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[edit] Collect webs

Loom was placed near to surface, and webs were located at cavern about 30 floors down, and spammed this message continuiosly. Moving loom closer to cavern entrance helped. No obtacles blocked it's way to caverns, woodcutters were cutting trees at the same cavern and managed to reach wood stockpile without any problems. I think this can be a pathfinding bug, or bug with choosing unreachable web to collect. Anyone else experienced this? --Peregarrett 10:36, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

I have my food stockpiles placed at surface level and my intrepid miner made a very deep shaft (43 levels). The miner then refused to rejoin society (I think he couldn't find his way back up, even though it's just a straight up/down stair shaft down). He is now spamming me with "cancels Eat: could not find path." messages which means that he is starving to death and can't find the food stockpiles. The stockpile is less than 70 distance away including vertical but apparently all the stairs have him confused. --muusbolla 6 June 2010 (version 0.31.03)

Muusbolla: I've had the same problem, but worse. I drafted all of my glitched minders and moved them to the food stockpile before undrafting them. They still won't eat... except a couple times the glitch fixed. Not sure how that happened... one of them fixed while in the military, so maybe he went to get provisions? For the other dwarf, I have no idea what fixed it. Furthermore, my last miner who won't eat (Nicknamed Urist McHungerStrike), has continued to live, spamming me with messages, for quite a while. Either he will never starve to death, or I'm underestimating how long a dwarf can go without food. Also, one of my non-miners has come down with no-eating syndrome. I don't know why... maybe he was storing stones during the mining expedition? Well, what I'm worried about now is an epidemic. Hope someone can find out the cure quickly. I'll probably try for it a bit more later. Oh yeah, and maybe the title for this part should be changed/this should be moved to a new part. This miner problem has nothing to do with collecting webs.--Peglegpenguin 22:02, 5 August 2010 (UTC) Edit: I just MAY have found the cause. I started forbidding everything on every layer. Eventually, forbidding an underground layer resulted in "Cancels Eat: Job item destroyed or lost". Seems a food item is on this layer, and my dwarves are having trouble finding it. I forbid all of the explored part of that layer, and found no results (I was expecting some food item to have been dropped in an underwater lake). After some more testing, I found it to be in an unexplored section of the layer. Made movie of it. Link: [1] Can't get it to play on my computer. Can't get any movie to play on my computer. I hope it worked. Sorry about the big screen: didn't know that would happen.--Peglegpenguin 15:21, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Distinction

This message doesn't happen for all task cancellations due to inability to reach the destination - many other tasks will cancel with "Item inaccessible". Also, it could depend whether or not the destination was reachable when the task was first taken, as would be the case if you locked the food stockpile and/or dining room while the dwarf was on his way to eat. --Quietust 04:37, 11 June 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Bug?

Some of my dwarves spam "Urist McNeedsGPS cancels SimpleTask: Could not find path" up to 20 times per second. Even when I assign them to a squad and move them to their destination, and disband the squad. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Are they assigned to a burrow? They could be trying to use resources outside their burrow.

I chose to succumb to seige and upon re-embarking the fortress, all of the embarked dwarves were locked in the food stockpile room spamming that they could not find the path, despite there being no doors or anything blocking the doorway. I figured some of the ghosts might be blocking their path, so I abandoned the fortress and tried again, but lo and behold, they eventually could not find the path to eat with none of the ghosts to be seen. It does seem like the ghosts tend to collect around said trapped dwarves, shortly after, or perhaps the ghosts are there before hiding under stuff? It does seem like a bug with ghosts, however. I'm using V.34.10

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