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This article is about the current version of DF.
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Barrels are storage units that, like bins and bags, conserve stockpile space by containing several items of the same type. They can be made out of wood at a carpenter's workshop (requires one log for each barrel) or forged from metal at a forge (requires 3 metal bars). Non-magma forges also require one bar of fuel.

For information on managing barrels in stockpiles, see using bins and barrels.

When a barrel gets empty again after being used it will be used again after being hauled back to a furniture stockpile.

For most uses, barrels can be replaced by a large pot, which has the same storage capacity (and requires no wood or metal) and is only one quarter as heavy as a barrel made of the same material. Typical stone pots will be 33% heavier than wooden barrels. Fire clay 'stoneware' pots weigh the same as a wooden barrel, while earthenware pots are lighter but must be glazed.

Barrels are used in building dyer's shops and asheries. Using a valuable masterwork or artifact barrel to build one of these buildings can significantly increase fortress wealth.

Barrels can hold up to 60 prepared meals, plants, or cheeses, 30 pieces of meat or fish, 30 units of alcohol (but only a single stack), or 100 units of lye or milk.

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