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  • Saves from v0.40.24 are compatible with v0.42.06! We will not be migrating to a new namespace, although the current "DF2014" namespace may be renamed to "v0.42" in the near future.
  • Please mark all v0.42-specific articles/sections with {{new in v0.42}}. For short v0.42-specific information, you can use {{version|0.42.01}}.
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This article is about the current version of DF.
<dwarf> has slipped into depression...
Sunk into depression...

Depression is a temporary emotional breakdown experienced mainly by dwarves with high propensity to depression.

Depressed dwarves will cancel any job they may be doing at the moment and mope around until they regain their composure. Unless stress levels are reduced, bouts of depression will repeat until the dwarf is eventually stricken by melancholy. A tantrum may also result.

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