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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.21

Landmines are devices that attack enemies by emitting a cloud, similar to Dragonfire in vanilla DF. They can harm other creatures in a variety of ways, including excessive heat, cold, or by releasing dust or acid.

[edit] Obtaining landmines

According to their descriptions, landmines can be obtained from the mountainhomes. It is unclear whether other races such as kobolds and orcs can obtain them. Verify

[edit] Mechanics

Note that landmines can also harm each other, or even themselves (this is often accidental, resulting from an attempted attack on a creature within 1-2 tiles).

Upon "death", landmines leave no corpse, and are not butcherable. They also leave no usable body parts behind. However, they will leave behind a spattering of hydraulic fluid (which, being a contaminant, is essentially useless).

[edit] Types of landmines

There are currently nine types of landmines in Masterwork DF:

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