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This article is about the current version of DF.

Gender, along with orientation, determines if two creatures can breed. Gender may also influence the size, attacks, or other characteristics of creatures (e.g. Elephant seal, Moose).

According to ToadyOne on Twitter, a more realistic sex and gender system is planned, which will add transgender and intersex dwarves. It is not known if non-binary or genderfluid dwarves will be included in this patch.

Determining gender[edit]

When viewing a unit, a symbol appears below its name:

Gender Symbol Common names Other uses
Male Boar Bags
Female Sow Amulets

Additionally, when viewing a unit from the u menu or with v-z, the creature will be referred to as "he" or "she".

A gelded male's gender will appear as x♂x.


In the raws, genders are defined using generalized caste tokens (not to be confused with casts). Castes are often just defined as "male" or "female", but there are a few notable exceptions.