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This article is about the current version of DF.

Crafts that can be worn are considered jewelry, these include amulets, crowns, bracelets, earrings and rings. Jewelry can provide protection from damage but does so rarely as the coverage is minimal. Wearing jewelry does not interfere with wearing other items.

[edit] Types of Jewelry

[edit] Amulets

Amulets are worn on the head, presumably this models things worn around the neck in the real world like necklaces. The equipment limit is not known.

[edit] Crowns

µ Crowns are worn on the head as a cover layer item. Unlike other jewelry, a crown provides 20 coverage so has a chance to deflect attacks directed at the head (as evidenced here). Unfortunately, crowns also conflict with helms.

[edit] Bracelets

Ö Bracelets are worn on the hands. The equipment limit is not known.

[edit] Earrings

δ Eleven earrings can fit on each ear. Earrings will be put first on the right ear, then on the left ear, alternating until both are full.

[edit] Rings

ö Rings can be worn on the fingers and toes. Rings will be put first on the thumb, right hand; then on thumb, left hand; then on first finger, right hand; then on first finger, left hand; and so on. Once all the fingers have a ring, rings will be put on the toes starting with the first toe, right foot; then first toe, left foot; etc.; looping until each digit has eleven rings for a total of 220 rings.

[edit] Trophies

Sometimes, during world generation, when one historical figure kills another historical figure, that figure will be wearing a piece of jewelry made from the figure it killed when you encounter it in adventurer mode or fortress mode. For example, the goblin general leading invaders to attack your fortress might be wearing a +dwarf tooth ring+ from the hapless dwarven soldier he struck down fifty years ago. Or, while adventuring in adventure mode, you may meet an elf wearing a -human hair crown- from the peasant they killed and ate over a century ago during a war over the eating of sapient creatures. The trophy behavior is controlled by an ethics tag in the entity raws.

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