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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Masterwork dwarf fortress provides various castes to which a dwarf can belong. Dwarves of certain castes learn certain skills faster and may have other benefits. The basic dwarven caste is simply called "Dwarf" and is the base against which other castes are compared, Male and Female dwarves are treated as different castes, even though there are no differences between them. Migrants and embark dwarves may have a special caste, and other dwarves can transform through various methods in game.

Starting Dwarves and Migrants have about a: - 64%(50000/77000) chance to belong to the 'Basic' caste (i.e. have no Caste) - 32%(25000/77000) change to belong to one of the normal castes, the chance to belong to each of the castes, be it a guild, the priest caste or a military caste is equal, even though the description of some of the castes suggests otherwise. - 1,7% change to be a Mage. - the chance to be Male or Female is equal.

Guild Dwarfs[edit]

Civilian dwarves may join one of the 12 guild castes at the guild hall for 500 sovereigns (gold coins). The guilds are:

Merchant's Guild[edit]

These dwarves make excellent traders, bookkeepers and diplomats and learn these skills faster.

Carpenter's Guild[edit]

These dwarves are experts at working with wood and gain bonuses to woodcutting, carpentry, bowyer and wood crafting.

Mason's Guild[edit]

These dwarves learn masonry, engraving, stone crafting, mining, architecture and archaeology more quickly. Mason's guild miners are also less affected by harder mining additions such as coal dust and warp stone.

Beast Warden's Guild[edit]

These dwarves are great at working with animals and gain bonuses to animal training, animal armouring, animal dissecting, trapping, hunting and hive keeping.

Smith's Guild[edit]

These dwarves are especially skilled at handling metals and gain bonuses to furnace operating, oven operating, weapon smithing, armouring, Blacksmithing and metal crafting.

Jeweller's Guild[edit]

These dwarves are skilled in the fine arts and gain bonuses to gem cutting, gem setting and glass making.

Craftsman's Guild[edit]

These dwarves are artisans of the smaller industries and gain bonuses when working with bone crafting, leather working, weaving and tailoring, toolmakers and scribes are also part of this guild.

Fisherman's Guild[edit]

These dwarves gain bonuses to fishing, fish cleaning and fish farming.

Farmer's Guild[edit]

These dwarves are responsible for most of the food production and gain bonuses to farming, brewing, cooking, milking, cheesemaking and butchery.

Healer's Guild[edit]

These dwarves make for highly skilled doctors and earn bonuses to diagnosis, surgery, setting bones, suturing and dressing wounds.

Engineer's Guild[edit]

These dwarves handle the more technical things in fortress life. They learn mechanics, siege engineering, siege operating, machine operating and inventing/researching more quickly than other dwarves.

Alchemist's Guild[edit]

These dwarves handle explosives, poisons and acids on a daily basis and learn alchemy, herbalism, chemistry and poision making more quickly.

Dwarven Priest[edit]

The dwarven priests, also known as apostles of Armok, are a special caste that can be joined at the monastery for free. Apostles cannot learn any skills except for praying, which they learn quickly, and avoid manual labour.

Military Castes[edit]

Dwarves can also join one of four military castes at the military garrison for 2500 gold. Military dwarves learn military skills more quickly and also learn military tactics, leadership and situational awareness. They are used to pain and have a higher willpower and recuperation than civilians


Legionnaires learn to handle all melee weapons and have more strength than other dwarves.


Guards excel in using armour and shields and are tougher than other dwarves.


Wrestler training teaches unarmed combat and dodging above all else. They tire slowly and are very agile.


Marksmen learn to handle all ranged weapons and gain keen eyes with a greater view range.