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Masterwork:Orcish plants

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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.21

This article relates to the Orc Fortress game mode of the Masterwork mod.

The Taiga Orcs have cultivated several plants native to their wintery homelands. They only grow above ground in Taiga, Tundra, Temperate Conifer Forest, and Temperate Wetland, and grow only in autumn and winter. In some biomes it is possible to do a rotation with other crops planted in the spring. Boreal plants generally have relatively high value products. Icicle mint and bloodberry are combined at the Poisoner's Hut to make Pinkskin Bane poison.

[edit] Orcish Plants

Name Value Grows Seasons Biome Eat/Cook Brew Products Notes
wood stalk 2 75 All year wet/dry not freezing no/no stalk whisky (2) N/A Process to wood at Tailor Hut
taiga pear 4 75 AUT & WIN dry boreal* Yes/Yes orcish pear cider (4) EXTRACT(Barrel): pear sauce (8)
icicle mint 6 75 AUT & WIN wet boreal* Yes/Yes N/A LEAF: icicle mint leaves (6)
EXTRACT(Flask): icicle mint oil (20)
Used in poisons
winter bloodberry 4 75 AUT & WIN dry boreal* Yes/Yes N/A DYE: scarlet bloodberry dye (24)
EXTRACT(Barrel): bloodberry jelly
Used in poisons
boreal tuber 6 75 AUT & WIN wet/dry boreal* No/Yes orcish tuber vodka (6) DYE: indigo tuber dye (30) Vodka can be used in cooking
  • Orcish boreal plants have the biome: Above ground in Taiga, Tundra, Temperate Conifer Forest, and Temperate Wetland.
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