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For the profession, see Monster slayer.

Monsterkiller is a 26-part video series authored by Kruggsmash. It is notable for its high production value and editing, cutting to hand-drawn images depicting forgotten beasts, artifacts, and important plot developments.

Monsterkiller tells the story of the rise and fall of Ushangvagúsh, a Dwarven fortress.

Notable characters[edit]

  • Urvad Kablolor (English: Urvad Named-letters), the first Queen of Monsterkiller.
  • Obok "The Batkiller" Sodelum (English: Obok Shield-nail), the original expedition leader. She would eventually be crowned queen after the death of Queen Urvad.
  • Mosus Astral (English: Mosus Sabre-silver), the first Baroness of Monsterkiller.
  • Kulet "Wart-Fist" Okunzaneg (English: Kulets Shrine-relic), eldest son of Mosus Astral. He would become Baron after Mosus Astral became indisposed.
  • Stinthäd "Venomblood" Arbanmelbil (English: Stinthäd Cradle-tomes), an unremarkable dwarf. As a child he was wounded by a giant cave spider, and both his parents died in combat.


Monsterkiller (Dwarven: Ushangvagúsh) was founded in the middle of the Born Dunes, a red-sand desert on the western coast of the Continents of Painting. It was founded by the Killer of Monsters (Dwarven: Vagúsh Ushang), lead by Obok Sodelum. The Killer of Monsters were exiles of the Grand Lancers, a dwarven civilization on its last legs.

The symbol of the fortress is an image of sand dunes with a dwarf brandishing a spear at a monster of evil.


Chapter one[edit]

Monsterkiller was founded in the year 250 with the specific goal of slaying great beasts and monsters.

Within the first few years, a fortress complex was dug out in one of upper cavern levels. Many of the most vicious monster slayers from around the Realm of Oracle were attracted to the fortress, particularly to the surrounding caverns.

In the winter of 250, Queen Urvad was fatally wounded by a ghost. The expedition leader Obok "Bat-Killer" Sodelum was crowned Queen of Monsterkiller.

In the year 253 construction on a much larger fortress complex was starter in one of the lower cavern levels. By 254 everything would be relocated into this complex. The older complex on the higher level would come to be known as "Old Ushangvagúsh" and would be the site of many battles.

Chapter two[edit]

After weathering many sieges, the dwarfs of Monsterkiller struck back against the goblins of the Frosty Barbarity (Goblin: Snebgo Ber), raiding their villages and towers. In one of these raids the book Foundations of Cityseduce was pillaged. Humans from the Untamed Kingdoms had been trying to recover this book for some time. After Queen Obok refused their demands to return it several humans tried to steal it back but were unsuccessful. Dwarf-human relations became strained.

On the surface, construction of a great tower over the entrance to the fortress was started. It would never finish.

Around the year 263, a wave of depression and generally discontentment washed over the fortress. The fortress began a downward spiral, with depression and murder becoming commonplace.

It was at this time that Queen Obok declared war on the Elves, dropping their diplomat into a pit containing the captured forgotten beast Stalkab. Several raids were conducted into elven lands, and the elfs retaliated with sieges, which were very ineffective.

In 264, raids against a necromancer tower were conducted. In these raids several books containing the secret of life and death were pillaged. Queen Obok became very interested in these books.

With the murder rate of Monsterkiller on the rise, Queen Obok made the decision to isolate herself a few level-headed dwarfs away from the rest of the fortress. A fortress within a fortress, unofficially referred to as the "Batkiller Court", was constructed.

Early in the year 266 the two fortresses were officially divided, but it would not last.

Several months into isolation Queen Obok began to regret the division. She seemed to regret leaving the dwarfs on the outside to their deaths. She called the dwarfs of the Batkiller Court into her chamber to discuss plans of returning to the main fortress. However, her intentions were not what the others were expecting. Unhinged, she ranted about returning to the main fortress, creating an undead army, and conquering the world. At this point the dwarfs turned against her. In the middle of Obok's rant, Venomblood pulled a lever dropping her into the Stalkab pit.

The dwarfs of the Batkiller Court joined up with the remaining dwarfs of Monsterkiller, lead by Baron Wart-Fist, and left the Born Dunes. They returned to the Grand Lancers's ancestral home in the far east and left the death and destruction far behind them.

However, there are rumors that Obok survived and indeed raised the dead of Monsterkiller into an army ready to take over the world.

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