sentence in adventure mode, it could include information about the floor type.
NO RECORD Completed
PROPER CIV NEIGHBORS (Future) Properly display your civilization neighbors in dwarf mode. It can use the surroundings chat system to figure out who they are. This could also change with the caravan and army arc though.
SEVER EFFECTS Completed Inventory like gloves, rings etc. do not respect severs. For now, gloves can fall off when both hands are gone. Whether or not to add left/right gloves later is an open question. It would be realistic, but it would also bog-down dwarf mode. However, being able to mix and match gloves etc. would lead to many interesting situations and possible enhancements.
SPEED REFINEMENT (Future) Differentiate attack and move speed. This has many ramifications and associated difficulties.
ARCHER ARMOR START SKILLS (Future) Starting skills for archers are a bit off. They should have some armor skill if they use light armor.
CREATURE KNOWLEDGE (Future) Need to diversify likes/dislikes beyond dwarves, and they need to apply to creatures in adventure mode.
TREE PREFERENCES (Future) Tree preferences are fairly arbitrary right now.
TRANCE BONUSES (Future) Consolidate trance bonuses. Right now, they are spread out somewhat haphazardly.
CHANGE ITEM ACQUISITION (Future) When people choose inventory items they like, they don't consider dropping what they are already wearing.
STARTING BELT OBJECTS (Future) Rarely a creature can be given a belt object but no pants. The belt object is dropped immediately.
DRINK APPRECIATION PROBLEM (Future) Liking drinks is flawed, since they like the drink more if the entire drink stack is larger.
BUTCHERY OPTIMIZATION (Future) The butchery code can be consolidated with some other sections of the program.
KO VOMIT CHOKE (Future) If you are knocked out, you should choke if you vomit sometimes.
VOMIT TEXT ISSUE WITH WEBS, AND SOLUTION (Future) There's some undisplayable text that can only be salvaged by adding projectile vomit, so there you go.
ARCHER ISSUES (Future) Range penalties for throw/shoot aren't applied properly for grounded targets. Throwing needs some weight and strength modifiers.
POTENTIAL PROJECTILE PROBLEM (Future) No symptoms, just a code-check.
DRESS/ROBE PROBLEM Completed If dresses/robes are added, there is a problem with how armor would work that needs to be addressed.
PROPER HEALING (Future) Nemeses should not just heal on travel, it needs to use the amount of time passed. This is related to infections and scarring.
MID-TRADE GAME ENDINGS (Future) If the game ends in the midst of a trade, the world might have some issues making that caravan continue on properly.
NO RECORD Completed
ITEM WRESTLING (Future) Disarms, user-interface twists (rather than the current methods), struggling over items more explicitly.
CONSOLIDATE MISS ANNOUNCEMENTS (Future) Consolidate repeated miss announcements. A few other announcements could also be collapsed.
TOMB STORAGE AND ACCESSIBILITY (Future) Problem storing inaccessible body in tomb. The job was repeatedly created.
RE-EVALUATE HAUL LOCATIONS Completed A dwarf should re-check where an item should be placed when they pick it up, since this could save them a lot of time.
BABY SEARCHER PROBLEM Completed Thirsty mothers cannot seek lost babies effectively.
START SCENARIOS (Future) See the scenarios arc in the dev section, this is part of that, and could be upgraded to a core component in the future.
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PROBLEM (Future) Suspend building constructions if item blocking the build site are unreachable.
MERCHANT ANNOUNCEMENTS (Future) Notification when merchants are done unloading.
VERMIN PROBLEM (Future) Possibly issue when cleaning vermin references.
MULTIPLE DEPOTS (Future) Randomize the incoming merchant path for multiple depots, or else the wagons can get mixed up and scuttle.
HISTORY GENERATION Completed Refine the history generator. This includes many issues related to the army arc. Age delineations should be tracked explicitly, and they shouldn't just be set numbers like they are now. As they civilizations spread out, they can make claims on the various regions and fight over them. It should retain the location of major battles for various reasons, even if there isn't a town or cave there.
PARRYING AND ITEMS (Future) Refine parrying chances, based on item type.
BUILDING ADMIRATION BUG (Future) A metalsmith was able to admire "own furnace" even though ownership shouldn't apply to such buildings.
PEAKS AND VOLCANOS Completed Record the names of the mountain peaks and their general character. This includes adding volcanos. Volcanos should also be able to exist independent of a large mountain range.
AIMED SHOTS AND BODYPART SIZES (Future) Should be able to aim at parts, AI should do it too, body parts currently have relative sizes but it should depend on the creature rather than just the part type.
NO RECORD Completed
CAVE RIVER ENTITIES (Future) Realize certain cave dwellers as entities, with all that implies about items and persistent historical figures, etc.
ISSUES WITH ITEM SHARING Completed There are some potential problems with shared items that need to be addressed.
MULTIGRASP WEAPON PROBLEM (Future) It might be screwing the multi-grasp check when it does skill penalities. And somebody shot a bow with one arm.
ENTITY ARMOR ISSUES Completed For incoming units -- specific armor materials based on desired armor level. Right now it isn't exact enough.
ADVENTURE MODE BUILDING INTERACTIONS (Future) Pickup and topple furniture. Plant seeds in the mud. Use the furnaces. Break windows and knock down supports. Using wells. Use siege engines. Deactivate, dismantle or set off traps. Use animal traps. Use archery targets and get feed back. Lock yourself or others up in cages and chains. Tie creatures up with rope. Interact with impaled players. Lock doors, push doors open briefly so you can see out before they close, secret doors, close doors, slam doors on vermin, lockpicking.
ADVENTURE STORE RESTOCKING (Future) Adventure mode stores need to restock and put scattered items back in place. It might be best to wait for production tracking or even caravans before adding these features. Core3
PATH BLOCK MESSAGES Completed On a hunt job, path block message was issued repeatedly.
USE BARRACKS BEDS (Future) People should use the barracks beds when they don't have their own rooms, but they don't do this properly.
JUSTICE MANDATE NUMBERS (Future) The amount of guards and cages can be treated as a permanent mandate attached to a noble rather than the current vague system.
BUTCHERY ISSUES (Future) Butchery should not be instant. Should be able to butcher the small creatures too. Need to mix this with extraction properly.
TYPES OF EATERS (Future) It's not clear whether deer and other herbivores are actually playing that role or if they behave as omnivores.
STRANGE MOOD HELP (Future) Artifact builders are difficult to handle sometimes, especially when you don't even know what kind of building they want. It shouldn't be easy, but the frustration level is too high right now.
DEGREES OF BARTERING (Future) Merchants need to tell you the extent to which your offer failed.
BARTER CONTAINER PROBLEMS (Future) In adventure mode, container contents mess up bartering in a number of ways.
PROBLEMS WITH WATER Completed Water currently rots and should be value zero.
INAPPROPRIATE CONTAINERS (Future) Some containers can hold too much. With certain mixes, the items should interact as they should, possibly ruining them.
RETIREMENT ISSUES (Future) Shouldn't be able to retire while you are talking or otherwise in the middle of something.
SITE LOOTING (Future) Should loot roads and expensive items near the front of your old dwarf fortresses and other sites. Once resource tracking is in, it can gives these goods to appropriate groups.
AUTOSAVE Completed We had an autosave feature for a while, but it involves copying a very large folder, so this needs to be tightly controlled if we put it back in.
SAND ISSUES Completed Need to define the sand object more broadly, as a miscellaneous powder (this is a technical issue that will allow easier expansions later).
CLARIFY COIN QUOTAS Completed When the economy starts up, you have to produce coins. The bookkeeper tells you what is needed, but it could be further clarified.
STATE OF EMERGENCY (Future) Having castle and royal guards uses up soldiers you'd like to use sometimes. Add state of emergency declaration. This allows you to stop these guards from performing their regular duties, and you can control the castle guard under their captain (the sheriff), and you can control the royal guard under the hammerer. They don't like this of course, and the ensuing negative thoughts can ensure that the option is used sparingly.
ABORTING WORLD GENERATION Completed Ability to leave history generation in the middle.
KIDNAPPING ISSUES Completed Check some technical stuff with kidnapping. It seems to generate a "(kidnapped unit) has died in a cage" message sometimes.
STRANDED NEMESES (Future) Making regional creatures go home properly instead of being assigned to fairly random places after a game ends.
COIN STACKS Completed Adjust the size of minted coin stacks upward to make the economy easier to manage. Might need to make coins worth less.
MERCHANT COUNTER-OFFERS Completed Merchants need to make counter offers if your offer fails, to make bartering more realistic and less frustrating. If a counter-offer is impossible, it needs to be clear about that.
STAIRWAY BLOCKAGE INFORMATION Completed Needs to tell you why stairways are blocked when you fail to move.
CONTAINER PLACEMENT (Future) Containers should be placed deeper in the dungeon if the contents are valuable, or the contents could be removed.
OLD BLOODY WALLS (Future) Need to handle bloody river walls in dwarf mode.
HUNTER SLEEP PREFS (Future) Make hunters sleep on the ground only while hunting.
SPECIFIC MATERIAL USE (Future) Need to be able to choose specific rocks or logs to process sometimes, since this is important for noble demands.
FLOODGATE PLACEMENT ISSUES (Future) It's very common for people to get blocked off by floodgates while placing them.
MORE CLEANING (Future) Make cleaning jobs more wide ranging. Some areas that are just out of range leave the fortress bloody forever. Allow designation of cleaning areas.
WIELD ISSUES (Future) It can be confused about which object is wielded, and there are some issues about the primary hand.
NOBLE DEATH (Future) Killing off nobles needs to have serious consequences. Once the counties (see Core28) are in, there could be revolts from the village if the count is popular. Other nobles could have angry relatives. Losing your law enforcement nobles could lead to more tantrums and other acts in large fortresses. Nobles should all be upset by the death of the tax collector. When a noble is buried, other dwarves could be sealed in the tomb.
NO RECORD Completed
STORAGE OPTIMIZATION Completed The periodic storage checks of items can make things lag, especially if you dig out 3000 stone and just let it sit there. The items can learn that they are not going to be picked up soon and make calls less frequently. Calls can also be smeared out.
NO SILK ROPE SKILLS Completed Does clothesmaking skill go up when silk ropes are made?
DROWNING ISSUES Completed Although drowning is generally harsh, there was a case of people just swimming around in the river.
INDOOR PLANT DEATH Completed Some indoor bushes would die and disappear quickly.
INNER DEFENDERS Completed The inside defenders need to occasionally go on forays or you can just pick them off at range.
SLIDING UNDER ENEMIES (Future) If you move toward an opponent that is one square away from you, you'll end up sliding underneath it sometimes instead of attacking it. Sliding under creatures in town is related.
RIVER SITE UPDATE Completed If you've found an underground feature in a fortress, it should receive the same abstract building designation as other sites.
TREE DISPLAY PROBLEM (Future) Snow covered leafless deciduous trees aren't white.
TRAP AVOIDANCE (Future) Invaders shouldn't fall for traps if they've seen them used.
ADVENTURER PROFESSIONS (Future) Need to be able to tame the lizards you find, wood work, make clothes, whatever.
ENTITY ENEMY LEGEND (Future) If you become a town's enemy, it needs a legend event for it.
STRANGE FOOD OWNERSHIP (Future) Dwarves took food to their rooms and placed it there, and it rotted, rather than eating it or something, this was early game. Related to Req347.
CHEAP BARRELS (Future) In the start up screen, when you buy booze for 2 points you get a 10 pt barrel thrown in too. It might track what sort of containers are implied by your other purchases.
UNIT NAME ISSUE (Future) Technical problem with unit name display.
BLANK TANTRUM MESSAGE Completed "(blank) is destroyed by Aliz, craftsdwarf."
FARM FERTILIZER DISPLAY Completed Show fertilizer amount for farms where it has happened.
CHANNEL/AQUEDUCT INTERACTIONS Completed Water should go from channels to aqueducts or you should be able to place floodgates on channels.
ITEM NAME ISSUE Completed Technical problem with item name display.
MELEE TRAINING ISSUE Completed Melee training seems to be deadly again.
DOUBLE IMPROVEMENTS (Future) Artifact was studded with gold and gold.
ROAD BUILDING (Future) Need an easier way to build roads, rather than just picking out items from long lists and placing them section by section.
LEGEND DISPLAY PROBLEM (Future) Long history names busted -- it should instead place it on two lines if possible.
REPEAT ATTACK BUTTON (Future) Repeat attack button, esp. for specific wrestling.
WAIT KEY Completed Wait key in adventure mode.
CORRECT AGING (Future) Need creatures to age properly when reloaded, incl. retirees.
ALCHEMY PILE (Future) Alchemical pile filled with lye, vials and so on.
WAKE UP! Completed Adventure mode sleep needs to clear upon being attacked.
NAMING ISSUE (Future) There's an issue with some unit names
ARCHERY PRACTICE GROUNDING Completed While doing archery practice, people that were grounded don't stand up until it's over.
COIN BATCH ISSUE Completed Potential problems with coin batches for non-currencies. Need to check.
BREAK EXPLOIT (Future) Can draft then undraft to end breaks.
PROACTIVE BEAST ATTACKERS (Future) The large beasts could afford to be slightly more aggressive.
PUNGENT BUGS (Future) Dead insects and really small things shouldn't create miasma. But dead rodents should still stink.
HARDER FISHING (Future) Fishing is a little too easy, maybe.
CORPSE PROCESSING (Future) Can process corpse to eat etc if you have a sharp object.
NAMING ISSUE (Future) Issue with some unit names.
STRANGE POPULATION ISSUES Completed Every region currently makes 2 oceanfish populations. This is to simulate fishing for seaside civs, but it should be handled properly instead.
CHARGE CHANGE (Future) Knock-backs without people falling on the ground should be more common in charging.
ATTACK OPPORTUNITY NUMBERS (Future) It should generate random variations on rolls for each attack for a given turn between each creature, so that a swing at the head one turn is almost impossible, while grabbing the arm could be three times as easy as normal. This will lead to more variety in combat AI, rather than just having the 'best' moves used all the time.
SHORT JOB NAMES (Future) In certain contexts, it should display shorter job names. When making glass objects for instance, you can't tell what you are making if you don't have the menus tabbed out.
RESPECT CONTAINER CAPACITY ON PICKUP (Future) Container capacity needs to be respected on pickup as it is with the put command.
CRASHING ISSUE I Completed There is a crash bug related to store assignment of objects after building destruction. I had a town attacked by 100 dragons, and something went wrong.
INFESTATION FREQUENCIES Completed The creatures selected to infest caves don't respect their population frequencies.
GOOD/EVIL/SAVAGERY VERMIN CHECKS (Future) A lot of vermin creation doesn't respect good/evil/savagery of the particular square involved. Undead regions should have undead vermin, but there are some technical issues here.
IN-GAME SNAPSHOTS Completed Just as you can export an image of the world map, you could also export an image of the entire fortress or adventure area.
MEMMAP ISSUES (Future) There are some issues with it showing the green and yellow stair symbols improperly on the memmap. The memmap should also highlight staircases, and the symbols for previously seen creatures are currently overdone.
MYSTERY WEB Completed A web printed off in a hidden area during dwarf mode. It was probably on an unseen river branch since it disappeared during the flood, but it shouldn't have been visible at all.
FIRE FLOW SLAYER CREDIT (Future) Creatures don't get credit for killing creatures directly with flows.
RIVER LOOPS Completed The world map generator doesn't completely loop erase the rivers. At least I think it's done. They always seem to come back.
FROZEN WATER DISAGREEMENT Completed The out-of-play river squares sometimes display as frozen when the in-play river is not frozen.
CORNER DOOR DETAILING Completed A room corner caught between two doors should detail immediately, not later when the dungeon is converted or other detailing occurs, or else it shouldn't detail at all.
TOWN ANIMALS UNDER THREAT (Future) Attacking stray animals in town should still anger the entities, or at least be a misdemeanor or something.
REST/SLEEP CONFLICT Completed When somebody is healing, they don't always take time off to sleep, so they can become drowsy when resting.
PROJECTILES FALLING THROUGH FLOORS Completed Corpse pieces have occasionally been observed falling through the floor.
ERRONEOUS FOOD OWNERSHIP (Future) If you remove a chair somebody is planning on eating in, they cancel their eat job but retain ownership of the food. Then they store it in their room, where it rots and smells, rather than eating it later. Related to Req304.
SURROUNDING CHAT BIOME VERIFICATION (Future) When discussing which creatures roam a region, it doesn't do biome verification, so it could refer to creatures that aren't actually found in the region.
PATH FIND ALTERATIONS (Future) Right now, people go to the ground a lot when dealing with path find problems. If it isn't urgent, they should wait a bit but retain their paths. However, it's also important not to create traffic jams or lags.
CRASH ISSUE ON BODY PART VIEW Completed During a fight with some zombies in dwarf mode, crashed while viewing body parts after moving the cursor.
PET INFO CRASH Completed There was a crash related to null pet and owner pointers inside some pet info.
TEMPERATURE FLOW SLAYERS (Future) Dragons and other flow-creating creatures aren't credited properly for kills via temperature.
PROJECTILES AND FLOWS (Future) Some projectiles survive environmental effects unaffected.
DIAGONAL FLOW PATHS (Future) Diagonal-tending dragonfire has a tendency to wrap backward.
LIQUID CREATURE SUPPORT (Future) Some creatures like magma men need better support for extreme temperature effects to work properly for them.
GRASS-TREE BURN SPEEDS (Future) Grass and trees undergo different burn-speed transformations between dwarf mode and adventure mode, leading to unwarranted mode differences.
FIRE AND TEMPERATURE (Future) In some flow and map square situations, items are still burned away immediately instead of using temperature to affect them.
CONTAMINANT MATERIALS (Future) Contaminant materials need to be tracked more carefully.
CONTAMINANT TEMPERATURE EFFECTS (Future) Most importantly, metals that melt over creatures should have an effect, but the temperature of contaminants isn't currently stored.
TEMPERATURE AND ROTTING (Future) The recycling critters that rot corpses and food work faster and are more abundant in higher temperature areas in general, though it might also be linked to the biome specifically.
CORE TEMPERATURE VS EXTREMITIES (Future) Frostbite doesn't work properly now, because temperatures are fairly uniform, even in homeotherms.
CREATURE SUBTYPES AND TEMPERATURE (Future) The safe temperature calculations don't take the gloss into consideration, so even if "oak" and "mangrove" have different temperature properties, the game doesn't use them for related creature doesn't use them in some instances.
VERMIN AND TEMPERATURE (Future) Vermin are currently unaffected by temperature and flows.
VENOM... BARRELS? (Future) Traders bring venom in barrels instead of vials. This might be excessive.
AGGRESSIVE SAPLING GROWTH (Future) Saplings seem to show up all over the place, including under lava or water. Might be handled.
DISTANT OFFICERS (Future) It will often select the worst possible officer for a case. It should consider distance issues, for example.
LOST FOOD (Future) The eat job sometimes loses control over the munchy's location.
THE WELL BUCKET AND MAGMA (Future) The well bucket is not affected by local temperatures as it should be when it descends.
MISSING UNIFORM (Future) When resetting clothing for temperature conditions, it can destroy guard uniforms.
EATING IN STRANGE ROOMS (Future) The dwarves exhibit a propensity for eating in odd rooms when more appropriate rooms are available.
AXE USE DEACTIVATED (Future) Deactivating squads can do strange things to axe use preference.
TANTRUM EXHAUSTION (Future) Dwarves throwing tantrums might get a bit tired of what they are doing, especially if they are injured. They shouldn't destroy their beds when they are trying to sleep unless they are in a particularly bad mood.
RAMP WALLS Completed There are some inconsistencies with ramp use regarding whether or not an adjacent wall is needed.
PET CAP (Future) Evaluate alternatives to the 50 per type animal cap.
OTHER CAVES (Future) Need to use some rock outcrops to add caves to soil heavy environments (or tighten soil with roots).
ADV MODE LIGHTING PROBLEMS (Future) There are some problems with adventure mode lighting versus lower fluids and the memory map in open spaces.
AMAZING VERMIN ENTRY (Future) Eater vermin from map features can get into things that are impossible to get into.
LACK OF FLUID MIXING IN CONTAINERS (Future) It lets you have for instance "water" and "stagnant water" as distinct items in your flask, and you can also fill up your backpack with water without getting other objects wet and without leakage.
TRAILS AND ROADS (Future) There should be trails and roads all over the place in civilized areas.
AREA DIFFICULTIES (Future) There need to be some more additions to challenging areas and perhaps a little more work on making calm areas calm.
MOOD WORKSHOP (Future) There should be additional indicators of which workshop has been taken over by a mood dwarf.
OFFER CONFIRMATION (Future) A confirmation might be helpful for making offerings in the depot.
RAW FISH NAME (Future) Raw fish might need to be renamed for clarity
BUILDING JOB CHECKS (Future) Need to look into how often buildings do job checks and when they reset their counters.
HAUL JOB OVERRIDES (Future) Workshop jobs should remove haul tasks from items within them if the item is applicable for the job.
PERSISTENT CURSOR POSITION (Future) There are some mode changes in dwarf mode where the cursor position should persist.
TOTAL PROFESSION NUMBERS (Future) There should be a way to view the total numbers enabled for each labor list item.
ROOM QUALITY DISPLAY (Future) There should be an easier way to view the quality of a room.
PERSONAL ROOM TRAFFIC (Future) Dwarves should probably get upset if a bunch of dwarves walk through their rooms while they are around to notice.
JOB INFORMATION (Future) You should be able to view more information about jobs so that you can better understand how to complete them and what you have available to do so.
WOUNDED BABY CARE (Future) Mothers don't care if their babies are wounded, even if they are being carried at the time.
HAULING ORDERS (Future) More ways to control hauling orders, so important corpses can be picked up and lone bolts can be ignored.
MINING SKILL SETTINGS (Future) There are situations where it would be nice to have the ability to set skill threshholds for gem/ore mining jobs.
VARIOUS COMPENSATION METHODS (Future) Certain jobs should pay by the hour instead of by the job (or by other factors). Examples include hauling and pump operation.
HOLDING ARTIFACTS (Future) There seems to be something a bit loopy with how artifact keep/drop/hide decisions are made. They can hold on to an object for a very long time without committing to anything. Even if a dwarf chooses to keep an artifact, it shouldn't just walk around with a floodgate or something.
OBSTACLE HANDLING FOR BUILDERS AND MINERS (Future) When a dwarves are mining or placing a building which will become an obstacle, they should do the jobs from the first good square they touch so that they don't lock themselves in.
ERRONEOUS CAGED UNIT DEATHS (Future) A container item that is destroyed can kill units, even if the unit itself is resistant to the destroyer of the item (magma for example).
PLATE/CHAIN LAYERING VS. ARMOR LEVEL (Future) Wearing mail under plate is permissible, but it can be confusing to see when you select plate as the armor level.
DIRT ROADS ON ICE (Future) When roads are built over ice, trampled dirt can be created spontaneously.
DYED CLOTH STOCKPILE SEPARATION (Future) The ability to separate dyed and undyed cloth in stockpiles can be useful for speeding up production.
PREMATURE TRADE SCREEN EXITS (Future) It's easy to skip out of the trade agreement screens without knowing what happened.
SAVE TO MAIN MENU TRANSITION (Future) Need a prompt after save has completely successfully, and it should finish cleaning before asking you to press the key.
DAMBLOCK OPTS (Future) There are some optimizations that can be made to the damage blocking calculations.
STILL BARRELS (Future) If a booze stockpile contains empty barrels, a brewing job should be able to use them for storage.
VERMIN TRACKING (Future) There are some problems with the accounting of vermin populations.
PUT ON YOUR MASK BEFORE ASSISTING THE CHILD NEXT TO YOU (Future) Parents can die from thirst seeking their infants. It might help them to prioritize if they are dehydrated.
RECLAIM STACKS (Future) On reclaim, some of the container emptying procedures can be very annoying, especially if there are tons of coin piles.
DOMESTICATION AND ENTITY DEFS (Future) The "common domestic" state of animals should be in part an entity property, rather than solely a creature property.
BAG RESERVES (Future) The ability to reserve bags for uses other than seed storage would be useful.
KITCHEN ISSUES (Future) It would be useful to have kitchen options for items that you don't necessarily have in stock at the moment, and there's an issue with needing milk's cook setting active to make cheese.
ZOOMING AROUND (Future) It would be useful to have more ways to get between object screens and zooming to objects between all of the views.
DROWSINESS VS. KNOCKOUTS (Future) Dwarves can having drowsiness problems if they are KO'd for long periods of time.
PAIRED ITEMS ON ARMOR STANDS (Future) Armor stands need to be able to hold 2 gloves and shoes, rather than just one item.
EQUIPMENT STORAGE (Future) Need to salvage some armor stand/weapon rack storage code for use by soldiers.
SCHEDULING ISSUES (Future) There are some minor adventure mode town schedule issues that need addressing.
PAIRED IMPROVEMENTS (Future) For the most part, improvements on pregenerated paired items should be made identical.
"WATER"SKINS? (Future) Military dwarves should be apt to carry booze instead of water.
WEIGHT AND VALUE PROBLEMS (Future) There are a lot of inconsistencies with weight and value numbers in the raws.
PRICE SETTER STORAGE (Future) Technical issue with price setter storage.
DRINK JOB CONNECTION CHECKS (Future) Some drink jobs don't check connectivity correctly.
BUILDING NAMES (Future) Custom names for buildings. For stockpiles they can be inherited by containers.
ROCKY ROAD (Future) Road building can be annoying on rocky maps.
WEALTH OVERCOUNTS (Future) Held/worn items are counted too much toward fortress wealth.
PLANTING CANCELLATIONS (Future) Farming plots that are set to fallow won't cancel their jobs if there's even a single seed planted. There are also issues with cancellation for redded out plants.
DWARVEN WAGONS Completed Dwarves have wagons, so they should use them to trade.
WATERFALL EDGES (Future) Waterfalls have an issue where water at the bottom can potentially flow up off the edge into the unallocated void.
ELITE SOLDIER SETTINGS (Future) You should be able to set soldier preferences for elite soldiers, though they should be unhappy to part with their favorite weapons.
TASK PRIORITIES (Future) It should be easier to single out a dwarf as the only one permitted to perform a task, or to give that dwarf higher priority for the task.
FARM SETTINGS LOST (Future) It can destroy preset crop selections for future seasons when there's a problem with the current season.
JOB POSSIBILITIES DISPLAYED (Future) When adding jobs to workshops, it should be more clear which jobs could actually be completed at that time.
EQUIPMENT CLEANING (Future) You need to be able to clean off dirty equipment, both modes. You might need to use grass or some kind of intermediate object/liquid to avoid getting more dirty.
SETUP SCREEN CHANGES (Future) Various minor changes to the dwarf mode setup screen. It should be easier to see the skills of the dwarves you are bringing and you should have more of an idea what the equipment you are bringing it for. It should update the profession names of dwarves as you change their skills.
FLOATING (Future) Objects with proper densities should float in liquids. This should also apply to swimming creatures.
MESSAGE CONTROL (Future) All messages should be optional with optional pause-zooming. There should be optional building completion announcements.
SETTINGS FOR BASIC JOBS (Future) There should be specific labor list settings for jobs like harvesting, level pulling and depot hauls that all dwarves do.
EQUIPMENT DISPOSAL (Future) There should be more standing orders for how unusable clothing, armor and other equipment are handled to expedite siege cleaning and the disposal of old clothes.
ASHERY SKILLS (Future) Potash-making from lye should be skillless, and ideally you'd just set the stuff to evaporate. The ash to potash job should give lye-making skill.
REFERENCE UPDATE (Future) Some internal references should be stored differently.
FISHERY AUTOMATION (Future) The fishery (and other workshops) should have automation features.
TRAVELER OUTFITS (Future) Sometimes it fails to update the clothing of people that have traveled to another town to account for temperature.
CHILDREN AND GROWTH (Future) Children need to change sizes more gradually as they grow up. It must also handle their clothing sizes without generating a ton of garbage objects.
SHOPKEEPERS AND THEIR INVENTORY (Future) Owners of dwarf mode shops aren't tied closely enough to their wares, even though they pay for them.
UNIT-JOB SCREEN IMPROVEMENTS (Future) The unit-job screen should be improved in myriad ways, though the options people have requested are too numerous to fit in a simple screen.
FLEEING SOLDIER AI (Future) Fleeing soldiers don't cope well with not being able to reach their exit location.
INJURED HUNTERS (Future) Injured hunters should not attempt to hunt in general.
COOKING SELECTION ISSUE (Future) Cooking had an issue where it selected a barrel and the object inside of it.
PRESERVING VALUABLE STONES Completed There should be a way to stop valuable stones like obsidian from being used in general stoneworking jobs.
INTERRUPTED JOB DURATIONS (Future) Issue with job durations versus interruptions.
BARRACKS ASSIGNMENTS (Future) Allow barracks assignments for squads, including specific assignments (possibly automated within the barracks) for weapon racks and armor stands for soldiers.
USEFUL BREAKS (Future) Dwarves should actively pursue non-work related activities while they are taking breaks.
LIAISON AND WORKERS (Future) You should be able to request specific workers and worker types from your outpost liaison.
IMPROVE LOCAL MATERIAL TABULATION (Future) The game doesn't quite have a handle on which materials are available locally. This would make demands more reasonable.
COFFIN OBJECT ISSUES (Future) Issues with the items in coffins versus building destruction and rotting.
FOOD SELECTION (Future) There are some issues with food choice relative to value and distance.
RAMPS ON BOUNDARIES (Future) Some ramps were omitted on block splits.
KIDNAP INFO HANDLING (Future) Kidnapped dwarves need to have more game info removed.
STEAM EFFECTS (Future) There are currently problems with steam temperature damage, and the effects of walking through a forest fire.
ZOMBIE BODIES (Future) Zombies should just leave rotten corpses instead of rotten zombie corpses, though their former status as a zombie might have impacts on the body's properties later on.
CAVE-IN COLUMN WEIGHTS (Future) Cave-in columns need more careful weight calculations.
INITIAL RIVER DISPLAY (Future) It needs to initialize river flow directions before the rivers are initially displayed.
FLOWS AND DIRECTIONAL CALCULATIONS (Future) Certain flow calculations still only run in 4 directions.
CONTAMINANT TEMPERATURE AND MOISTURE (Future) Contaminants on units and items need to have temperatures so that these objects can be covered with snow or heated oil. Some contaminants also need to have some kind of moisture content so that blood can dry out and stain for example.
FORBIDDEN WARES (Future) The "good" creatures should be a little less likely to purchase leather or other items made from the bodies of civilized creatures, with various exceptions.
EXCESSIVE BAIT (Future) Dwarves should not use entire stacks of meat or fish to bait traps.
METAL BLOCK/BAR WEIGHTS (Future) Need to watch out for the weight of metal objects versus metal bars.
WRESTLING GRASPS VERSUS OTHER ACTIONS (Future) It should be more difficult or impossible to use the grasps you are using for wrestling in other tasks at the same time.
UNDEAD HEALING (Future) Undead and construct-type creatures tend to heal when they shouldn't.
EXTRACT MATERIALS (Future) The extract system needs to be overhauled to support more robust material definitions and more potential extracts from a given creature or plant.
HUMAN MIGRANT ISSUES (Future) In the limited test I did of human migrants in a dwarf fortress, there were several issues, including the humans being treated like tame beasts.
UNDEAD POPULATIONS (Future) Undead populations aren't tracked properly.
ASKING DIRECTIONS (Future) You should be able to ask directions more robustly in adventure mode. They should be able to give you directions and location descriptions. You should be able to ask about general or specific items or trades, and various other things. Different creatures might have a broader knowledge of more areas depending on various factors.
MIXING LIQUID CONTAMINANTS (Future) Liquid contaminants should mix so that you can't just act on one of them, assuming they overlap on the object in question.
MATERIAL REWRITE (Future) There's a technical rewrite required to support things like object materials which are, for instance, the blood of a specific creature.
PATH BUFFER CLEARING (Future) There's a bit of an optimization that can be done to the periodic path buffer clearing.
SIEGE ENGINES AND THE Z AXIS (Future) Siege engines need to respect the z axis.
DEEP OBJECT PLACEMENT ISSUE (Future) There's an issue with object placement in one of the deep areas.
CONNECTED SITE COMPONENTS (Future) Sites in areas with large elevation changes need to connect up their components. For instance, a town built into several areas on a cliff might have some stairs carved into the walls to connect the components.
LOCAL ARMY MOVEMENT (Future) There are some issue with army movement in adventure mode, especially related to armies you are visiting that would like to move.
GOBLIN TOWER ISSUES (Future) There are some issues with swamps, vegetation and subterranean areas in goblin towers.
DWARVES ON FIRE (Future) Dwarves should really handle themselves a bit better when they are around fire. They should start by recognizing that it's actually a problem to be on fire.
HATCH OPENING FOR DIAGONAL FLIERS (Future) It needs to be more specific about how fliers moving diagonally and up interact with multiple hatches.
FISH CLEANING IMPROVEMENTS (Future) You should be able to remove relevant portions (shell/bones) of fish during cleaning.
BLOOD VISIBILITY (Future) Blood of all types should be visible on whatever color stone it falls on.
WIND (Future) Local wind patterns need to be more interesting.
GROUNDED/SWIMMING (Future) Need to square the commonly-used notion of being on the ground with swimming.
VISION AND SWIMMING (Future) Need to work out what should be visible when you are swimming, especially if you are breathing up at the surface.
WATER PRESERVATION (Future) There are some cases where water is deleted when it might be pushed away to other tiles instead.
WARM STONE PROBLEM (Future) There are some rare cases where warm stone next to lava gets its temperature reset.
MIGRANT CHILDREN AGES (Future) The ages of migrant children are not based on the raws.
MATERIAL DEMANDS AND MANDATES (Future) Local materials lists for demands aren't compiled properly now.
ADVENTURE MODE TRADE SKILLS (Future) Some of the features from dwarf mode trade can be moved over to adventure mode.
MELTED OBJECT SIZE (Future) When objects change states, their sizes need to be tracked more carefully.
MISSING MIGRANT TYPES (Future) A few professions don't occur as migrant types.
INITIALIZING PREFERENCES ISSUE (Future) There's a minor issue with unit preferences and which ones it knows about at which times.
FISH SEARCH (Future) Fisherdwarves don't make the same efforts to find locations as thirsty dwarves.
WORLD MIGRANT LINKS (Future) Migrants joining towns on the world map don't get proper entity links.
RIVER STONES FOR ENTITIES (Future) Civilizations don't use alluvial deposits properly.
SAME-SQUARE MOVEMENT (Future) There are some adventure mode issues with same-square interactions.
BETTER PRESSURE Completed Water should avoid upward paths when there is a good downward route, though this taxes the CPU slightly.
SITE POPULATIONS (Future) There are various little issues with site animal populations that need to be cleaned up.
MINOR WILDERNESS POP ISSUES (Future) There are some minor issues with the distributions of local wilderness populations.
FROZEN WATER CONTAMINANTS (Future) Contaminants for frozen liquids aren't tracked carefully enough.
FLIERS/SWIMMERS AND BUILDING TARGETING (Future) Creatures with unusual movement types can't target buildings properly.
RUIN PLACEMENT (Future) Ruin placement is disabled in sites that become crowded with buildings, but it should adapt instead.
CAVE-IN DUST (Future) Dust flows from cave-ins need to be generated more carefully.
IMPROVED CAVE-IN MECHANICS (Future) The cave-in framework isn't being used for much. There should be more requirements for supports again.
SOIL CAVE-INS (Future) Certain rock/ground types shouldn't support anything by themselves.
WALKING ON BUILDINGS (Future) It seems like you should be able to walk over the top of something like a floodgate on the tile above, but this is quite annoying to handle.
CASTRATING ANIMALS (Future) Dwarves should be able to castrate male animals. Spaying female animals might be beyond the ability of dwarves to do reliably.
FIRES IN CONTAINERS (Future) Fires should not be able to burn in sealed containers.
ARMORED AGAINST JUSTICE (Future) People shouldn't be able to throw armor on a dwarf that's about to be hammered. All such items should be removed before the sentence is carried out.
PERSONAL HYGIENE (Future) Dwarves get filthy with all manner of foul matter and should clean themselves. Soap might come up. Clothes should also be cleaned. Could have stains.
FOOD PLURALS (Future) Food items need plurals (for the description screen for example).
MAP GENERATION BIAS (Future) The mid-level square maps never use the bottom right corner if all biome priorities are the same.
CONSTRUCTION BUILDING PLACEMENT (Future) You shouldn't have to place construction squares one by one, and you shouldn't have to wait for constructions to be finished to place further pending constructions.
ELVES TRADING ANIMALS (Future) Elves should be reluctant to trade animals to dwarves they haven't built up a relationship with.
KIDNAP THOUGHT (Future) Children should have some kind of thought about being kidnapped.
OFFICE WORK (Future) Proper office work should require a table by the chair.
BEAST INTERRUPTIONS (Future) Beasts should not constantly interrupt workers that aren't actual under threat.
EASY-TO-SKIP MEETING SCREENS (Future) It's too easy to skip passed important meeting screens by pressing space.
WATERY RAMPS (Future) Rivers and pools need ramps for the most part, so you can move in and out of them. Seashores too.
FLYING UP (Future) In adventure mode, it needs to allocate sky for you if you try to fly up into unallocated areas.
STREAM WATER FEET (Future) Stance points need to get water covers when walking over wet streams.
SALT WATER PONDS (Future) You can't designate salt water as a water source, so you can't make salt water ponds from the ocean for example.
MORE RIVERS (Future) Sometimes vast high-rain areas on the world map aren't drained, which is strange. The water systems could be underground, but there should be some in-game explanation.
WOOD RAW TOKENS (Future) Wood raws are missing a lot of customizable properties that other materials have.
PROMPT MEETINGS (Future) People that have meetings should take care of them promptly. The broker should get to the trade depot when called.
SOME NEW STOCKPILE SETTINGS (Future) People wanted stockpiles of meltables, stockpiles that exclude meltables, and stockpiles that distinguish dyed and undyed objects.
CONSTRUCTION WEAR (Future) Constructions don't wear down in the same way that regular smoothed walls do.
ORE/ALLOY AMOUNT PROBLEMS (Future) Some of the alloy smelting reaction numbers don't match up with the amount of bar smelting reactions when they meet certain ores.
IMPROVED WORLD MAP DURING EMBARK (Future) The tiles on the world map should be more representative of what's actually there.
EDGE PROJECTILES (Future) Ammunition fired at the edge of the play area shouldn't bounce against it.
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION INCONSISTENCIES (Future) There are some issues about diagonal access and so on with building constructions.
MINING SIDES (Future) Dwarves sometimes go on a long detour to mine a wall from a particular side.
WATER CONTAMINANT CONTROLS (Future) Salinity and stagnance markers can spread up into areas they don't particularly belong, especially during adventure mode travel. Water shouldn't drop mud all the time.
MAP BOULDER (Future) Should be able to pull up a stone object from boulder tiles.
MASTER RECORD KEEPER (Future) Record keepers gain skill too quickly.
MORE VEGETATION CONTROL (Future) Should be able to designation permanent zones for plant gathering and wood chopping and suspend all of these jobs as well.
UNDIGNIFIED DIGGING (Future) Somebody wanted to dig in the dirt without picks. It's not very dwarven, but I suppose it could be allowed.
FULL REACTION CLASSES (Future) Reaction classes need full definitions instead of just tokens like "FLUX" so that they can have more associated text and information.
WATERPROOF AXLES (Future) Somebody wanted to stick an axle through a wall without it leaking everywhere.
NOBLE QUEUE ISSUES (Future) The queue for meetings is updated sort of haphazardly. It could afford to be more organized.
MEETING/CONVERSATION/GAME/PARTY LINKS (Future) Many social activities in the game should be further organized and consolidated.
WORK ANIMAL ASSIGNMENT (Future) There are various issues with work animal assignment. It needs to be updated.
LAZY COMMANDERS (Future) In addition to whatever else is keeping soldiers from there stations and patrols, they should not hang out with their eating/sleeping/wounded commander.
MORE FARM FAILURE INFORMATION (Future) Farms need to explain more carefully what's going on when there's a biome or other conflict with available seeds. If you don't have any farmers, it should let you plant and fail before telling you.
AUTOSAVE NAME CONFUSION (Future) Autosaves that are loaded can generating somewhat confusing save names that have multiple seasons.
IN-GAME INIT OPTION ACCESS (Future) You should be able to change any reasonable init option within the game (flows as numbers, etc.).
PERSONALITY VS. PROFESSION (Future) Some migrants come with personalities completely unsuited to their line of work. The personalities of dwarves you select for a given profession should matter more.
CEILING INFORMATION (Future) You should be given at least some information about the ceiling above a tile in certain circumstances.
LOADED AREA IN OCEAN (Future) It keeps track of too many Z levels when you swim deep out into the ocean.
STUCK AND CAN'T DIG (Future) Dwarves that get stranded in a pit can't dig out the floor, even if that's the best option.
FLOWS VERSUS TREES (Future) Water and magma should be able to flow passed (and burn for magma) trees.
WALLS VERSUS MAGMA (Future) Constructed and non-constructed walls should be subject to magma. It can't just melt stone though, or the whole map will be affected (since magma currently generates its own heat).
MORE EFFECTIVE TRADE AGREEMENTS (Future) Traders should bring more of your high priority requests. In general, trade agreements can be more specific and interesting.
SAVING SOUND OPTIONS (Future) You should be able to save sound options back to the init file from the sound options menu.
FROZEN RIVER SOURCES (Future) River source squares that are just going to stack water on ice squares shouldn't make water.
MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ITEMS IN USE (Future) Some sort of indication such as TSK for items that are in use from views other than the building item view with more information about what's going on available from the item's screen.
POST-EMBARK LOAD INDICATOR (Future) After getting through the final embark screen, it can leave you hanging for quite a while.
WORKSHOP PROFILE CHANGE (Future) When setting workshop profile dwarves, it would be useful to be able to order the list in various ways (by relevant skills, unit type, whatever).
LOCAL WILDERNESS POPULATION REPLENISHMENT (Future) Local wilderness populations don't replenish like they used to over the course of a dwarf mode game.
ROOMS FOR APPOINTEES (Future) Assigning rooms to appointees would help alleviate problems that come up after the mayor's election.
CONSORT POSITION (Future) Need to handle the position of consorts in the case that their spouses die.
MORE CUSTOMIZATION FOR UNITS (Future) You can set their type names, but being able to set colors or custom tiles should also be possible.
CAGE CLEANING (Future) You need to be able to free cages of all the various filth that collects there.
SKY AND ICE (Future) Need to make ice and sky look different, since there are conflicts at night.
SMOOTHING AND ENGRAVING SKILLS (Future) They aren't closely related, so they should have different skills and professions, although having a skill entirely for smoothing stone seems like a stretch.
LIMB BLOOD DROPPING (Future) Bloody limbs that fly up in the air don't drop blood.
BETTER TERRAIN ESCAPE (Future) There is more that dwarves should be able to do while they are attempting to escape dangerous terrain, specifically in relation to running back and forth over squares they've already checked.
VEGETATION TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE AND EMBARK READOUT (Future) It needs to check temperature tolerances for local vegetation in embark, or else the tree/shrub density could be misleading.
STANDING IS GOOD Completed If a passing cat or something forces a training marksdwarf to the ground, they'll stay on the ground throughout archery practice.
PLEASE FORM A LINE (Future) Activity zone users all stack up on the same square instead of looking normal and standing on square where they can move at full speed.
BOOZE THE WOUNDED (Future) Wounded dwarves should be brought booze in the absence of or even instead of water.
BUILDING MECHANISM LOSS (Future) Triggered buildings that lose mechanisms (via melting etc.) shouldn't collapse, but it should let you know.
UNDERWATER PROJECTILES (Future) Throwing/shooting underwater are currently unrestricted, and projectiles in general should be handled.
WANDERING FEATURE POPULATIONS (Future) Creatures that reside in features and sites (such as subterranean creatures) should probably start and stay in their favored habitat, mostly.
AMMO PRICES (Future) All prices have problems, but improved ammo is especially ridiculous.
SAME SQUARE DRINKING (Future) If you are thirsty and it has been a while on dangerous semi-flooded terrain, you should go ahead and drink instead of being confused.
CAGE TRAP CONTROLS (Future) Need to have more control over cage trap loading to control spam. The load job should suspend if it can't find anything.
FLUID TEMPERATURE TRANSFER (Future) It would be nice if warm water could transfer that temperature to squares that it moves into, for example, but it is potentially very expensive CPU-wise to force more temperature updates.
CONTAMINANTS WITH CONTAMINANTS (Future) It needs to track whether you are covered with salt/filthy water for example.
UPWARD DIAGONAL MOVEMENT RATES (Future) It only applies a speed modifier to horizontal diagonal movement.
REWALLING IN WATER (Future) You should be able to drop some simple constructions down into the water, as long as it's reasonable.
MORE CONTROL OVER ROOMS (Future) You shouldn't have to rely on the room-flow to get things right for you. There's also some issues with being able to set doors as 'internal' before they are built and whether or not constructions should be treated as walls before they are built.
SNOWY WORLD GEN MAP (Future) The map in world generation is always covered with a lot of snow as it thinks it is the beginning of Spring.
FORMER ENTITY MEMBER STATUS (Future) Former entity members need to have that status tracked more explicitly.
SUCCESSION (Future) New leaders need to come into power when the previous entity leader is lost. This happens automatically during world generation, but during play the process needs to be more prolonged most of the time.
ADVENTURE MODE TOWN BED USE (Future) Adventure mode townspeople don't think about beds properly and can often stack many, many people in a bed before they'd think about an available second bed.
CONSORT HANDLING (Future) There are some problems with how consorts are handled/finalized during world generation, and how that ties in to previous jobs that might have held.


Bloats are somewhat superfluous ideas and thoughts of the Adams brothers.

Bloat-item Name Status Description Requirements
MORE ITEM IMPROVEMENTS (Future) Do more with matching up specific item improvements to the item type. Figurines can have associated shapes, much like engravings, and these can generate more slots for improvement. An image added on an improvement can do the same thing. So a shield could have an image of a tortoise engraved on it, and the tortoise could be given ruby eyes, etc.
PLAY (Future) Kids should want toys and play with them, adults can use puzzle boxes.
BURROWS Completed (Upgraded) Moved this to a core item.
BAR COUNTING (Future) Keep track of bars and blocks more closely. It can count the number of bars and they could be thrown individual by the adventurer. This also allows the refinement of the amount of metal used by jobs.
RENTAL UNITS (Future) Allow bedrooms and dining rooms etc. to be rented out as units instead of the current bedroom only system.
RENT SETTING (Future) Improve the rent setting process. Could be through some kind of supply/demand calc, perhaps realized by hidden bidding.
NOBLE RENT TWEAKS (Future) Nobles tweaking the rent of places they like so as to obtain them.
WHEELBARROWS (Future) Wheelbarrows could be made and used by haulers to do several jobs at once. The AI for this is complicated though.
FOOD HOARDERS BEWARE (Future) Plagues of vermin for people that keep way too much food. Some of them could even be large-sized regular creatures. Fungus civilizations and large crawling beasts.
VERMIN TROUBLE (Future) More vermin trouble for farmers in general. This makes vermin hunting pets more essential to have around. There can be various funny farm vermin. They could burrow in the farms. Creatures outside could also make burrows.
HUNTING THE SMALL (Future) Ability to carry multiple small kills when hunting, hunters should also be able to hunt the smaller vermin that are running around without having to use a special job issued from a building.
HUNTER AI (Future) Be smarter about returning kills when interrupted.
FILTHY COMBAT EXTENSIONS (Future) Throwing sand into eyes, spitting, spitting blood into eyes. Should be able to cup hands to pick up liquid/semi-liquid items so you can pitch vomit etc. at opponents.
ADVENTURING IN DWARF MODE Completed (Obsolete -- there's no longer a notion of separate locations for these areas) In the same way as you'll send out baron patrols, send out patrols into wells and side dungeons (in the chasm etc.). Regular adventure mode could also go into these places.
UNDERWATER DUNGEONS (Future) There should be undersea dungeons, swimming and diving. The liquid doesn't have to be water, especially in bad bad places. Ice could also be involved, and grottos open to air. Moats could use some of this. If the elves conquer your fortress they could turn it into a nature preserve of some kind.
VERMIN AND DISEASE (Future) Link vermin to plagues.
FLUID WORKSHOPS (Future) More fluid multi-purpose workshops, where you can do simple tasks in a general purpose shop, but you can add tools to make more specialized objects with bonuses.
TRAP CONVERSION ISSUES (Future) It could change or add new traps to your dwarf cave when it is abandoned. It should only reset spent traps when it makes sense (ie the cave is inhabitated by intelligent creatures).
VARIOUS GHOST IDEAS (Future) Blame the lever puller for flooded dungeon, make a ghost constantly pull the lever. Save relationships with various entities and have ghosts react to entity members as they would in life possibly. Ghosts can show you their bodies. Ghosts can pretend to do their old jobs. Ghost appearance can depend on how they died. Could force the adventurer to interact with ghosts to access now-secret parts of the fortress (could also use writings and legends for this). It can keep outposts that it normally throws away for fun little ghost stories. If the dwarves hate the elves, the ghosts could guide the adventurer to a poisoned goblet or insultingly engraved object to bring back to the elves, and they could lie to the player about it.
ART HISTORY (Future) Comments on art work, over different periods in the artist's career.
END GAME EXPANSION (Future) Extend adventure opportunities in end game caverns.
ELVEN FOREST RETREAT (Future) Control elf forest retreat. They could be on break all the time.
SIDE STORIES (Future) Little scenarios and side stories added to caves to make them more interesting.
ABSTRACT KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM (Future) Implement a more abstract "knowledge" system. Right now it tracks what items a civilization uses and what creatures it has seen, but there could be general things like how good their crossbow making knowledge is or even points of philosophy and law, etc. Knowledge could be transferred, lost and rediscovered.
GATES (Future) Sizeable giant gates that can be opened and closed remotely.
MECHANISMS OUTDOORS (Future) Allow some of the traps to be placed outside.
AUTOMATE KITCHEN (Future) It would be nice to automate the kitchen like the butcher or loom, but it's a harder problem.
ABUSING DIPLOMATS AND MERCHANTS (Future) Various ways to assassinate diplomats and cause trouble.
WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT (Future) Permanent assignment to workshops. Can also set skill restrictions on shops, assign them to burrows or have a master-apprentice system over the workshops.
EYE GLASSES (Future) Eye glasses and dwarves that need them. Jeweler can make lenses from raw glass, and then make frames from another material.
MIRRORS (Future) Use glass and silver to make mirrored glass, then use another material to create hand mirrors or large standing mirrors.
PROSTHETIC LIMBS (Future) Prosthetic limbs, could be fitted to individuals. Could be improved with hooks and so on.
MASKS (Future)
CLOCKS (Future)
BETTER BEDS (Future) Can extend the list of available materials, add blankets, pillows, etc.
MECHANICAL TOYS (Future) Like regular toys, but they requires small mechanisms made at the mechanic's workshop. These mechanisms could be more or less specific to the task.
AUTOMATONS (Future) Automatons could be created, but it's campy to overdo it, at least in the standard world model. An artifact creating dwarf could make special automatons.
THINGS TO SMOKE (Future) Things to smoke, pipes, smoke circle events and so on.
RESCUE OPERATIONS (Future) Rescuing kidnap victims using baron-level patrols or adventurers.
FLASKS (Future) Use flasks for drinking. Dwarves should seek to have a full flask on their person at all times.
PROPER PREGNANCY (Future) Currently creatures become pregnant from a distance, although it does do a gender check at least.
POND FISHING (Future) Cats should fish things out of your ponds.
PERSONALITIES Completed Dwarves should be further individualized with the potential to affect most aspects of the game.
ARTIFACT GROUPS (Future) Connections between artifacts. Some artifacts could be made in groups, especially ammo and small jewelry.
RESTRICT ANIMAL TRAINING (Future) Decrease the effective age range for training animals.
FAMILY TREE INTERFACE (Future) Ability to view family trees. Show marriages, pets, parents of pets, etc.
INTERFACE MOVEMENT (Future) More ways in the interface to get between different unit/building/item views.
MANDATE TEXT (Future) Add some flavor text to noble mandates, including punishment descriptions.
BUILDING JOB PRIORITIES (Future) Soften up and allow some customization to building jobs priorities. This can be done with a job application process (hidden) that works quickly to choose the best units.
SULLIES Completed Blood contaminants on units and items from fights and walking through pools, etc.
EXTEND FELL MOOD (Future) Extend fell mood to encompass other victims.
MORE LIVESTOCK (Future) Livestock. Use of feathers. Use of wool. Various eggs and nests. Dwarves should hate eating plants all the time.
MORE HAULING (Future) Animal-drawn carts and large rocks. Use carts and places to post them to do hauls more efficiently (move dozens of objects from post to post between burrows).
KITCHEN STORAGE (Future) Allow kitchen to store some barrels, although not sure about this.
WORKSHOP GUILD ASSOCIATIONS (Future) Extend guild associations to buildings. This can be used to control mandate punishments and other things.
COAL BYPRODUCTS (Future) Coal gas and coal tar. Tar could be used in soaps. Prolonged exposure to gas can cause diseases.
PROPER GEM ENVIRONMENTS Completed Link gem types with proper substrates as much as possible.
ROCK APPEARANCE Completed Make sandstone look better, can extend rock types in general.
NO RECORD Completed
PET AGE INTERFACE (Future) Mention pet age in their names or have profiles for them.
SCARY EVIL ARMIES (Future) Evil opponents with flavor, generals riding giant beasts, favorite beasts, could be saved by intervening armies that fight it out in front of your fortress.
MORE END GAME (Future) Pre-endgame and post-endgame warnings and cave changes, in line with nemesis character.
ROOM ASSIGNMENT INTERFACE (Future) Ability to assign rooms from the unit screen.
MORE UNIT TYPES Completed Add some more distinctions to dwarf unit types.
ELVEN DIPLOMACY (Future) Right now diplomacy with the elves and so on is pretty lame. They should look over your effects on the wilderness and judge accordingly, but also respect the current state between your civ and theirs.
MORE DIPLOMACY (Future) Some first contact diplomacy stuff. Your outpost could be the first contact between the two entities, or they might already have a long history. All of these things need to be integrated and respected.
NO RECORD Completed
MINOR PUNISHMENT (Future) Minor punishments like fines and beard shaving and permanent marks. Beard shaving implies beards, which implies wrestling with hair.
MONSTER FIGHTING SKILLS (Future) Some skills for fighting unusual creatures, at least as a dwarf mode bonus from dungeon master, but possibly as general opponent knowledge system.
CLAY, MUD, ADOBE STUFF (Future) Can use the kiln, have glazes, etc. Bricks.
WAGE AND JOB MANDATES (Future) Nobles tweaking wages, nobles demanding jobs. If a noble becomes friends with a miner, the noble could mandate more mining jobs if the friend is poor, or even if the friend isn't poor. The nobles could also retaliate against people they hold grudges against by suspending certain forms of work briefly, although that is dangerous.
BONUSES FOR GOOD JOB (Future) Bonus on top of regular wages for doing a good job. This is partially implemented.
POND WATER USE Completed Drink out of ponds if no wells or rivers accessible.
VISIBLE SWIMMERS Completed Show swimming wilderness critters occasionally if the population is high. This can include things like the salmon runs. Can be used in ponds as well, although it's already done there somewhat.
EXTEND RANSACKING (Future) Extend ransacking code so that nobles can do it during tantrums. Right now it is restricted to tax collection guards.
PORTERS (Future) Nobles can have other people store their possessions, possibly for a wage.
LEFT/RIGHT SPLIT Completed Consider splitting up items like "gloves" into left and right to handle things like severs correctly and to allow interesting mismatches. The downside is that it would make dwarf mode storage more of a hassle. Under consideration.
MORE FOOD PREFS (Future) Prepared food preferences, like "biscuits" or "minced foods" without respect to what is actually in it. Very picky dwarves, especially nobles, could like things like "roasted venison biscuits" or something, but then you'd have to be able to have that much control over the kitchen. Req129
UNIT DISTINCTIONS (Future) Distinguish thieves a bit based on quality as they gain skill.
PET ADMIRATION ISSUE (Future) Issue/optimization with being satisfied at seeing animals you like.
MORE SLEEP DISTURBANCES (Future) Make nearby violent deaths disturb sleepers heavily, or even wake them up.
EXTREME MOOD MODIFICATION (Future) Reduce the finality of going berserk, at least initially, can also swap between the other final moods like depression and insanity.
MUTINY (Future) Mutinies by mistreated and unhappy soldiers, possibly taking the whole squad or causing conflict within it. Small versions of this can be disregarding your orders.
HOUSE OF ANIMALS (Future) Advocacy from the house of animals noble.
BETTER PARTIES (Future) Official and commemorative parties. If it is a party for a unit, they can invite friends and family. If it is an official party, it can start from the top nobles and go down. There can be organized feasts and so on.
AMOROUS RELATIONSHIPS (Future) Dwarves that become good friends can have little parties by themselves. Eventually they can get married.
INSTRUMENT USE (Future) Instrument use at parties.
GRUDGES (Future) Grudges and personality conflicts. So instead of making friends, sometimes, dwarves will make enemies. Can form grudges over dead pets and fist fight tantrums. If a cat eats an escaped vermin pet, the owner can start a fist fight with the nearest cat or with the cat's owner.
WAGE ADJUSTMENT (Future) Bonuses for dangerous taming jobs.
ETCHING (Future) Etching on items. Could lead to magical runes type stuff.
SELF-SERVICE HEALTHCARE (Future) Take charge of your own health if nobody comes to help after a while.
TECHNICAL SITE EXTENSIONS Completed Some issues with extending dwarf mode to other sites.
CAGE OPTIMIZATION (Future) Optimize the caging routines.
AMMO FETCHING (Future) Improve ammo fetching code. Right now they shoot until they run out, but there were some issues with replenishing ammo sooner that might have to wait for item stacking.
THIEF AI (Future) Improve thieves ability to get around your guys. Right now they just charge in and leave it to chance pretty much.
CHITIN PROCESSING (Future) Handle chitin properly in butcher's shop. Shouldn't need to tan it maybe, but use some other process, or perhaps use it raw.
OSTRACISM AND SOCIAL STIGMA (Future) Alienation of badly misbehaving dwarves.
JUSTICE INTERFACE (Future) Give more information on the justice screen.
THIEF INFORMATION (Future) Give more information about how much thieves have stolen.
DRINK IMPROVEMENTS (Future) More names for drinks, they could have special names, commemorate things, be improved in the kitchen, associated drinking rituals, etc.
CAVE-IN INJURIES (Future) Allow people to survive cave-ins with injuries, instead of the current all-or-nothing system.
KNOWLEDGE OF TREES (Future) Add civ knowledge of trees. There could be more unsavory kinds of trees in the evil places, and the goblins could know about them. For some reason, I stream-of-consciousnessed goblins capturing and butchering your adventurer with you having time to escape here too.
IMPROVE CALENDAR (Future) Make the calendar more interesting. It can depend on the entity involved. There could be days commemorated by certain entities named on the calendar, including those corresponding to historical events that happen during your games.
THEFT IMPROVEMENTS (Future) Thieves should be able to steal tagged items from the depot. Thieves can steal animals and later have the same animal as a pet, or it could be processed into jewelry.
THEFT IMPROVEMENTS (Future) Make the highest power thieves more daring and interesting.
MISSING HIST FIGS (Future) Certain historical figures, such as those in the king's entourage, are currently generated rather than being present during history creation.
ART IMAGERY (Future) More varied art imagery, such as buildings and siege engines.
SIEGE ENGINES (Future) Do more with siege engines, more types, more descriptions like animal-headed battering rams and so on. This also leads to extensive improvements that could be made. This involves taking the general "ballista parts" and so on and making them more specific.
INTERFACE MOVEMENT (Future) Improve ability to hop between interface screens, especially when viewing items, jobs, buildings and units.
CONTAINER CONTENTS PAGING Completed Clean up scroll overflows on the item screen.
JOB STATS OPTIMIZATION (Future) Technical tweak of job completion number storage.
CHAR MAP CUSTOMIZATION Completed (Upgraded) Ability to customize the character maps has been superceded by tiles.
OWNABLE LIQUIDS (Future) Certain liquids should be ownable.
SIBLING MIGRANT ISSUE (Future) Sibling migrants don't track relationships properly.
SMALL MIGRANTS (Future) Allow migrants to bring babies and the small pocket pets.
VERMIN OFFERING RESOLUTION (Future) Traded vermin should be converted into pets if they are brought back or seen again, or they could just disappear as if eaten or processed.
HEALING CODE TWEAK (Future) There's a small issue with healing that might slow the mending of breaks slightly.
DREAMS (Future) Use the current dream code to make it track random dreams, could do premonitions with this.
INVENTORY SHUFFLING (Future) Refine equipment shuffling code so that dwarves fill their hands evenly if necessary.
OPTIMIZATION FOR INVASIONS (Future) Speed optimization for invasion code.
INVASION HISTORIES (Future) Improve history keeping for invasions. There are also some issues with ambush invasions possibly being given away by the siege light.
PHILOSOPHER ADVOCACY (Future) Advocacy by philosopher (complains to mayor as the others do). Could be some standard ethical stuff, but with a dwarven bent.
WIZARD STUFF (Future) This bloat was just to remind me about books and all kinds of magic stuff arc.
WRESTLING (Future) Track who is lowest if a bunch of people are wrestling in a square and start to crush them.
WRESTLING (Future) Various ways to involve exposed guts in wrestling. Grab the guts. Strangle with the guts. Flames should affect spilled guts. Guts should remain on the field after death.
WRESTLING (Future) Technical issue with stuck-ins and freedom of movement.
WRESTLING (Future) Handle grab-tear shaking and further poison injection.
WRESTLING (Future) Incidental item/item, item/bp tangle-ups.
WRESTLING MOVES AND MORE INTERFACE (Future) Lifts, impalements, smashing into terrain, disarms, throat-slitting, etc. Much more wrestling. Make graspers and the most common moves appear at the top of the interface list.
AND MORE WRESTLING (Future) Reversing wrestling holds.
PUNISHMENT (Future) Thrown in cave as punishment for a crime, remove your possessions. This could also be a typical start scenario.
DISEASE AND INFECTION (Future) Disease and infection. Get some from swamp or blood drinking. Hearty creatures (like dwarves) shouldn't be affected so much. The absence of a spleen can increase the chance of septicemia. Infections of some wounds, especially if you are dirty, leprosy type stuff, plagues. Tumors, especially those caused by magic. The kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach and pancreas should have functions that are reduced by damage.
RUST (Future) Rust and verdigris and so on.
HUMAN TOWN MODE (Future) Control human town. See future dev.
WIZARD MODE (Future) Control wizard from tower, etc. See future dev.
EARLY GAME (Future) Start games in Age of Myth. See future dev.
LATE GAME (Future) Run games passed the Golden Age into more mundane times. See future dev.
WORLD CUSTOMIZATION (Future) Some startup options to speed things up if you already have preferences in mind, including the ability to set the world size. See future dev.
FIGURINE SHAPES (Future) Shapes for figurines.
MORE UNIT SCREENS (Future) Other helpful versions of the unit screen for various purposes. This could just wait for tiles and access to graphics and scrollbars and so on.
MERCHANT FOOD PRICES (Future) Expand merchant price tweaks to cover foods.
CHANGE SNEAK SKILL (Future) Refine sneak skill gains. You should get the most when someone is trying to detect you and you know they are doing it.
KILL VERMIN (Future) Adventurer should be able to kill live vermin, rather than being forced to eat them alive. Eating them alive should be harder. Cooking should be preferable.
MORE PLAYER ABUSE (Future) Many other ways to abuse the player's body, aside from what it does now. Hang the bodies from trees. Flay. Make clothing and ornaments. Body part sculptures. Crucifixion. Associated shit-talking and historical events. You should be able to do anything to an enemy's body that they can do to you. These should also be recorded in the histories.
POWDER THROWS (Future) Throwing powdery object should make short-lived cloud flows (like dust from cave-ins but slower).
COLLECTOR QUESTS (Future) Quests to gather rare bugs in glass vials (coins too). Since these are actual game objects rather than scripted events, these quests could be very open and challenging.
ITEM PLACEMENT (Future) Items should be placed in dwarf mode ponds sometimes after game.
WALL HANGINGS AND RUGS (Future) Rugs, tapestries, paintings, etc. This leads to things like paint and pigments. The player's skin could hang in the goblin fortress in the same way. It could even be improved like dwarf items. Core43
BATHS (Future) Bath tubs. Golden bath tubs. Use of soap with a bucket of water.
ANIMAL PREFS AND DEATH (Future) Consider animal prefs/dislikes in thoughts when doing butchering jobs (or in combat).
PET EATERS (Future) Hungry pet carnivore could kill your other pets, leading to fights between pet owners.
INSIDE WILDLIFE Completed Diversify behavior of inside wildlife. A lot of them could act more like the outside wildlife than the insane murderers they are now. Then it would make more sense for them to be brought or kept as pets.
ROOM CLEANING (Future) Cleaning rooms more responsibly, perhaps before sleeping.
ADVENTURER AND TOYS (Future) You should be able to play with all the toys. Puzzleboxes can contain things in adventure mode, related to anything (history, secret doors, whatever).
DEEP SITES (Future) There should be more interesting sites deep in the mountains, and it should be possible for you to create multi-tile tunnels under mountain ranges with various sites of your making and not of your making on the way.
FINDING BUYERS (Future) Arranging for buyers for artifacts. It could be harder to access nobles, and this might be a challenge.
NOBLE RANK SYSTEM Completed Consider sometimes having just one baron/baroness, but they rank up as you improve, rather than many of these nobles at each rank.
CARE PACKAGES (Future) Being able to send comforting trinkets and provisions to your armies.
PHYSICAL FEATURES (Future) Various superfluous physical features for dwarves and others.
PRISON REFORM (Future) If prisoner situation becomes untenable etc., can have a rebellion against the nobles. Nobles should stop throwing people in jail if enough are already there.
CAVE CLAIMING (Future) Should be able to run something like reclaim mode on any available cave. You could run a reclaim on anything with a group of adventurers you've assembled yourself.
CHILD NAMING (Future) Children can be named after historical figures, including adventurers, and parents can explain why they selected the name. In general, the fame and infamy of adventurers can be realized in various ways.
NO RECORD Completed
LIBRARIES (Future) Books and libraries utilizing histories. Once these are in, people that you chat with don't need to know as much. You can find legends here that reveal locations of ruins made by world gen, or your dwarf games. Various other books are possible.
WRITING AND GRAPHICS (Future) If tile graphics go in, be sure to pay attention to the writing system. The writing and associated graphics can be generated for each entity.
KEYS (Future) Keys, the kind that unlock doors. These can be used everywhere, thrown all over your old dwarf caves for some of the doors etc. Core42
INTERNAL AREAS (Future) Internal mushroom jungles and lost whatevers and so on.
UNDERGROUND LAKES Completed Large underground lakes, can build platforms on them, and the platforms can support further buildings.
SNAKES AND WORMS (Future) There are some complications from these creatures since they should always be on the ground and need to start that way.
LYING AND BEING PUNISHED (Future) You should be able to tell people you know how to kill dragons and then some guys could join you and turn on you as soon as you get into the woods and leave you naked. Proper bar tales should be generated.
DEMOGRAPHICS ISSUES 1 (Future) If a town runs out of women, they could seek more.
DEMOGRAPHICS ISSUES 2 (Future) If there are too many men in town, they could start more wars.
ADVENTURER MOUNTS (Future) Should be able to acquire mounts and beasts of burden.
VILLAGE STORIES (Future) Profiles can track the last few spots the creature has been at with the associated years, and they could refer to this while chatting. Certain people could stretch these years out of bounds and talk about ancient things not involving them and write themselves into the story.
MINIMAP ISSUES (Future) Center X on minimap and make sure it flickers properly.
SITE SPRAWL (Future) The largest cities should have multiple site maps linked up at the edges to help with loading issues, though it will have to handle the AI for creatures that have business across multiple sections.
MINING/CUTTING ANNOUNCEMENTS (Future) It could announce when current reachable wood-cutting and mining jobs are done.
PERSISTENT CONVERSATIONS (Future) Conversations can remain active once the screen closes, allowing you to move around and do things while the conversation is still running. Conversations would fade over time. You could have more than one active conversation, and multiple participants could be involved in these. This would be important for group meetings and side discussions with a messenger than comes in and so on. This will require conversations to be saved and loaded as well.
CONVERSATION UTTERANCE BUILDERS (Future) When asking specific questions or making statements, much like wrestling, you could set specific parameters. You could set a topic and a question word or your topic and intention and a tone.
CONVERSATION PLEASANTRIES (Future) Have random pleasantries with random responses.
SPECIFIC QUERIES (Future) Can ask about any entity, site, creature etc that is known to you.
STORE QUERIES (Future) Can ask about stores, people can direct you, even to another town.
UNIT KNOWLEDGE (Future) Could set up a system whereby each creature in the town knows different facts, even if they have the same entity affiliations.
DWARF/ELF COMMUNITIES (Future) Add meaningful things to the dwarf/elf communities.
SLOW ESCALATION TO VIOLENCE (Future) Rather than just killing you, or even creating a crime, there should be a slow escalation through violent stages. For instance, if you throw a toad at somebody (once projectile damage is fixed and projectiles can hit friendlies), they could get upset and yell at you. You could lie about doing it. And they could see through it if they don't see anybody else around. Store owners should yell at you if you leave, but not send the whole town to kill you.
VEGETATION ISSUES (Future) More shrub pictures, flowers with pictures, times of flowering, grass browning should be controlled by more than just temperature (rainfall, etc.).
REGION FACTS (Future) Regions can have legend facts, like what dwells there. Only show discovered populations.
STORE NAMES (Future) The stores in town should have names, saved in the abstract at world level so that people can talk about and direct you to them.
RELATIONSHIP OPTIMIZATION Completed There's a technical optimization tagged in the code for how they store relationships.
BOTTLING (Future) Glass bottles for trading away master booze, bottling it and aging it, fun labeling of the bottles complete with names and images and years, comments on years, collector quests.
SPRINTING (Future) Move faster, but have to move an extra square and can't turn fast, if you press backward it could make you slide forward on the ground, should cause exertion
COIN ISSUE Completed Technical issue with coin batches.
FINALIZE ART IMAGES Completed Art images should describe historical events, etc., rather than just being an image.
SAVING MAP SEEDS Completed Option to save a map seed once a map is created, so you can generate it again or send the seed to a friend without having to send a whole save folder.
VEIN MINING OPTION (Future) Ability to designate a metal vein for digging. They'd keep mining out the same kind of metal in adjacent squares as they uncover them.
HISTORY GROUPING (Future) When you enter places, it could record it all of the subsequent events under a general heading which it names later, like "the raid of ".
AGING ITEMS (Future) Items that should rot when you visit a site after some time will only undergo one change right now, they can go from fresh to being gone. It would be nice if item aging and rotting could be unified into a seamless system that let you age an item by any amount, but there are a number of obstacles.
ART IMAGE COMPLEXITY AND IMPROVEMENT (Future) Item improvement image complexity can be determined by craft quality, the image can generate slots for further improvements on the item to occupy, but it needs to do this in an abstract way that works for detail events as well, and also statues and figurines
FRIENDLY FIRE (Future) If you fire at an enemy 5 squares away and that creature is wrestling with a friendly, there should be a chance of hitting the friendly. But if the buddy is in the line of fire (by squares) but much closer to you, you shouldn't hit the buddy at all.
WILDERNESS CAUTION (Future) Abort random encounters against large groups of adventurers if there's no chance of attacker victory
STATUE IMPROVEMENTS (Future) Describe statues, analagous to figurines, could have arms that can be moved and hidden levers and buttons and so on, could be linked to creature defs and be animated or come alive
UNPREPARED FISH ROTTING (Future) Unprepared fish should rot slowly in the foodpile, like unrendered fat.
WEB CHECK (Future) Technical issue with webs.
LEAPING AND PITS (Future) Could add little open pits in the caves, respecting Z coord, and the ability to leap into any space with a confirmation, it might be a hassle to teach the path-finding of your opponents to leap after you though
ADVENTURE MODE DREAMS WHILE SLEEPING (Future) Dreams in adventure mode, occasionally you can get history, other information and quests this way
QUICKLIME (Future) Bake limestone in a kiln for it, and implement some uses
DWARVEN HUNGER Completed Hungry dwarves should take food from the merchant if they need it, although this could cause trouble between the civs if the merchant doesn't return with enough value
SWEAT (Future) Linked to exertion, can have a number of effects.
ARENAS (Future) Fight for food or money, stuff can be on chains or just waiting inside. Various associated industries.
APPROPRIATE ANIMALS FOR CIVS (Future) Dwarves shouldn't use full-sized horses to pull their wagons, for example.
HALF-BLOCKED SKY (Future) "you cannot view the sky to the south because of the cliff face", etc. This sort of thing would block your vision of certain clouds and the moon and sun at certain times.
MARTIAL LAW (Future) Nobles could declare martial law if things get out of hand, which could have various effects.
EVIL ALCHEMY (Future) Certain of the darker mood dwarves could take over alchemy shops and use the dwarven liver and so on.
REGIONAL EVIL EXPLANATIONS (Future) Right now, the regions just go bad or good without explanation. There needs to be a backdrop for this, even if magic isn't in the game yet. The evil could be linked to certain historical figures in the region that need to be removed or else the evil keeps replenishing.
REGION HISTORIES (Future) There should be associated events for regions going bad etc, and the old name of the region prior to its name change should be recorded.
Z VEINS Completed Currently only the main Z level has associated gem and metal vein events, this needs to be changed.
CREATURE ANTICS (Future) Creatures, including ones like kobolds, could dig around for pretty rocks, root around in the mud, and make random vocalizations, rather than just wandering from point to point.
REGIONAL POPULATIONS INFLUENCE CIV ITEMS (Future) The wilderness creatures available locally should influence what sort of objects the people are wearing, although when caravans go in things can become more blurred. Could have notions of what's fashionable. They could comment on the adventurer's clothing in this respect.
CLOTHING VARIATIONS (Future) Entities need to have clothing variations, even at the town level. This includes adding many clothing types beyond the shirt and pants we currently have. Certain materials and dye colors could be in favor (need to add dye first).
VOCALIZATIONS (Future) Battle yells, random grunts, etc.
IMPROVEMENT OF ENGRAVINGS (Future) This is already referred to in many places, but engravings should be able to be improved by gems etc. There's a difficulty selecting which ones need to be improved, since you could place a workshop over it, etc.
ORGAN RETENTION (Future) Rather than just creating "chunks", butchery should keep many creature organs intact for cooking and alchemy
HERBIVORES AND LIVESTOCK AND SO ON (Future) Herbivores should be able to eat grass outside, people can bring livestock, not as pets, sheep/goats -- sheep lead to wool on butcher? or can you process them without butcher at the farm shop, like milking?
TRANSLATION CLEARANCE Completed Go through and check languages for tone.
PROPER BLOOD SUCKING (Future) Blood sucking should occur over a longer period like the latch and-shake wrestling move. It should also feed the sucker.
AUTOMATIC MANDATE HANDLING (Future) Could add an option to make noble mandates go directly into the work order queue.
USEFUL TREASURER (Future) The treasurer could walk around and combine coin stacks.
ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING (Future) Some preferences could be gained by children as they play and explore, rather than having them be innate. These can include personality development. Many preferences and other aspects of their profiles shouldn't be visible at first.
ADVANCED WORK ORDERS (Future) Work orders could be made more intelligent, so that they could order up precursors to the job at hand rather than just failing.
GRAB-TEARS II (Future) If the strength+size difference is large enough, a wrestler should be able to rip an enemy apart directly.
INCIDENTAL HANGINGS (Future) If a creature is attached by the neck to a chain building and falls down in the z direction or into a chasm, it should start strangling.
VEGETATION MELTING/BOILING (Future) Vegetation made out of exotic materials that would melt rather than burn aren't currently supported.
TANNING (Future) Tanning should probably be made more interesting.
WATERPROOFING (Future) Waterproofing of leather might become an issue
TAWING (Future) An interesting alternative to tanning.
CUSTOM ENGRAVINGS (Future) People have expressed an interest in engraving custom text and symbols.
LEGEND ERASURE (Future) It should be possible to rehide history events so that a new player can rediscover the legends of a world.
MORE THOUGHT INFORMATION (Future) Certain thoughts need to store additional information.
MASTERPIECE TRADE (Future) Masterpieces should be handled in a more interesting fashion as it relates to trade. Specific people should be interested in obtaining the best works.
DYES AND MORDANTS (Future) There are all sorts of things that can be done with dyes and mordants.
WOODEN FURNITURE DISASSEMBLY (Future) Ability to take apart wooden furniture.
TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER (Future) Ability to ask people, including farmers, about the weather and time of day. They might comment about past or future weather. Weather information might be volunteered without prompting.
EXTENDED BARTERING (Future) Almost every object in the possession of a creature should be available for sale if you set the price high enough, even if the creature in question is not given to bartering.
SCREENSHOTS (Future) Ability to have the game output a screenshot easily.
ALCHEMY (Future) Various uses and reactions of chemicals, acids etc.
COMBAT LOGS AND EVENTS (Future) Combat log display for dwarf mode. Tracking and grouping of combat events for larger historical events. Important specifics of a given combat event might be kept for the historical record. Combat events could be named in the legends.
DRAGGING PEOPLE AROUND (Future) Ability to drag somebody around instead of releasing a wrestling hold when you move.
WATER POISONING (Future) Malicious creatures might attempt to poison or otherwise taint your water supply.
ONE-STEP OPTIONS (Future) Ability to set the amount of time advanced by the one-step key.
CUSTOM COLORS (Future) Customizable unit and custom profession colors.
REVENGE AND INJURIES (Future) More revenge-based thoughts that can mitigate injury thoughts. Development of hatred for groups of creatures after an injury or other act.
SOUND EVENTS (Future) Removal of annoying off-screen combat spam and replacement with sound events that have displayed locations. Selection of the sound event might show a further breakdown of associated announcements. Might be very useful if screen is blanked out on blinding.
TRAPS THAT PROPEL THINGS (Future) Weapon traps cannot propel units, but giant hammer traps should propel units.
IMPROVED LEVERS (Future) Improved lever interface with various options for how the lever behaves. Ability to see what lever does after connection. Ability to disconnect levers.
ONE-WAY/SECRET DOORS (Future) These would be nice but raise path-finding optimization issues.
IMPROVE ANIMAL MANAGEMENT (Future) There are many improvements that can be made to animal management, including improved abilities to assign animals and replace lost assignees as well as various breeding and cull settings.
MORE MINERAL PROPERTIES (Future) The various minerals should have additional properties. These might influence dig speed and so on.
DEBUG OPTIONS (Future) Various ways to fiddle with internal settings.
RIVER ROCKS (Future) The way river flows are calculated, the water won't currently make little white waves against boulder tiles in the middle of the water.
CREATURE RANGES (Future) A given creature should often have a more coherent range over the entire world, rather than going region by region.
RAIN POOLING (Future) Rain should have a chance to collect in certain areas.
THIN ICE (Future) Thin ice is a more difficult problem with the Z axis everywhere, but it should still be possible.
DUST STORMS (Future) There should be giant dust storms, the Spain-sized ones you can see from a satellite.
HUMANS USE HORSES Completed Humans should ride horses into battle if they are available.
LAKE/SWAMP IMPROVEMENTS I (Future) Water lilies rooted to the soil below, duckweed floating in the water
LAKE/SWAMP IMPROVEMENTS II (Future) Mosquitoes and leeches.
DEEP AND PERSISTENT SNOW (Future) Deep snow that you have to trudge through or that you can sink down into, depending on the regional snowfall number. Snow that lasts for a while at temperatures above freezing, based on amonut and temperature differential.
LOCAL ROADS (Future) Most town sites should have stone or at least dirt roads between all of the buildings, rather than being pristine wildernesses punctuated by buildings.
CLEANING ADJACENT INACCESSIBLE SQUARES (Future) There should be a way to clean chunks and other garbage out of fortifications or other places it gets stuck.
WEAPON TRAP EFFECTS (Future) Traps should often do full damage to units rather than stopping when the unit dies to improve the explosive effect of a many-weaponed trap.
FINGERLESS GLOVES (Future) There are some difficulties with the details of this kind of object. And distinguishing mittens and gloves. And toe socks versus regular socks.
CONTINUOUS ITEM AMOUNTS (Future) Thread, rope, chains and cloth should have variable dimensions that are treated like variable amounts in jobs.
IMPERFECT CONSTRUCTIONS (Future) You should be able to intentionally build submasterpiece buildings and items.
FLATWORLD (Future) For processor and memory needs, an ability to make the world flat, with no significant elevation gains in the mountains to cut down on cliff allocations.
ARCHERY TRAINING MATERIALS (Future) Standing orders for archery training regarding which material to use.
BUILDING SQUARE BLOCKAGES (Future) Handle the various issues and annoyance that come from having workshops always block squares in a given pattern.
CREATURE ART ELEMENTS (Future) Allow art elements for abstract body parts, like eyes and hands, with tendencies toward the ones the artist's entity race actually has. Allow varying degrees of specificity for them.
NOISE POLLUTION INDICATOR (Future) It might be helpful to have more of an idea where sleep-disturbing noise is coming from
UNDERGROUND TREE CAPS (Future) Evaluate elf tree caps with respect to underground tree farms.
GUILDS (Future) Bring guild back more robustly as local and civ-wide organizations.
DESCRIPTIVE INFO (Future) Ability to see genders information more easily in adventure mode. Ability to see other descriptive information as it comes in.
QUALITY/DAMAGE CUSTOM STOCKPILES (Future) Allow stockpiles to specify quality/damage state.
SENSIBLE MIGRANT PROVISIONS (Future) Immigrants should arrive with pack animals and various objects that make sense for their role and their journey.
STRICT STONE BUILDING MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS (Future) Some buildings require rock blocks where metal ones would do.
UNIT INVENTORY DISPLAY (Future) Ability to see inventory somewhere on the unit profile screen.
MIGRANT CONTROL (Future) Ability to refuse migrant groups with repercussions.
STOCKPILE CONSOLIDATION (Future) Ability to order the consolidation of items in a given stockpile. Part of the item stacking problem.
DESIGNATION SIZE INFO (Future) When selecting an area, for instance in mining designations, it could show you the dimensions and size of that area.
DESIGNATION SHAPES (Future) Option to designate with circles and custom templates.
PIPE SECTIONS (Future) Square-filling pipes sections that you can place and walk inside and hook together over many tiles and fill with fluids and stuff.
PERSISTENT WILDS (Future) Saving to some extent of non-site wilderness areas. The world is too large to save in its entirety, but some work can be done to save the places you've actually visited without completely filling your hard drive.
VARIOUS GRASSES (Future) Specific grass types associated by midmap square, rather than just 'grass'. Moss could also afford to occur in places other than old sites.
IMPROVED BLOOD TRACKING (Future) It can use stance point blood contaminants to handle blood tracking rather than spreading blood infinitely from spatters. In general, map blood amounts could afford to be tracked more closely.
WORLD-SPANNING FEATURES (Future) Use the world map feature system to create some world-spanning special map features, both indoor and outdoor, aside from rivers.
FOOTPRINTS (Future) Footprints for walkers on sand, wet sand, snow, from blood contaminants on stance points, etc. Need some notion of foot print profiles by creature versus stance versus ground material.
MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL ACQUISITION (Future) Finding jade and so on at certain rivers, finding pearls, amber, etc. Being able to obtain horn and ivory from creatures.
WIDER USE OF COLOR DEFINITIONS (Future) Tying all of the raws to color definitions would improve the coherence of the game. Minerals, plants, etc. should all be linked to color definition tokens.
FOSSILS (Future) Fossils beyond petrified wood. Another good way to start the random creature generator. Fossils could be collected by certain people.
ADDITIONAL LIQUID TYPES (Future) Candidates for new flowing "liquids" include sand, oil, mud, blood of various sorts, slime, farm products like grain and beer for the beer fountain. Only a limited number of materials from plant raws like beer would be able to be supported as a map flow at a given time.
SKY AND TOPO DISPLAY (Future) Add various optional methods for visualizing the 3D stuffs.
VARIOUS RIDING POSITIONS (Future) When a creature rides another creature, it isn't very specific about where that creature is, and 'riding' is used for creatures carrying other creatures at times. The game would profit from more specific information.
IMPROVED SEASHORES (Future) Coastal biome designations, crabs, gulls, washed up jelly fish, ability to skillfully build sand castles in wet sand which can be worn down by waves, shells, washed up objects from distance civilizations that are on the body of water, seaweed, tidepools with anenomes, driftwood interactions.
CLEANSING EVIL AREAS (Future) The cleansing of evil areas needs to be put back in after tracking is improved.
PRESSURE EQUILIBRIUM (Future) Liquid pressure equilibrium can be given a finer resolution at the cost of some map bits.
PATTERN FLYING CRITTERS (Future) Put the pattern flying cave feature critters back in.
ARMOR CONTAMINATION FROM BLEEDING (Future) Requires location specific bleeding information, tied to scarring and infection.
IMPROVE LIQUID SINK DIRECTION (Future) River flows can be made to appear less diagonal on horizontal/vertical paths, but the routine is expensive.
IMPROVED FARMING (Future) Improved outdoor farming. I've already copied down a ton of NPK tables. We'll see what's inflicted upon you. A skilled farmer should make any fertilizer requirements very straightforward and easy to deal with.
ITEM PLACEMENT VERSUS SMALL AREAS (Future) Check some issues with the placement of objects versus small isolated areas.
PEAT (Future) Make peat more than just another soil type.
MORE OUTDOOR MAP FEATURES (Future) Various additional outside and inside features, like mesas, canyons, hill tops and so on.
RIVER OVERFLOWS (Future) River overflows and the return of the associated farming techniques.
BOULDER REMOVAL (Future) The ability to excavate boulders in the ground to make a stone object, as if you want another stone object.
STUCK-IN CONTAMINANTS (Future) Issues with contaminants on item that becomes stuck inside another creature.
MIGRANT HISTORICAL EVENTS (Future) Some issues with migrants and associated historical events.
CLIMBING (Future) Ability to climb terrain that would be otherwise impassable.
RELIGIONS AND CULTS (Future) Return of things like the death and weapon nobles via potentially world-wide religions and cults.
WEB MOVEMENT (Future) Creatures that spin large webs should be able to move along the web, even in open space.
SUPER NIGHT SKY (Future) Stars, entity-named constellations with lines chosen for them. If there are hemispheres, visible stars can change with position. If the world rotates, they can move during the course of an evening.
HEREDITY (Future) Once there are enough physical and other candidate traits to be passed along, the game could model heredity/genetics with some simple algorithms and data.
LINGUISTICS (Future) Aside from having translations for basic words and a displayed written language, civ languages could also have a syntax, phonetic information, etc.
UNIT NAMES (Future) Right now it only lets you specify a few unit names. It should let you do more with profession names by race/entity. This ties in to having specialized unit names for certain customized professions within an entity.
MORE MECHANISMS (Future) Animal power for turning wheels etc., other pumps like tympanum wheels, various other things.
UNAWARE OF PROFESSIONS (Future) Your adventurer should not know somebody is a "guard" for example without knowing a bit about the civilization or at least doing some observation.
RIVER/LAKE IMPROVEMENTS (Future) There are various cosmetic improvements that can be made to under/above ground rivers and lakes.
BARRACKS FUNCTION SPLIT (Future) The barracks has various functions, and you should be able to say what goes on in a given barracks.
SAVE KITCHEN SETTINGS (Future) You should be able to save settings in the kitchen screen for later games. Applies to some other menus as well.
TAKING NOTES Completed It would be nice to be able to take notes on both the embark screen world map and during the regular game that you can view later.
IMPROVED FISHING (Future) Dwarves should be able to fish for certain unit-sized creatures. Fish should be visible all over the place and dwarves should possibly have to catch them, depending on how the AI works out.
HOLDING BREATH (Future) Being able to hold your breath in adventure mode might be an interesting mechanic. You wouldn't have to do it explicitly any time you wanted to swim, but it might be a neat way to interact with gases and other features.
MACROS (Future) You should be able to make keyboard macros to perform complicated repetitive actions.
UNCONVENTIONAL AMMUNITION (Future) You should be able to attempt to use various non-standard items in missile weapons and siege weapons.
OTHER WATER SOURCES (Future) There should be various additional ways to obtain water. Rain, filling barrels from streams, simple desalination, etc.
EMBARK PROFESSION UPDATE (Future) As you change skills on the embark screen, it should show the dwarf's resulting profession.
VERMIN BODIES (Future) Small animals should have full body representations, even if they don't have as many effects as they do for unit-sized creatures. These might only be allocated if something actually happens to the creature in question.
FURNITURE FLUX (Future) You should be able to break down furniture and other objects that are made from materials that have occur in reactions (such as a flux) and use them at the smelter for example.
SITE RECTANGLE INFORMATION (Future) Sites should be able to give additional information about what is in their world map rectangle for map export and embark screen purposes.
GLACIER/OCEAN INTERFACE (Future) The boundary between the glacier and ocean biomes probably shouldn't be a regular beach in virtually all cases.
SMOOTHER ELEVATION CHANGES (Future) The game relies on cliffs too much to handle midmap elevation changes, especially in river valleys.
WATER ON BUILDINGS DISPLAY (Future) Water running over buildings currently blots them out. You should probably be able to see what's there -- grates and bars at the very least.
GENDER-BASED PICTURES (Future) You should be able to further specify which graphical tiles are used if you like.
LEGENDARY SWIM SPEED (Future) It could afford to make finer gradations for swim skill passed legendary.
ITEMS AND GRATES/BARS (Future) Small items should have a chance of falling through floor grates. Floor bars should be even worse. Projectiles should also interact with grates and bars (similar to fortifications).
SUBORDINATE SITE POPULATIONS (Future) A site that becomes subordinated under a dwarf site should still be able to maintain its inhabitants after the dwarf game.
MORE WITH TRAPS (Future) Traps, being far too powerful, should probably have to be set up. For instance, you should be required to actually create a stonefall trap using a few different locations to get it to work. Pulling things apart like this will also allow more versatility.
IMPROVED DRUNKS (Future) Adventure mode drunks shouldn't be a separate unit type. They are currently determined by the immoderation personality facet, but much more can be done here. In general, there's an implication that world gen personalities should be stored for more units, but that is expensive memory-wise.
CONVERSATION SKILLS IN ADVENTURE MODE (Future) With the proper skills, you should be able to judge the mood of people you are talking to in finer and finer degrees. You should also be able to exercise the various conversation skills that can be used in dwarf mode.
PRIVACY AND ADVENTURE MODE CONVERSATIONS (Future) Depending on personality scores, people you come up to on the street might not want to talk to you about personal matters when they don't know you.
TALKING TO GODS (Future) Instead of being forced to join a temple first, a player should be able to attempt to speak to any known deity.
TEMPLE-SPECIFIC TASKS (Future) High priests at the temple should have various things for you to do. Though it's best to have all task assignments occur within a general framework according to the goals of the task-giver, just being the leader of the temple and a strident believer in a deity will no doubt give rise to interesting and specific quests. Building a new temple and spreading the faith? Recovering holy relics? Dealing with rivals? Objectives could be vague to remove some of the quest straitjacket effect that can develop, as long as it has means to track your progress and you have various means to accomplish the task at hand. It would be cool to be accepted as a temple higher-up once you manager to spread the faith into an outlying village.
MORE BUILDING CONVERSATION (Future) Right now, you only hear architecture comments when there's a direct relationship between the building and a deity, and those relationships are fairly rare. It could talk about the architect, the central figure around which the building was designed, any of the elements used in the architecture, the material used and its relationship any underlying concepts, etc.
LEGEND SUBSET SELECTION (Future) The legends screen is virtually useless once enough objects and events have been discovered. You should be able to select subsets in various ways, whether by creature type or building type or time period or event type or even using a map to go by geographic area.
MOODS AND IMPRESSIONS (Future) In both modes, relationships need to be stored with some more information. People should have short and long-term impressions of the people that they meet, at least as many as it can safely store (and always with the player). They can also have short and long-term moods that are altered by their interactions with others.
GENERALIZE ARCHITECTURE SYSTEM (Future) The system used for temples linking abstract concepts to architectural elements should be put in to place for other structures, especially castles and towers.
MORE SPHERE LINKS FOR TEMPLES (Future) Right now, only certain deity spheres get architecture links in their corresponding temples. There's more that can be done there, and the concept can be expanded from architecture to many other elements of the faith/temple, so that certain type of items/creatures/festivals/rituals/etc. occur in the temple.
GOBLIN DUNGEONS (Future) The goblins lost the tunnel network under their towers with the building revision, and they want it back in improved form with various untoward goings on.

Power Goals[edit]

Power Goals are the ultimate missions for the future.

PowerGoal Name Status Description
PowerGoal 1
MIGHTY ARMIES (Future) Mighty one-square armies burning villages or reeducating people to their entity.
PowerGoal 2
DWARVEN ARMIES (Future) Organize dwarven armies and use them to attack villages and caves on the overland map.
PowerGoal 3
SIEGE DEFENSE (Future) Armies torment enemy soldiers from the safety of a castle.
PowerGoal 4
SIEGE PRESSURE (Future) After a long siege, starving citizens eat the dead and whatever else they might fancy.
PowerGoal 5
SIEGE POWER (Future) Your armies totally obliterate and overcome the strength of a fortified position with the power of siegecraft.
PowerGoal 6
FIGHT AND DIE IN ELONGATED WARS (Future) You join up with an army and follow it around.
PowerGoal 7
THE ONE LEFT BEHIND (Future) You have a conversation with somebody whose parent died in a war.
PowerGoal 8
NEW SOLDIERS (Future) You conquer a city and take prisoners back to home, pressing them into service.
PowerGoal 9
BETTIN' ON FORGETTIN' (Future) You make a cabin in the woods, decorate it with hides and get a table with utensils so that you can dine like a king.
PowerGoal 10
HELP US! (Future) A human or elf civilization pleads for help from your outpost, and you graciously respond and actually do something useful.
PowerGoal 11
GHOST TOWN (Future) A village that was razed becomes peopled by zombies of the dead.
PowerGoal 12
CLAIM THE THRONE (Future) You prove your worth to the meadhall's warriors through repeated daring tasks until you can take the throne for yourself.
PowerGoal 13
ARTIFACT QUEST (Future) You pledge to the human king that you will recover a lost artifact that is in the willful possession of a monster.
PowerGoal 14
THE SYSTEM (Future) You are apprehended, brought to a jail, chained to the wall, interrogated and beaten, brought before the ruler, sentenced, put on public display locked in stocks, subjected to thrown vegetables and ridicule, brought up to a platform and executed.
PowerGoal 15
REVENGE AND THE WILDERNESS (Future) Lost in the cold woods naked, you succeed in using your skills in order to find and kill the person who left you that way, despite a beast stalking you, hunger, thirst and the elements.
PowerGoal 16
CARE FOR YOUR STEEDS! (Future) You watch as a knight strikes down one of his lieutenants because he whips his horses too hard.
PowerGoal 17
THE AFTERMATH (Future) Numerous scavengers pick through the remains on a recent battlefield, squabbling.
PowerGoal 18
THE WILY USURPER (Future) The evil advisor usurps the throne from the rightful heir.
PowerGoal 19
I HAVE PROOF! (Future) You walk into a town and shout "Behold! The left head of the ettin which I slew!"
PowerGoal 20
SETTLING DOWN (Future) After proving yourself in battle, you accept a gift and the hand of your spouse.
PowerGoal 21
THERE ARE WOMEN UPRIVER! (Future) You travel from your village to a village down the river. After learning from you that there are indeed many women still living in your birthplace, the village's young men hatch a bizarre scheme to win wives from your village.
PowerGoal 22
MIDNIGHT SAPPER (Future) In the dead of night, you swim across the moat, scale a wall dressed in black, wait for the guard to pass by, hit him across the head with a sap, and leave.
PowerGoal 23
SO YOU CAN FEEL IT (Future) The ruffian shoves you from behind, kicks you in the ribs, kicks you in the face, picks you up and shakes you until you become conscious, then punches you again.
PowerGoal 24
MERCHANT TRAITOR (Future) You bribe a merchant to tell you when the next caravan is coming in and what's on it so that you can raid it.
PowerGoal 25
STRONG ARM ROBBERY (Future) You walk up to somebody and say "give me your tunic" and the guy says "a.. anything you want".
PowerGoal 26
THE INTIMIDATOR (Future) You draw your blade and step toward a lone man on the street. He runs away down an alley. When you get to the alley, he is playing dead.
PowerGoal 27
HUNT THE CYCLOPS (Future) The cyclops breaks into a barn and steals a sheep. The farmer draws a map for you to show where the cyclops's cave is.
PowerGoal 28
RELEASE THE HOUNDS (Future) You shoot somebody in the leg, and he starts limping. Then you release the hounds.
PowerGoal 29
EVIDENCE OF SHAME (Future) The wound of a kobold's contaminated spear begins to fester, but with the aid of magic herbs it heals, leaving a horrible scar.
PowerGoal 30
DECLAWED SNACK (Future) You are thrown in a pit with a ferocious beast. You fail to climb out repeatedly, leaving your fingernails in the wall before you are eaten alive.
PowerGoal 31
YOUR DAD AND JUSTICE (Future) You wipe the blood off your sword, revealing the name of your father's tribe, which reminds you that justice has been served. Bards sing of this moment through the empire.
PowerGoal 32
IT MUST BE POSSIBLE! (Future) After piecing together the location of the dragon's lair through the works of several ancient historians, you seek out the seer to ask about the rumor of the dragon's hidden weakness.
PowerGoal 33
CARAVAN CONSPIRACY (Future) The outlaws meet in the tavern to plot the robbery of the next caravan.
PowerGoal 34
BLESS OUR HERO ON THE QUEST (Future) Peasants gather at the church to pray for you before your quest to rescue the villager from the cyclops.
PowerGoal 35
LEG BREAKER (Future) You make your rounds from shopkeeper to shopkeeper, demanding payments for the protection of the prince of thieves.
PowerGoal 36
NOT WELCOME HERE (Future) You - "How do I find the capital?" Peasant - (spits on the ground)
PowerGoal 37
BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT (Future) All the warriors come together and toast you into their band after you kill one of their compatriots.
PowerGoal 38
MORNING TEMPERANCE (Future) You are banished from the town for drinking before noon.
PowerGoal 39
RESPECTING AUTHORITY (Future) After the ruler orders you to sweep the stables and you refuse, you are ordered to kill the dragon.
PowerGoal 40
THE MARKS OF A WARRIOR (Future) You tattoo yourself with the fresh marks of a warrior in a ceremony before the war season begins.
PowerGoal 41
THE ARENA (Future) You read the schedule of the stadium's coming attractions, including wrestling, spear-throwing, full-armored combat and man versus beast.
PowerGoal 42
THE BLACK CAPS (Future) The Baron sponspors you to enter the Tacticus league, which culminates in a match against the court favorite. The court favorite is bribed to lose. During the match, you must wear thinking caps, as is customary.
PowerGoal 43
LET'S HAVE A DRINK! (Future) You get your opponent drunk the night before a game of Tacticus, crucial for the tournament.
PowerGoal 44
PATIENT PRIEST (Future) The ruler convenes a council of the nobles to appoint you the high priest of the nearby towns, but you are forced to wait in an antechamber while they drink.
PowerGoal 45
MEET THE CYBERFIST (Future) You use your iron geared prosthetic hand to crush a piece of stone in front of the cowering goblin, and it passes out.
PowerGoal 46
THE GIANT ASS BOOK (Future) You go to a dwarf fortress and see a giant unliftable tome filled with maps of the Underworld. You sketch a copy and depart.
PowerGoal 47
PLEA BARGAIN (Future) A former tyrant is overthrown, but in exchange for his life he swears an oath never to enter the realm again and is banished.
PowerGoal 48
ROAD HOUSE (Future) Onlookers led by you stop a fight, and somebody demands to see the manager. The manager appoints you official bar bouncer.
PowerGoal 49
SCREAM BALL (Future) Trolls take the captives and see if they can throw them all the way over the chasm to each other.
PowerGoal 50
SKULL GAMES (Future) Trolls stack skulls to see how high the piles can get, bowl with skulls and play catch with skulls.
PowerGoal 51
BAD GOBLINS (Future) Goblins play "who can make the prisoner scream the loudest".
PowerGoal 52
BEAST OF BURDEN (Future) Captives are forced to pull a cart filled with goblin children. They are whipped to keep the cart running around as the children scream and yell.
PowerGoal 53
MESSALA (Future) The evil ruler whips his beak dogs, driving his chariot on, when the elves cast a poisonous net over the dogs, killing them. The ruler tumbles over the chariot and breaks his neck on a tree.
PowerGoal 54
OFFICIAL CATTLE RUSTLER (Future) You are appointed the tax collector and given a squad of enforcers. You order them to collect livestock from the peasants.
PowerGoal 55
THE CORRUPT CAPTAIN (Future) The captain orders his subordinates to seize the possessions of the wealthy merchant so that he can have them for himself.
PowerGoal 56
AN UNFORTUNATE DECISION (Future) The jealous peasant spits on the merchant prince, and the merchant prince orders the bodyguards to seize the peasant, strip him bare, tie a rope around his neck and force him to march behind the wagon.
PowerGoal 57
NICE AND CLEAN (Future) The Head Housekeeper urges the other servants to clean and prepare the house so that the visiting diplomat will not think badly of the master.
PowerGoal 58
WHAT WERE WE THINKING (Future) You are sent to rescue the prince and princess, who have been captured by the evil wizard. You uncover the sinister and disgusting plot to breed the siblings to form an evil army of mutants.
PowerGoal 59
FOOLHARDY (Future) The warriors line up behind the row of rocks with their crossbows as the goblins charge on their beakdogs. You jump up and charge the goblins in turn. The warriors shout, "You're a fool! Don't do it!". Right as the first approaches you, you duck and swing, slicing off the beakdog's legs.
PowerGoal 60
HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF (Future) You put on a talisman, turn into a werewolf, and your buddy screams, "take it off!", but you can't understand him with your beast mind and soon fill with rage and kill him.
PowerGoal 61
REVERSE COMPOUND FRACTURE (Future) As you stumble through the tomb, you bump into an ogre chewing on a corpse with a leg bone still in its mouth. The beast bites the bone in half and stabs you in the throat with the jagged edge, gouging it out.
PowerGoal 62
THE EVIL PLAYER MEETS THE GOBLINS (Future) You kidnap a child and take it to the goblins. They let you in and seem interested in buying it, but you struggle to speak with them. After a protracted negotiation involving displaying objects and gestures, you seal the deal.
PowerGoal 63
INEXPERTLY AND REPEATEDLY (Future) You swing at the goblin, overextending. It kicks you in the stomach and your feet slip out from under you. When you hit the ground, you drop your sword. The goblin holds its giant club over its head, but with the weight of the club, it loses its balance and stumbles. You leap forward up from the ground and rush the goblin but trip on a rock and land in some serpent vines, which entangle you. You struggle to free yourself, but aren't in time as the goblin inexpertly and repeatedly clubs you until you die.
PowerGoal 64
THE LOCAL SPIRIT (Future) You take a coin that had been offered at the village shrine. A red deer runs across a nearby field, pausing to stare directly at you for a heartbeat, and then disappears beyond the woodline. You turn into a kobold that night. Your best friend feels compelled to kill you to put you out of your misery.
PowerGoal 65
KINDA LIKE SNOW WHITE OR SOMETHING (Future) You are sent to steal another potion from the elves. The beautiful queen is appearing before her lustful and incompetent generals the following day and she must remove the marks of her advancing age.
PowerGoal 66
IT WAS WORTH THE TIME (Future) The guards are hunting you because you have a stolen diamond. You dip into a group of mourners that are a viewing a body just as the guards appear. They dare not stop you from slipping into the solemn crowd. You pretend to mourn the body, holding its head in your hand as you hide the diamond in the corpse's mouth. Although you are subsequently apprehended and imprisoned for twenty years, after you are released, you dig up the body and claim the prize.
PowerGoal 67
THE LOCAL ARENA (Future) You are in charge of taking the bets for the local arena. Somebody loses all their farm animals on a fight, and you have to collect the debt.
PowerGoal 68
MAGICAL IDIOT PEEPER (Future) Hearing of her exotic beauty, the young knave uses a ring to open a portal in the wall of the princess's bedroom, wrenching a small cylinder of stone out of the wall via its magical powers. However, the stories had all been told by Southmen, and she was in fact quite unattractive by the different standards of his culture.
PowerGoal 69
THE LEGEND OF THE HORAK PART I (Future) The two princes, friends from childhood, laughed as they rode their horses. They got off and tied them to a tree. Then a giant Horak stepped out of the woods. The princes tried to keep it back with their telescoping knife-poles, but it charged forward and swallowed them whole.
PowerGoal 70
MUDSLIDE (Future) You summon the tribal elders to the top of the slope. An army has gathered and is chanting prior to their charge up against your position. The elders perform a dance, it rains heavily, and the resulting mudslide buries the enemy soldiers alive. They all slowly die.
PowerGoal 71
YOUR PLATFORM (Future) The slaves carry a giant platform on which you sit above the reserves behind your advancing army. When your army enter a narrow ravine, you are fired upon by kobold archers.
PowerGoal 72
YEAH! (Future) The explorers make their way down the cave river, past dangerous stalagmites in the rapids, turn to face each other and do a high-five.
PowerGoal 73
WHERE'S MY MONEY? (Future) The money changer shorts you a gold piece, so you declare a quest for vengeance. You and your fellow adventurer sneak into his house three days later. You hold a jagged knife to his neck, and he gasps. You lower your dagger to his coin purse, cut it loose, then take the coin he owes you.
PowerGoal 74
A PAINFUL MEMORY (Future) On the toll bridge, you see a man with two locks of hair curled around his ears and the rest of his head shaved. He wields a great club. You twitch and hold your knee where you've been wounded by a club before. As you go to pay the toll, your nervousness causes you to stutter, and he looks at you suspiciously.
PowerGoal 75
SONG OF DREAD (Future) The evil spirit of the wood caused the people's hair to turn white. On the day of the sacrifice, the priest sang a song of such dread that many villagers volunteered to die just to free themselves from the memory of its singing.
PowerGoal 76
THE GENERAL'S RING (Future) You go to the refugees, and they tell you that the general of the invading army leaves his signet ring in his dresser drawer before he goes to bed. You steal it that night.
PowerGoal 77
YUCK! (Future) You lock blades with Snylar the Lizardman. During the contest of strength, you tell it that it is little more than a hatchling. It tells you that your beard is patchy and sparse. You spit a glob of saliva into his eye. He sprays spit at you in return.
PowerGoal 78
WEREWOLF HUNTER (Future) Dolnar the hunter teaches you how to track the werewolf by its sign and by its call. She recommends a special breed of hunting dog, known for its ability to track down and contest the elusive beasts.
PowerGoal 79
THE LEGEND OF THE HORAK PART II (Future) The tribesman have passed down for generations the story that the giant Horak cannot be harmed by blades, so the mighty barbarian traveling with you decides to wrestle the beast and tears it apart with his bare hands.
PowerGoal 80
BUT HOW DID HE DIE? (Future) You ask the peasant how the mayor was murdered, and you are told in detail how the mayor was stabbed to death and toppled out of the window landing two stories below.
PowerGoal 81
JOURNEY TO THE UNDERWORLD (Future) You consult with the servant of the Lord of the Underworld, and he tells you to follow him. He walks through a black gate in the wall. You try to do the same and bump into the wall, hurting your nose, as mortals are not admitted without an escort. He pokes his head back out and smirks, and then grabs your hand and pulls you through.
PowerGoal 82
ON KARNAK'S GOOD SIDE (Future) It is the Holy Day of Karnak. The people gather in their customary place at night in the Baron's orchard for their prayer circle. After the prayer, the player is elevated to one of the positions within the priesthood emphasizing Karnak's association with the sun rather than one emphasizing his association with suffering.
PowerGoal 83
DENIED ENTRY - THE PROPHECY! (Future) You are not allowed to enter the province of Zandibar because you have red hair. The prophecy says that if anybody with red hair enters the province of Zandibar, great suffering will follow them.
PowerGoal 84
KILL THE WITCH! (Future) The wells are dry in your town because of the evil witch's curse. The bravest townspeople volunteer to come with you to kill the witch. You hear the opening of a creaking gate and the howling of wolves and you go to the top of the ridge. You can see the cold breath of people far away as the witch's servants leave the haunted cemetery.
PowerGoal 85
RETIRE AS A PEASANT (Future) You start out shoveling the stables and continuing passing the days by rapidly until you become old, ignoring changes in leadership and the passing of friends, only leaving the job when you are no longer able to perform it.
PowerGoal 86
THE PROPHET OF AA (Future) The Church of Aa has become decadent and gifts to the deity have waned, and the priests have been filling their coffers. You appear and claim to be a prophet and say that Aa has abandoned the Church. The priests scoff at you, but you perform a miracle, and there is a schism in the Church and much violence.
PowerGoal 87
DO NOT MOVE FROM THAT SPOT (Future) A kobold tries to sneak out of its corner, and you tell it to go back. It does, because it is afraid of being whipped again.
PowerGoal 88
YOUR NAUGHTY CHILD (Future) You and your sons follow a train of people from various towns going to see the prophet Shangris. When you arrive, Shangris tells people to overthrow the king. Shangris also says he is parentless -- that he sprang up from a hole in the ground. You leap up from the crowd and claim truthfully to be Shangris's father. Your sons come up and say that they are his brothers. Shangris holds a knife to your neck, screaming that he has no father. Your sons step back. The confusion disorients the crowd, allowing your evil son Shangris to escape.
PowerGoal 89
DIGESTIVE TRACT LESSON (Future) You are eaten by the dragon. It chews on you briefly, and you are grieviously wounded, but it swallows you and you survive. The powerful acids in its stomach surround you, but you are protected by your ring. Eventually you are passed into the intestines, where nutrients and water are absorbed, and then you are excreted.
PowerGoal 90
BY THE POWER OF MOTHRA (Future) You say a prayer to Mothra in the face of your enemies and are filled with great strength. You rip the heart from the chest of your adversary and eat it in front of his quailing comrades.
PowerGoal 91
STREET ALTERCATION (Future) He says "give me your money!". You say "no!". He says "give me your money or you're going to die" and pulls a dagger. You pull a dagger. After a moment you throw a gold coin on the ground and run away. He is distracted and you escape.
PowerGoal 92
ZOMBIES AND REPERCUSSIONS (Future) Your evil magic causes those that starve in a besieged town to rise as undead and attack the defenders from within. The villagers burn the bodies of the undead but eventually in their hunger they consume them. Due to the nature of the zombies' corrupted flesh, the villagers gain nightvision and become crazed, foraying out of the town. They kill and eat you.
PowerGoal 93
IT IS LIKELY A PREDATORY ATTACK; FIGHT BACK VIGOROUSLY (Future) You are in the forest. You bump into Grendel the black bear. Afraid, you run. That sets Grendel off, and the bear chases you down and knocks you on the ground. Grendel then drags you off by the leg across the ground to his den and eats you alive.
PowerGoal 94
STICK AROUND! (Future) The giant lifts you up by your spear and stabs it high up a tall wooden wall, leaving you dangling far above the ground.
PowerGoal 95
THE CROWN IS MINE! (Future) The five year old prince is going to be crowned that very moment, but you, his uncle, step forward and push the young boy aside and seize the crown for yourself. The high priest who had been holding the crown is disoriented by the disturbance of the elaborate routine.
PowerGoal 96
BODY SHIELD (Future) You stab the goblin through the ribs simultaneously with two daggers and wheel the dying creature around to block incoming arrows.
PowerGoal 97
THE ROYAL CURSE (Future) You are assigned to take the royal scepter from town to town to warn the subjects that the king that night will undergo the yearly transformation into the Night Beast and go on an evening's rampage. The curse is passed down the royal line.
PowerGoal 98
THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN (Future) You meet the victorious enemy general on the field each surrounded by banners and attendants. You tell your servant to fetch the peace offering, but the general tells you to do it yourself.
PowerGoal 99
IMPENDING JAIL BREAK (Future) The assassin visits you in jail, pulls out the knife, covered with blood, and tells you that the job has been done. The assassin cleans the knife and hands it to you between the bars. Dousing the torch on the wall, the assassin slips away. You hide the knife and wait for the jailer to come.
PowerGoal 100
THE DEATH PIT (Future) Fleeing from the goblins, you leap over a giant pile of skulls. As you slide down the far side, spears thud against the pile. You hit the ground and twist your ankle. Finding yourself in a sea of bones, you grope around in the darkness, unable to find a foothold to climb out of the expansive pitch-black death pit.
PowerGoal 101
SHAVED EVIL (Future) Venturing to the evil town of Blackport on the Sea of Annihilation, you call forth the Lord of Darkness. You have his pet ratman, which you have shaved. The ratman takes a few steps and turns to you. You hold up your knife. The ratman holds its hands over its head and scampers to its master.
PowerGoal 102
SAVE MY DOG (Future) A sniveling wretch left you for dead, but you weren't dead and after many hardships you return to his town a mighty and imposing warrior. He recognizes you immediately and rather than facing agonizing drawn-out justice at your hand, he ingests a poison, calling out "who will look after my dog?" before he dies. You look after it.
PowerGoal 103
THE LEGEND OF THE HORAK PART II (ALTERNATE) (Future) You enter the cave of the giant Horak from an airshaft high above. You descend down a rope. The rope isn't long enough and you hang in the air. Eventually the giant Horak sees you and it snarls salivating dripping venom. You swing from the rope and leap atop the beast, kill it, shave off its skin and wear its hide.
PowerGoal 104
WHERE IS THE OBJECT?! (Future) You restrain the goblin with a knife, telling it to find the object. The goblin refuses and you cut it. It bleeds out all over its armor and your knife. The goblin decides to comply, sniffing out the object from a distance.
PowerGoal 105
MONUMENT TO DESTRUCTION (Future) You kill the evil god Wolfram and take his hand from which he had pulled the life's blood of the earth and put it on the top of a scepter. You build a pyramid next to the great city which he had destroyed as a monument to the disaster. Each day, the pyramid casts a shadow on the ruins of the city on the hour of its destruction. The pyramid contains the scepter.
PowerGoal 106
BOOK LEARNIN' (Future) Your master doesn't have time for you and has you read his book instead. You misunderstand the book and think the book is easy when it is actually advanced, and you tell your master you have learned what the book has to teach. Your master is upset and orders you to perform various menial tasks.
PowerGoal 107
ZOMBIE JUICE (Future) The cultists go to the crossroads at night and collect dried blood from the outlaws that had been lynched. They cook it over a candle until they get addictive zombie juice, which eventually turns them into undead fiends. Once exposed, a cultist must drink the juice regularly or risk death.
PowerGoal 108
ATTACK OF THE VERMIN (Future) You are born with the ability to talk to animals. Siding with the trapped rabbits, you stage an attack of rabbits on the farmer's field. You are cast out of the town.
PowerGoal 109
LOVE OR WAR? (Future) You take a wife and break your vow of celibacy to Markad, the god of war. Sulan, the god of the sea and fertility, sides with you and saves you from ultimate destruction, but Markad makes your hair turn white through the excruciating process of being in his angered presence.
PowerGoal 110
LEGENDARY LIAR (Future) You lie to your companions and tell them the castle is abandoned, when in fact you have knowledge that it is inhabited by a giant beast that you wish to kill. They come with you seeking treasure. Somebody else asks where you are going later, and you say "to the castle to kill the beast!" Your companions abandon you and your reputation as a liar is secured for all time in the history books.
PowerGoal 111
OFF TO THE LARDER (Future) The goblins pull an obese child out from under the bed and insult him, saying he isn't fit to a work in the mines before carting him off to the larder.
PowerGoal 112
THE LOCAL BREW (Future) You are an elf and visit the human mead hall for a drink, but the local brew is more than what you are used to. You are henceforth referred to as "Spittoondrinker" whenever you come back to visit.
PowerGoal 113
DIVINE INTERVENTION (Future) You are playing goblin ball in the arena when your son yells "dad! dad! goal! goal!". Your son had been praying all day just so that you would win. Your kick is short, but the god Markad manifests and finishes the kick.
PowerGoal 114
IS THAT A POWER GOAL? (Future) The hermit is cursed to extinguish all flames but is mortally terrified of darkness, so he lives in a cave with light generating fungus so he can be surrounded by light at all times.
PowerGoal 115
THE DEATH DRIVE (Future) The goblin prisoners tow your carriage through the pass. Whipping them doesn't seem to work after a time and you get snowed in. Running low on food, you decide to cook and eat the old goblins and keep the fresh ones.
PowerGoal 116
THE MIGHTY WYRM (Future) Ensnared by a net trap that lifts and suspends you in the air, you cut yourself free only to fall down into a muck-filled spiky pit. The slime covers your wounds and you catch a parasitic disease. The worm grows in your liver and eventually chews its way free, ending your life.
PowerGoal 117
ROW TO FREEDOM! (Future) Your ferry is the only safe passage as rebels have taken the bridges. You accept some nobles on your ferry, with rebels in pursuit. As you untie the ferry from the post, arrows stick into it. You push away and an arrow sticks into the oar! Arrows stick into the ferry boat! Arrows stick into the nobles!
PowerGoal 118
THE TREE OF LIFE (Future) As the head of the cult of Narnin, you bribe the Baron to give you a deed to the land on which the Tree of Life, revered by the locals, is planted. Financing the temple with their ill-gotten gains, the cultists coerces the locals to build the temple over the uprooted Tree.
PowerGoal 119
WINE FOR VICTORY (Future) You want to marry into the royal family, and the monarch says, "We're out of booze, go get some." You respond, "We know the elves have wine." The monarch declares, "You'll need an army!" You are given an army.
PowerGoal 120
ENTRANCE DENIED (Future) You -- "You know I'm the hero of Askabar. Come on, let me in the castle." Guard -- "You aren't the hero of Askabar. You're widely known as a low-life." You -- "Come on, I'll give you 3 copper coins." The guard spits on the ground.
PowerGoal 121
GET THE COW (Future) Two cattle rustlers are sitting there and one of them says, "if you go get me that cow, I'll give you 2 copper now and 2 copper when you bring the cow." The other agrees, puts some hay over himself and sneaks toward the cow while it is grazing.
PowerGoal 122
KILLER CURSE (Future) Cursed by the dying breath of your nemesis, you are fated to kill one person a week or die yourself. After standing in a line of people waiting to pay their tithes, you confess to a church official. After receiving your payment, he says a few words and claims that your curse is removed. While the official is off buying fine whiskey and an expensive candelabrum, you find that you are still afflicted.
PowerGoal 123
THE EVIL PLAYER AND THE TWILIGHT OF THE GNOMES (Future) You are ordered to go clean up the city, because the king hates the lifestyle of the street gnomes. You find a tent city. You throw your torch into it and set it on fire. The gnomes scatter, but one approaches you and pleads, "please let us go." You stick him and he holds you saying, "please, no, no." You cannot move with him clinging on you, so you brain him with the hilt of your sword.
PowerGoal 124
A BAD REPUTATION (Future) The disguised prince goes on a drunken spree and abuses the populace. You have a reputation for drunken sprees and are blamed by the prince's handler for these various foul acts. A gang of angry townspeople beat you. Before they can hang you, you escape and are chased deep into the wilds.
PowerGoal 125
SPEAR OF THE GODS (Future) The gods of life and death have been at war since the beginning of time. The regions of the world are set in opposition, and creatures are occasionally born with affinity for one force or the other. You are born as a servant of death and claim the great barbed spear from the highest peak where it had sprung forth from the mutual hatred of the gods.
PowerGoal 126
CAN I SPEAK TO THE OWNER? (Future) You are upset about your uncooked meal and demand to see the owner of the establishment. Not satisfied with his equivocations, you challenge him to a hatchet fight to the death and win easily. You are arrested, but you claim that the fight was sanctioned and produce a witness, the horrified waiter who served you the meal.
PowerGoal 127
TREE SAVIOR (Future) Amidst the battle, the knight and the elf are fighting for their lives. They see the horned helm of Offrox the Devastator. The elf yells, "Don't, Offrox is too strong!" The knight and Offrox meet on the field and Offrox guts the knight. The elf manages to rescue him, but the wound festers. The elf says the Charm of the Trees and the tree they are hiding under engulfs the knight, putting him into stasis.
PowerGoal 128
WAND OF THE WIZARD (Future) You and your henchman assail the wily old wizard Dargus. The wizard dramatically reveals a wand, claiming that it can release a stream of fire when the user is in need, and he offers it to you in exchange for his life. Later that night, your greedy henchman attacks you and attempts to pry the wand from your grasp. When you refuse to let go, he breaks your elbow and seizes the object for himself. Attempting to finish the job, he turns the wand on you, but it turns him into a block of ice.
PowerGoal 129
DAGGER DELIVERY (Future) The elf swings through the trees with the Dagger of Galanthiar in his mouth. The elf climbs up the rope ladders to the top of the home tree. After delivering the Dagger, the elf rappels down the tree to a shady home in the dense foliage and rests.
PowerGoal 130
YOU ARE THE MOST INCOMPETENT (Future) The march is too long, the pay is too little, the food is too meager, the enemy is too powerful, the officers are too incompetent and the cause seems hopelessly lost. Your soldiers desert you.
PowerGoal 131
THE INTRIGUING PLAYER (Future) You begin to talk to a peasant, and he listens to your story. He shouts at another peasant, "Hey, come listen!" Soon a crowd gathers and your story-telling becomes even more enthusiastic. One of the listeners suggests you move to the forum, and you all walk down there, where the story continues.
PowerGoal 132
EVERYTHING IN ITS PROPER PLACE (Future) You sheathe your sword in the scabbard that hangs from your belt.
PowerGoal 133
PERSONALIZED ACCESORIES (Future) "That's my sword!" "No it's not. It's mine." "But your initials aren't P.W.! Look at the blade!"
PowerGoal 134
AND WHEN YOU FIND IT, WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH IT? (Future) The scribe Arcania writes down the last known location of the sacred skull of Aa on a map which is torn in two pieces and hidden in widely-separated regions of the world.
PowerGoal 135
JUST IN CASE (Future) You kill a deer in order to survive, but realize that you have strayed into the Forgotten Forest. You quickly say a prayer to the spirit of the forest and hope that the spirit does not alert the elves to your transgression.
PowerGoal 136
PEOPLE SAY I LOOK LIKE A CRIMINAL (Future) After a bandit murders several people outside the village, patrols increase along the road. You are walking down the same road with your sword drawn. Seeing your weapon, a patrol assumes you are the bandit and attacks you.
PowerGoal 137
YOUR CASTLE WAS EASY TO FIND (Future) You walk down the road, crossing a bridge. Arriving at a crossroads, you follow the directions on a sign and eventually arrive at the castle gate, where a guard stands.
PowerGoal 138
THEY MADE FUN OF HIS NAME (Future) The Goblin King Gorlomomilguraguraga signals for his bodyguard to wait while he goes to talk to his lieutenant. "Down below, there is a village. I want you to kill everyone living there." The lieutenant smiles, knowing that there will be carnage at last.
PowerGoal 139
A BATTERY OF AA MECHANICS (Future) You receive the holy relic of Aa from a manifestation of the deity. You bring it to the Temple of Aa and set it on the altar. People dance as you chant the prayer of Aa. Word spreads quickly that a prophet of Aa has arisen, and the religion of Aa sweeps throughout the land.
PowerGoal 140
I JOINED THE TEAM WITH THE BEST UNIFORM (Future) You put on your tunic and government-issue skull shoulder guards. Your commander raises his blade, signalling your unit to scream the imperial battle cry. Seeing your master's sword sweep forward, you charge with the rest of the soldiers.
PowerGoal 141
BROTHER BATTLE (Future) The younger brother strives to take control of the Holy Office of Emperor of the World. His supporters are arrayed in giant battlelines against the emperor's forces, and he challenges his older brother to single combat on the field. As the would-be usurper rides out, the righteousness and splendor of his brother's office in its rightful place causes the younger brother's horse to rear back and throw him to the ground, where he is brained on a rock. The younger brother spends the rest of his life in the dungeon suffering from severe personality disorders due to his injury.
PowerGoal 142
GO KING GO! (Future) At the victory celebration, the king dedicated the newly built monument to the victory and the gods. The balladeer sang to the crowd, recounting how the king had stood strong in the face of many foes, inspiring his retreating army to return to the field.
PowerGoal 143
HARD TIMES FOR THE DARTOKS (Future) The site at which the evil overlords were vanquished was decorated with their bodies to remember it for all time as the place of liberation of our people. The newly subjugated Dartoks must bow every time we pass, knowing that if they do not, their corpses shall join those on the highways. If ever they choose to rise up against us, there shall be no quarter.
PowerGoal 144
"THE GREEDY BARON" (Future) The greedy baron raises an army, pressing the poorest peasants into service. The new army is driven on a forced march to the field of battle. There they engage the goblins, where they are routed. The peasants flee into the woods.
PowerGoal 145
ULOK ONLY CONSUMES THE SPIRITUAL PORTION OF THE OFFERING (Future) You get captured by the goblins. They throw you in a pot of water. The high priest asks their demon god Ulok to accept the sacrifice before slitting your throat. You are then boiled and eaten.
PowerGoal 146
WALKING INTO THE WRONG BAR (Future) Wearing a pendant of Imi the Owl of Hell, you enter a mead hall frequented by worshippers of Vutu the Playful Ooze of Midnight. They tie you to a post and break your fingers one by one.
PowerGoal 147
READY ON THE FIRING LINE! (Future) You are part an army of the civilized peoples. Your commander tells the crossbowmen to hold position as the wild enemy charges, firing many bolts into their ranks. The enemies flee in disarray, and your commander gives thanks to the god of victory.
PowerGoal 148
THE FOOD RIOT (Future) The feudal lord taxes his peasants' food in order to feed his growing army. The peasants, facing starvation, turn against their betters and riot in the streets. The guards fence them away from the palace and let them run amok for awhile before eventually moving in to crush the rebellion.
PowerGoal 149
GERBIS, A HERO'S TALE (Future) You are outside the dragon's cave with your henchman Gerbis, an amateur thief who overestimates his worth. You - "You are a great rogue and your prowess is known throughout the land! Many famous burglars have tried to steal it from the beast but none so great as yourself." Your naive apprentice is calmed by your words. "Do you think you have what it takes to steal the dragon's egg?" Gerbis braces up and enters the cave.
PowerGoal 150
I SAW A BRIGHT LIGHT, THEN EVERYTHING WENT DARK (Future) You stand before your opponent, blocking the sun. You jerk to the side, blinding him with the sun's rays before headbutting him in the teeth.
PowerGoal 151
HE FELL FOR IT (Future) As you bow before the king, a guard sees that you have a dagger in your belt. This is not allowed in the royal chamber. As the guard approaches, you yell, "Look, over there!" and when the guard looks, you run.
PowerGoal 152
HUFFING DARKNESS (Future) You are standing outside the castle gate. You pretend to be drinking from a flask when in reality you are inhaling the gaseous form of the evil demon. Donning a cloak, you sneak through shadows and through the open gate. Safely passed the Underworld-sensitive sentinel dogs, you exhale your master into the courtyard.
PowerGoal 153
THE CRACKS OF DOOM (Future) You flee into the sewer with the baron's ring, but sliding in the muck, you drop it. Try as you might, you cannot locate the precious object in the town's filth.
PowerGoal 154
AMONG THE BARBARIANS (Future) The newly appointed diplomat arrives in the northlands. He is shocked when the barbarian takes him by the hand and shakes it, a base ritual practiced only by the lowliest peasants in his country. Then he is taken to a hut, no different than the huts of the other barbarians.
PowerGoal 155
SHINING ARMOR IS IMPORTANT (Future) The dirt and blood-covered knight corners the villian as the crowd shrinks away from his gruesome appearance. The villian begs for his life before the knight strikes him down, completing the king's mission.
PowerGoal 156
ANNOYING RELATIVES (Future) While visiting another town during the Autumn celebration, your distant cousin swings his club at you, barely missing, and laughs at you.
PowerGoal 157
A GOBLIN'S DEPTH-FIRST SEARCH AT LEVEL FOUR (Future) You try again and again to hack at the troll with your sword, but the beast keeps you at bay with a long spear. The troll stabs you through the chest and raises you into the air, after which a goblin climbs up on the troll and cuts a valuable necklace from your neck before the others can get it.
PowerGoal 158
NEVER THE SAME FOREVER AFTER (Future) The goblin and the troll have fun in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other. The troll puts a rock in one of his snowballs and hits the goblin in the side of the head. For the rest of his days, the goblin can only speak from the left side of his mouth, and he is no longer able to relate to his goblin friends as the brain damage has robbed him of his taste for blood and violence.
PowerGoal 159
THAT SHIT'LL KILL YOU (Future) The desert warrior is under the influence of camalah berries. In his cloudy stupor he misjudges where the safe rocks are and stumbles to the side, where he is swallowed up by the treacherous sands.
PowerGoal 160
SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME (Future) The Night King calls upon his vassal nation to join forces with his great army in order to cleanse the land once and for all of the brutal filth that worship the sun god.
PowerGoal 161
BUT WHY WAS THE LEADER POINTING THERE? (Future) The peasants dance around the campfire playing lutes as the village leader points to the sky at the Heavenly Lady, as the constellation was called, into whose bosom it was said the dead were wont to flutter.
PowerGoal 162
SPARED THE DETAILS (Future) The Order of Dread, whose royal charter is kept in the Hall of Records in a secret tome, is charged with spying on the nobility and blackmailing them to keep them in line, using their own sick night-lives against them.
PowerGoal 163
"OH, BY THE WAY..." (Future) The family is feasting with a seat left open for the son that died while making a bridge for the king. With them is a con artist who mentions during the meal that he has a potion that can bring the dead back to life.
PowerGoal 164
IT DIDN'T HELP MUCH (Future) Your enemy holds up his hand to shield his face as you bring your axe down upon him.
PowerGoal 165
"IT WAS A DESPERATE BATTLE..." (Future) You are cursed with the ability to regenerate your limbs overnight. The King of Yondor has set on a bounty on the bandits and will give three gold pieces for every arm that is brought in with the bandits' characteristic tattoos. After adding the necessary marks yourself, you repeatedly cut off your own arm to give to the king, waiting each time for the body part to rot somewhat so as to avoid suspicion.
PowerGoal 166
GRACE IN VICTORY (Future) After your rival bests you in a duel, he mockingly offer to help you out of the muddy puddle into which you fell.
PowerGoal 167
THE EVIL SWAMP (Future) Unable to deal with the cold damp weather of the evil swamp, you, after first suffering from skin rashes and a wracking cough from wading through the filth, eventually contract the Blue Death, a wasting disease of a mysterious nature. When it runs its course, you are transformed into a salamander.
PowerGoal 168
CONTEMPLATION, CONCERN, CONFUSION AND CONSTERNATION (Future) He sits with his hand on his chin in a pose of deep thought, slowly shaking his head while he ponders the troubling events of the night before.
PowerGoal 169
MAN-BRANDED (Future) The boy, named To-Be-A-Man like the others, must be branded with the mark of adulthood. He will not truly be a man if he screams in pain.
PowerGoal 170
AS LONG AS THEY DON'T DO IT TOO OFTEN (Future) With a foot atop the slain alligator, the barbarian warrior cries "I name you Dragon Sword!" at his raised blade.
PowerGoal 171
THE MIGHTY ROCKNOR (Future) The mighty Rocknor summons up his warrior's training, using the Ogre-Lion method to simultaneously strike his opponent in the head with his club and the neck with his foot, causing internal bleeding to his opponent's artery. The unconscious opponent goes into shock.
PowerGoal 172
WHAT ARE YOU DOING AFTER WORK? (Future) The guards placed their weapons on the weapon racks and stripped off their tunics before leaving for the tavern to spend their money on wenches and wench-men.
PowerGoal 173
THEY ARE SENSITIVE CREATURES (Future) The goblin child taunts the troll child on account of the troll child's large and lardy appearance. The vicious jibes continue until the troll begins to cry, but the goblin child is still not satisfied and continues poking fun. The troll child is eventually driven to anger and hurls the goblin child against a wall, breaking both the wall and the goblin.
PowerGoal 174
IT'S A BAD PLACE (Future) A shallow-buried corpse is unearthed by a shadow jaguar, who takes the body back to its den. The discarded bones are possessed by an evil spirit of the gloomy forest.
PowerGoal 175
THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP (Future) The dwarf stumbles out of the whiskey stockpile and falls flat on his face. Finding him there, his companions haul him to bed.
PowerGoal 176
NOT SO STEALTHY THIS TIME! (Future) A twig snaps and the adventurer bolts upright from his bedroll, reaching for his sword, knowing that the kobolds were close.
PowerGoal 177
VERY FOUL (Future) The foul vapors of the sewer cause the corpse of a discarded murder victim to arise. The zombie wanders back home. When the zombie sees her husband, her dead eyes flash in recognition, and she attacks, for it was he that murdered her!
PowerGoal 178
WHY DO YOU HANG OUT WITH THOSE GUYS? (Future) Your friends drag your sleeping drunken body under a low table. Later they wake you and you jump up, hitting your head hard on the wood.
PowerGoal 179
A STRONG LEADER (Future) You tell the soldiers that if they do not fight, they are cowards, and they become red-faced with shame, yet they still refuse to charge. You put your hand on your horse-whip and stare them down. Unable to stand further abuse, Twensly shouts, "Whip yourself, for you are the true coward!"
PowerGoal 180
BATTLE BUFFET (Future) The troll pokes at the bodies, feeling them for meat. Eventually it drags off the choicest specimen. After a moment, a kobold emerges from the shadows and picks through the bodies looking for shiny trinkets.
PowerGoal 181
I MAKE ALL MY OWN CLOTHES (Future) You follow the stench of death to the corpse of a corpulent goblin. You flay it and wear its foul skin as a jumpsuit.
PowerGoal 182
PLAY DEAD. IF THE ATTACK CONTINUES, IT IS LIKELY PREDATORY. FIGHT BACK VIGOROUSLY. (Future) The great wolf folds its ears back and growls, ready to pounce on the hapless adventurer.
PowerGoal 183
JUST A LITTLE MORE! (Future) You are running through the woods when you get shot in the gut by a barbed arrow. The bowel is knicked, and the wound goes septic. You dig desperately at the wound but it only ends up getting more dirty and infected. Eventually your digging becomes so vigorous that your guts pop out through the hole.