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DF2014 Talk:Reputation

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Just fixing up the Rep table w/info from here - feel free to add, change or switch out as necessary, rather placeholdery ATM. Silverwing235 (talk) 13:02, 14 December 2019 (UTC)

Yes, that seems wise. I am getting more and more confused with what I find in my tests since it seems that reputation is also intermingled with how DF handles relationships, hence some of the reputation seeming like relationship names... because they are, going with an adventurer into a fort and telling them of your deeds marks you as a hero in their relationship screen. I am not sure yet how to convey the connection because I am still puzzled on why lua reading leads to certain types of rep being stored in the histfig, others in the entity and yet there's indicators from DF that units do care about the tales of my deeds despite nothing showing up in the lua reading. My best guess is that all rep is first stored on a unit level, and then it's split into entity and histfig level rep...? It will need further testing, I guess. The other thing that makes it so difficult is that this is such uncharted territory it seems almost like fiction. Therahedwig (talk) 14:28, 14 December 2019 (UTC)

Oh, no, sorry, I didn't mean it like that....my intent was more WRT the raw text editing already done by that point. Just check me in the history, you know? Silverwing235 (talk) 14:45, 14 December 2019 (UTC)