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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Landmines are devices that attack enemies by emitting a cloud, similar to Dragonfire in vanilla DF. They can harm other creatures in a variety of ways, including excessive heat, cold, or by releasing dust or acid.

Obtaining landmines[edit]

According to their descriptions, landmines can be obtained from the mountainhomes. It is unclear whether other races such as kobolds and orcs can obtain them. Verify


Note that landmines can also harm each other, or even themselves (this is often accidental, resulting from an attempted attack on a creature within 1-2 tiles).

Upon "death", landmines leave no corpse, and are not butcherable. They also leave no usable body parts behind. However, they will leave behind a spattering of hydraulic fluid (which, being a contaminant, is essentially useless).

Types of landmines[edit]

There are currently nine types of landmines in Masterwork DF: