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Reorganize for in game use[edit]

I'm interested in reorganizing this list to be more useful in game. This would include:

  • Merging the three different tables into one so you can sort all the plants at once rather than needing to do so in three separate tables and compare or collate.
  • Add columns to identify crops that be milled (flour, dye, or sugar), produce thread, and special products (e.g., Golden salve, Gnomeblight, Dwarven syrup)
  • Change the Cook column to be only when directly cookable

Agreement/objections? Jobywalker (talk) 02:19, 10 January 2018 (UTC)

Agreement on merging, and way to sort for thread/etc.

I think as compensation the Align column can be removed, and the Good/Evil/Savage can be listed directly in Biome column for those three plants.

On directly cookable, related: I added note 6 for crops whose seeds can be planted on farm plot, but the products yielded thus can't be harnessed for more seeds. These are mainly bean-likes (who only have cookable seeds) and leafy greens, which are apparent from products table, but also marks the less apparent differences between muskmelon, bitter melon and garlic. For bean-likes, I further marked their edibility as seed-only.

Fleeting Frames (talk) 00:34, 28 August 2018 (UTC)

list of new crops[edit]

since the main page would just get messy, I thought maybe this'd be a good place to add the new garden crops. I'll pull the list here from the raws, but don't know how to make a table (and I could look at the main page, but afraid I'd mess it up beyond my ability to repair)

crops: (name / drink / millable)

single-grain Wheat / Single-grain wheat beer / yes

two-grain wheat / two-grain wheat beer / yes

soft wheat / soft wheat beer / yes

hard wheat / hard wheat beer / yes

spelt / spelt beer / yes

barley / barley whine / yes

buckwheat / buckwheat beer / yes

oats / no drink / yes

Alfalfa / no drink / no

rye / rye beer / yes

sorghum / sorghum beer / yes

rice / rice beer / yes

maize / maize beer / yes

quinoa / quinoa beer / yes

Kaniwa / Kaniwa beer / yes

bitter vetch / no drink / no

pendant amaranth / pendant amaranth beer / yes

blood amaranth / blood amaranth beer / yes

purple amaranth / purple amaranth beer / yes

red spinach / no drink / no

Elephant-head amaranth / no drink / no

pearl millet / pearl millet beer / yes

white millet / white millet beer / yes

finger millet / finger millet beer / yes

foxtail millet / foxtail millet beer / yes

didn't get any further yet. but I think this is about half of the crops raw file done. after this only the garden stuff to do.

  • Shouldn't plants be split by standard / garden / crop? They seem to have different properties - no standard plant has any growths, for instance.
    • Beets are in the plant_garden.txt file - they have [GROWTH:LEAVES] and [GROWTH:FLOWERS], and we have Jute in the plant_crops.txt file - also with just [GROWTH:LEAVES] and [GROWTH:FLOWERS]
Yes, garden and crop plants have growths; standard plants don't. Plus, crop plants seem to either be inedible to dwarves (excepting various beers) or to require double processing in order to obtain a cookable product.

I was wondering if it makes sense to adjust the entry for the Quarry Bush. Specifically, the products. For all the other subterranean plants, it lists the product from directly processing the plant (eg Cave Wheat yields flower). However, the Quarry Bush lists press cake, oil, etc, which are actually products of its seeds. Other plant seed products are not listed, so its inconsistent.

Wouldn't it be better to list all the products of any part of every plant, as is currently done with quarry bushes? Seems more useful to list all the products that can be generated by choosing to grow a particular crop, or by finding a particular species on embark. Bognor (talk) 10:44, 19 October 2014 (UTC)

Hey. I will slowly fill this page, but one question. Type information about picked plants, fruits etc. or maybe about how they look "wild"?