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This article is about the current version of DF.

Pushing is an attack used by combatants too injured to use normal attacks, or by a creature who possesses no actual attacks.

Examples are spine-damaged dwarves who cannot otherwise attack, and giant grasshoppers who have no attacks. Pushing is always treated as a blunt attack, and, depending on the size of the creature, can be either harmless or very deadly. A push from a large creature can break bones or skulls easily because of all the weight behind the push. Giant sponges in particular are well-known 'push-killers', because of their great size.

Note that, despite the name, a push doesn't actually move the target creature unless they dodge out of the way, or are sent flying from it - it's treated like any other melee attack. Push attacks cannot be aimed.

Creatures who use push attacks[edit]

These creatures are incapable of attacking normally, and thus will use the push attack whenever they attack in combat.