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Fire-safe Not magma-safe

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Jet is a non-economic dark purple stone found in large clusters in sedimentary layers. It is not magma-safe, and may only be used where any other stone would suffice, aside from one remarkable property.

Jet is the most lightweight stone besides raw adamantine and lignite, so it is preferable for making large pots and other commonly-hauled items, and absolutely inappropriate for stone-fall traps and catapults. Likewise, jet crafts are even more lightweight than normal crafts; this can be very helpful for maximizing caravan output.

In Real Life[edit]

In real life, jet is actually a product of decaying wood under extreme pressure, and is an extremely low grade of lignite. In DF, however, jet is not a source of fuel. Since it is very soft and easily carved, historically it has been a popular source of jewelry and crafts.

A sample of jet
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Jet, contrary to popular belief, is not addictive and is acceptably dangerous mostly safe perfectly safe to the dwarves. If modded into a fuel, it can not melt steel beams