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This article is about the current version of DF.

Jumping is a means of crossing otherwise uncrossable obstacles. Unlike with climbing, there is no associated skill with jumping.

[edit] Fortress mode

In dwarf fortress mode, dwarves and other creatures supposedly will sometimes jump, though this is difficult to observe in a running game. This has implications for fortress defence. One-tile moats, for example, are unlikely to be a significant obstacle to invaders, and your own dwarves may opt to leap from your defenses to complete an already-active job.

[edit] Adventurer mode

In adventurer mode, your adventurer can jump by using the j key. If your adventurer is walking, the jump is limited to two squares. By setting the walking Speed to "Sprint" or "Run" and picking up speed until the maximum is reached, the distance you can jump is drastically increased. Indeed, this even allows an adventurer untrained in swimming to cross rivers.

Jumping can also be used in combat, and provided it hits, it will send similarly sized targets flying and leave them stunned for easy follow-up attacks until they recover. It can also be used to knock enemies that are wrestling your companions away, since wrestling prevents dodging, this will always connect.

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